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Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Eva and Ernest wedding
« on: Friday 22 December 17 13:42 GMT (UK)  »
I'm putting this up for anyone to have a dabble with it. The Bride is my mom who died on the 2nd December, the funeral was this week. The bridesmaid on her left is her sister Jean whom she survived by a mere 19 days.The photo is from 6th June 1948.

If anyone fancies colouring it, I'm assuming the roses would have been yellow as they were always her favourite.

For Sale / Wanted / Events / Alias Albert Rathbone - Growing up in Sheffield
« on: Tuesday 26 September 17 15:46 BST (UK)  »
Not sure what the rules might be regarding this but....

A while ago I was reading some posts on about life growing up in Sheffield for those of us of a certain age. The posts were not only interesting but funny. They were so good that I suggested that the poster, who emigrated to Australia many moons ago,  should write a book. Well....he did, and recently he very kindly sent me a copy for the idea. Its great and I think that it would be a fascinating read for anyone, so I'm taking the liberty of providing a link.

In response to Carol's request for pics to colour. The first photo is of my father with my grandfather in about 1926, the second is my grandmother, which I guess would be around 1918. I've never done anything with these pics and don't intend doing, but I would be interested to see what you make of them.
Anyone interested in what the little boy did later can see..... HERE

I am posting this here as I think its more relevant to this section. I've only been on this site a few days, so forgive me if I am repeating what may have been said before, but I feel its quite important.

Whilst I love the restoration and colouring of old pics, I feel it is important to view them along with the originals and not instead of them. These days, because it is so easy, we tend to crop, manipulate etc to the max, sometimes oblivious to the fact that we might be destroying some of the most vital (in the future) bits of information. I'll give you an example:

A few months ago, my 63 year old younger brother (yes I'm an old duffer), dug out some 35mm slides that were taken in our youth and had been forgotten about in a loft for nearly half a century. They had suffered a bit, but nevertheless to us.... they were gold-dust. The photos were not particularly artistic but.... and this is my point... it was not the main subject matter that was the most interesting, but the stuff in the background that evoked so many memories. The curtains... the tiles... the radiogram... the furniture....the car...the building in the background, long since gone...the clues to where it was actually taken.. etc etc.... all stuff we would probably crop out today. So thats my four penneth....Look after the originals !!

And thanks for being such a welcoming bunch!!

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