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Devon / Death record for and Edward Ford, 1698
« on: Wednesday 17 November 21 01:44 GMT (UK)  »
Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me find a death or burial notice for an Edward Ford, died around April 1698? I believe he was born in Ilsington in 1671 but I'm not sure if it's the same fellow. I think if the age is listed in the death record it would confirm it if the date of birth is on there.

Cambridgeshire / Stone family living in the Cambridge area around 1700-1750?
« on: Friday 18 June 21 23:20 BST (UK)  »
Heya, everyone. I've been trying to find information on a certain Martha Stone. No birth date. She married by license Henry Legassicke (1716-1763) in Wimbish, Essex, on 12 February 1740. He is described as "joiner of Cripplegate" and she described simply as "of Cambridge." I know the first census of England was in 1801, which might reveal some relatives in the area, but the only census I can find on Family Search is from 1841.

The Common Room / Look up request, if anyone has a Find My Past account
« on: Tuesday 25 May 21 04:08 BST (UK)  »
Hello, everyone. Using family search, there are two records I'd be interested in knowing some of the details of. Both are cases in the petty sessions court. One dates 17 Mar 1873, Samuel Blythe as the defendant, in Count Cavan. The other is also dealing with Samuel "Bligh" 25 Feb 1871, both in the court of Belturbet. Unfortunately FS doesn't have any details, only those, and the accounts or on FindMyPast. If anyone already has an account and can look really quickly, to just sum up what the cases were about, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Armed Forces / Civilian occupations linked with military in the 19th century
« on: Monday 24 May 21 23:52 BST (UK)  »
Hi there, everyone. I have an ancestor who had a baby out of wedlock with a soldier in the 1850s. We believe she worked in some capacity for the barracks nearby to where she was from (this was in Ireland), hence her coming into contact with said soldier. Part of the regiment he was with was stationed there in her town, but the baby wasn't born until a few years later, after the regiment had already moved a few places. The soldier in question later went to India the same year the baby was born, and seems to never had any contact with her again.

I was wondering if A. she was perhaps employed by someone in the regiment, hence her travelling long enough to fall pregnant by one of the men (and what possible occupations there were at this time, if camp followers were still a common profession by the mid 1800s), or B. were all the soldiers who belonged to the regiment always with the regiment? Or is it possible this fellow remained stationed in the same area for several years?

Thanks in advance.

Cavan / Baptism for a Susan/Mary/or Ellen McCaffrey
« on: Friday 21 May 21 00:02 BST (UK)  »
Hello everyone. I'm looking for a baptism that would have happened in November 1862 or '63, in Creen, Belturbet. My x2 great grandmother was named Susan McCaffrey. But on her marriage certificate, she goes by Mary McCaffrey, and years later, on the deed of the house she and her husband had lived in most of her life, she seems to go by Ellen, Ellen Blyth. Her parents were James McCaffrey and Mary Fitzpatrick. I'd like to see what her legal, or Christian name, or however you'd like to call it, was. I know almost none of her grandchildren went by their official names.

Thanks in advance

Cavan / Marriage record for John McCaffrey and Mary Fitzpatrick?
« on: Wednesday 24 March 21 03:39 GMT (UK)  »
Hello there, everyone! I'm going through some notes of mine, family tree related stuff, and I see one of the couples I have in there is a John McCaffrey, and his wife, Mary Fitzpatrick. I can't remember where I found her name (though I do have her husband's name recorded in their daughter's marriage certificate), I simply have it in my notes and her life from 1837-1912. I recall them coming from Derravony/Derryvona, near Belturbet, though I don't remember where I heard that either. In the back of my mind, I think I remember a relative showing me a marriage registry page for the pair, in the parish of Drumlane, in an email I must have since lost. I wondered if I could make a small look up request, to anyone with access to Irish records online, if there is a marriage (or death, maybe) registry for John McCaffrey and Mary Fitzpatrick, or if I'm totally just imagining where I found this information, haha.

Devon / Any Ayshfords in the Kingston area or in the South Hams region in general?
« on: Saturday 09 January 21 04:45 GMT (UK)  »
Heya, everyone. I'm trying to find a family for an Elizabeth Ayshford married 10 Apr 1707 to a Robert Froude (born 1681). I've found a few clues, but I'm not sure. They did have a son named Arthur born in 1716. There's an Ayshford family in Burlescombe on the other side of Devon that seem to use Arthur as a frequent given name, but that's a bit of a ways away from Kingston. Their grandson, Robert Froude had his daughter baptized Margaret Ayshford Froude in 1769.

Mulling around on google and family search, but no look finding a place where I could see if there was an Ayshford family in the area of Kingston so far.

Heya, all. There's a German marriage register here with a bit of a "typo," or slip of the pen on it. A marriage is recorded as:

"den 4. Junij seind copulirt worden: H: Martin Vogels Gerichtsverwanten Ehlicher Sohn, Johannes, ein Kieffer; und Maria Catharina H: Hannß Erhard Ortweins des Gerichts, Ehlicher Sohn [!]"
Which I understand to mean:"On June, 4th have been married: Mr. Martin Vogel's, court relative, legitime son Johannes, a cooper; and Maria Catharina, Mr. Hannß Erhard Ortweins, court relative, legitime son [!]"

And zoomed in on the exact topic:

And exclamation point was added, presumably to indicate the mistake of describing the bride as a son, rather than a daughter. I don't know how to read the word added after the exclamation point, I don't know if that's the correction, or, as I've seen in some registers the correction might have been added on the previous page along with other notes.

Hi there, I was wondering if anyone could make out something in a German familienbuch, from Württemberg. It looks to me as though two sets of parents are listed as the parents in the case of the mother. Or perhaps I'm just not familiar enough to understand what I'm looking at:

Further, assuming the first two parents listed are correct, it seems to me that the parents of the father of the mother in the original Familienbuch I posted, are Johann Erhard Vogel and Anna Sybilla Mulheisen:

I believe the name of the father in here is Erhard, but I can't quite make it out. I think some of the letters overlap, but I'd appreciate it if anyone more familiar with German family books could tell me what I'm looking at here.

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