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Other Countries / Deaths in Bengal 1912
« on: Saturday 25 July 20 12:45 BST (UK)  »
Recently I got to the library where I can access, for the first time since February. I found the indexed deaths for a soldier and his stepson, who died a fortnight apart and wondered what had happened to them. (They are related to someone I was researching.) Unfortunately, the images from findmypast weren't loading, so I came away without being able to see if the cause of death was mentioned in the original record. I'll be going back in a few weeks, and will try again then, but if anyone has access in the meantime and shares my curiosity about what caused them both to die at that particular time, here are the details.

India deaths and burials
Albert Barnes, Sgt S&T Corps [I believe this is Supply and Transport], age 36
buried Jhansi, Bengal, died 3 September 1912

Reginald Leadbetter, age 15, step father Barnes
buried Jhansi, Bengal, died 17 September 1912

I have information about the marriage of Reginald's widowed mother to Sgt Barnes in 1905, it is just the cause of death I'd like to find out.
Thanks for any assistance with this.

After finding that my local library is providing access to library edition during NZ's lockdown, I went to the National Library of New Zealand website, to see if maybe they were making available other e-resources I have used in person there.
I was hoping to find free access to British Newspaper Archives, my first choice, but alas, no. However, they do offer remote access during lockdown to the Times digital archive and Telegraph historical archive. The Times has been useful in the past, but I haven't looked at it much lately.
The website says you need to contact the National Library for a password to get access. I have emailed them with this request, but so far have only been sent the two URLs (for Times and Telegraph link access) where I need to submit a password.
Has anyone managed to access these resources remotely through the site?
If so, how did you do it?

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / James Taylor's middle name?
« on: Saturday 14 March 20 03:56 GMT (UK)  »
What do you reckon the middle name of this person is? It's from the will probated in 1874 of his mother-in-law, Jane Freeman (nee Green, formerly Taylor), then living in Brighton. I believe the first name is James and the surname is Taylor.
The man's wife was Louisa (maiden name Taylor), born in Ireland c 1829. She appears on the 1871 census with her mother, Jane Freeman and her cousin, Frederica S J Snow, but I see no sign of James.
Have tried searching for any James Taylor with a similar middle name, but no luck so far. Any thoughts? 

Australia / Australian marriage Walter George SMITH c 1903
« on: Thursday 16 January 20 00:23 GMT (UK)  »
Walter George SMITH was born in Wellington, New Zealand in 1875. His parents were Walter George Smith and Mary Letitia Hawkins. In the late 1880s, the family went to Australia. WG Smith senior played the violin and was involved with the Bathurst Philharmonic society. There are lots of news items on Trove about concerts he was in. WG Smith senior (and presumably his wife) returned to New Zealand in 1900, and Trove has an item about his friends giving him a send off.
Meanwhile, WG Smith junior trained as a journalist. He got good marks in phonography (shorthand, I'm guessing) at a Bathurst institute, and later worked for the Melbourne Age and for a newspaper in Western Australia called the Goldfields Morning Chronicle. He features as a witness in a couple of disputes mentioned in newspapers on Trove.
In 1903 he sailed to San Francisco on the ship Sonoma, with his wife. They lived in San Francisco from 1903 until after 1940, and are identifiable in the US census records. His occupation is sometimes given as court reporter.
His wife is named as Kate or Katherine R Smith, born in Australia about 1881. In some US census records her parents are said to have both been born in England, but in the 1910 US census it says her mother was born in France.
In some record I've seen, it suggested that they were married in 1903. I have not been able to locate a marriage for WG Smith and Kate/Katherine R, although I've looked in NSW, Victoria and WA records online from 1898-1903, and also the NZ bdms. Any suggestions on where I might find it? I'd like to know more about her.

Roscommon / Protestant burial in Boyle 1858 -- where would this be?
« on: Sunday 08 September 19 04:04 BST (UK)  »
William PRICE, an officer of excise, died "in this town on the 10th inst, suddenly", according to the Roscommon and Leitrim Gazette of 11 September 1858. He didn't leave a will, but letters of administration were granted to his widow, Elizabeth Price.
He had no ties to Boyle, where he had been working for less than a year, and his widow and three young children didn't stay there.
Where in Boyle would he likely have been buried?
There's no sign of him on Are there other places that might have records of protestant burials from this time?
I'm trying to find out his approximate date of birth, to distinguish him from the many others with the same name in his home county of  Shropshire.
Any suggestions gratefully received.

World War One / General Court Martial April 1919 HELYAR
« on: Sunday 04 August 19 05:30 BST (UK)  »
In the London Gazette of 12 September 1919, it says:
"Temp. Capt. William Alfred Helyar is dismissed the Service by sentence of a General Court-Martial. 30th Apr. 1919."
I've searched Discovery at National Archives, but his WW1 record does not appear. I've read the guide at the link below, but it didn't enlighten me much.
Any suggestions on how to find out more about what he did to get dismissed? I can't get to TNA, but am happy to order and pay for a record, if I can just work out how to find it.


Wales Resources / Marriage bonds at National Library of Wales
« on: Sunday 24 March 19 23:15 GMT (UK)  »
I've found on the National Library of Wales website mention of some marriage bonds of interest to me. They provide the names of the couples and dates (possibly approximate) of marriages. The actual documents are at Aberystwyth at the National Library. I imagine the details might contain names of farms or other property being settled on the couple at their marriage. I've seen some abstracts of this sort of thing in the Powys records, and am just wondering whether anyone has looked at the actual marriage bonds at the library. If so, do they provide any further information of interest? I'm trying to use them to differentiate families by finding specific places that they lived, within a parish.
Thanks for any info you can pass on.

Occupation Interests / Records of family companies -- where?
« on: Tuesday 05 February 19 22:04 GMT (UK)  »
I'm interested in finding out more about family companies that no longer exist, but which were carried on through two or more generations of the same families in the 1800s. I've found them mentioned in trade directories and sometimes a lengthy will goes into detail about how the company should carry on in the next generation. I've searched the National Archives online, with limited success. Just wondering whether there is a place to search for historic company records in England, Scotland or Ireland (or any one of those countries) or whether the best bet is a country record office. Let me clarify that it is not one family that had companies in all these places (they would probably be easier to find), but that various families who much later became related through marriage all had businesses with a name that included the word 'Company'. It's the 'company' bit that makes me wonder if they had to register somewhere. My main interest is finding out when the companies wound up.
Thanks for any ideas you can suggest.   

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Name in will for married niece 1827 Wales
« on: Thursday 03 January 19 01:27 GMT (UK)  »
Here's a challenge for you. I'm trying to decipher the surname of a married niece in the 1827 will of Elizabeth Palfrey, spinster, of Knighton, Wales. She mentions two married nieces, including this one, Ann, but can't work out Ann's surname. I think it says: "to my niece, Ann [illegible?] wife of Owen [illegible]. I've tried searching for Ann's marriage using her maiden name (Palfrey or Palphrey) but have not found any results for the right time period. Any suggestions as to Owen's surname?
Thanks for any ideas.

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