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Lancashire / Searching for Merchant Navy Records 1939-1951 & beyond, Liverpool
« on: Monday 28 September 20 07:31 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for an Andrew Cannon who was born in Bootle, Jan. 1910. He was a crew member in the Merchant Navy which is verified on death and birth certificates for his wife and children as well as the 1939 census.
I am a member of Ancestry, the site has found one crew list record dated 1941 for Andrew Cannon. I would like to know if Merchant Navy crew lists can be accessed anywhere else?
The 1939 Census proves he was in the Merchant Navy, he was still in the Merchant Navy in 1946 and 1948 as his profession is recorded on the birth certs. for his last 2 sons. The final record of Andrew as a Merchant Navy Crew member was on the death cert. for his wife in 1951.
Can any rootschatters help, all information about the Merchant Navy from 1939 onwards will be appreciated, if anyone can direct me to Merchant Navy Crew lists - that would be perfect - look forward to replies, Geraldine96     

Lancashire / Bootle 1920'S/same couple but two Marriages is this possible?
« on: Tuesday 02 June 20 19:48 BST (UK)  »
 I have been researching a branch of my Irish Ancestry who emigrated to Bootle, Liverpool from Ferns, Wexford ireland in 1864 (approx.) The family name is Roach or Roche. I am interested in Moses Roache whose wife was Ellen Leigh  I have recently found 2 marriages for Moses Roach and Ellen Leigh. The 1st was a Church of England marriage in 1921, the 2nd was a Catholic marriage in 1925, is this possible?
I found the records on Ancestry  (category: Liverpool Church of England Marriages and Banns) and (Liverpool, England Catholic Marriages)
The Church of England marriage details are Parish or Church 'St. Nicholas' Feb 4th 1921 Moses Roache age 34 his father is James Roache, spouse is Ellen Coogan age 39, WIDOW. Her father is Thomas Leigh.   
The 2nd marriage which is a Catholic marriage is in 1925 in the Parish or Church of St. James. Moses Roache is the groom and his spouse is Helenam (latin used on Catholic Church records). Helenam's surname is given as Leigh and father is recorded as Thomas Leigh. The father of Moses Roache is not included (he was deceased by this date). There is a note written in the margin saying 'apostolic dispensation obtained'. I know that usually a dispensation note occurs when there is a Protestant and Catholic couple marrying in a catholic Church.
Moses Roache's dates are birth 1800, Bootle Liverpool- died 1928 Bootle, Liverpool. Ellen Leigh was born 1882 Liverpool. Ellen Leigh's 1st husband died in 1917 at sea when his ship was torpedoed, his name was John Coogan born Bootle 1885, father was Patrick.
Can any Rootschatters tell me if it was normal practice in 1920's Bootle to marry twice in this way? I'd like to rule out the possibility that the marriages relate to 2 different couples and it's just a coincidence that all the names are the same. Thankyou for your help, I look forward to getting some feedback Geraldine96

Wexford / Looking for a cottage located Lower Ferns
« on: Tuesday 24 March 20 19:44 GMT (UK)  »
i want to find the exact location of a cottage where my gt. grandmother lived with her husband and brother. I know roughly where the cottage was located and can trace it back to the 1911 census when it was listed as house 5.
The area today is the Killoggy Rd. in Berryfields, Castleland Lower Ferns according to google maps. In the past the address has been given as the Clone Road or Enniscorthy Road and the Cottage was called Woodbine. My gt. g'mother lived there until her death in 1945.
I could try and use the land registry but they deal with contemporary cases and the cottage is more likely to be registered on their old maps and possibly archived. All this information could be found in house deeds if the cottage still exists but house deeds would be private i assume. Can any rootschatters help me out. Geraldine96   

World War Two / Research Dad's WW2 Military service/Where do I start?
« on: Friday 10 January 20 11:11 GMT (UK)  »
I want to start looking for records related to my father's 2nd WW service from 1942 to 1948, I always find the military searches difficult and would really appreciate some advice from experienced rootschatters with an interest in all the military stuff!
My father started his Mlitary life in 1942 when he spent 1 month in the general service corps then moved on to the Middlesex Regiment for 2 months.
He became a commissioned soldier in 1943 with the Royal Irish Fusiliers, his service with this regiment lasted from 1943 to 1948 and he was sent to India, East Africa and Burma.
In 1944 he was promoted to second Liutenant.
 While in the Royal Irish Fusiliers he was seconded to the King's African Rifles. I think his military service came to an end in Nyasaland when he accompanied some troops back to their homeland. Where should I start looking for related Military records - could anyone recommend some sites. What information do I need to start the searches, is a name and date of birth enough? Thankyou Rootschat for help, any ideas and basic information about Military searches (remember, I don't have any experience tracking down Military records) will be greatly appreciated.... Look forward to yr. replies

Wexford / What happened to abandoned babies-1850's Enniscorthy
« on: Wednesday 20 November 19 08:31 GMT (UK)  »
Appealing to Rootschatters who have good social history knowledge of the Ferns Town area. I am constantly researching my background and have traced the family to this location; while looking through baptismal records and Petty Sessions Court registers, I have discovered that mothers would abandon their babies in such locations as behind a wall, in a field or left in someone's house.
Do any Rootschatters know the outcome for these abandoned children? Incidents of abandonment took place around late 1850's through to early 1860's.

On baptismal records there are no parents but a single sponsor is always written down
Would the sponsor be a relative of the child or someone who has stepped in to adopt the child?  Thanks for your help....look forward to return messages. Geraldine96

Wexford / Help! Name Hetty has got me stumped - Ferns 1850 Baptisms
« on: Thursday 19 September 19 06:48 BST (UK)  »
I pay a lot of attention to the sponsors on the Baptismal records as they help identify people.
i am currently looking through baptisms for Ferns town and nearby townlands during the 1850's and have come across the christian name 'Hetty', her full name is Hetty Roche.
I have looked carefuly at the script and it's definately 'Hetty'.  Is Hetty a shortened version of a more common name such as Margaret or Elizabeth?
I need to trace 'Hetty' but the searches on Ancestry don't respond to 'Hetty'.
She is a sponsor on these baptisms: Dolly Kennedy July31st 1850 (mother Anty Leary) Ferns, i.e. Ferns as a townland.
Mary Kehoe Oct4th 1851 (mother is Jane Doyle) Milltown, Ferns. Thanks for your help rootschatters, Geraldine96

« on: Tuesday 17 September 19 19:24 BST (UK)  »
I have birth records that I am following as they could be ancestors, but are Sally Leary and Sarah Leary the same person? The 1st baptismal record is for 1839 and the parents are John Roche and Sally Leary, Townland, Effernogue (in fact there's an earlier one for 1837 and the mother is Sally Leary, father John Roche, Townland Effernogue)
The next record registers a baptism at Balintore in 1843 for Anty Roche and the parents are Sarah Leary and John Roche.
In 1845 there's a further baptismal record for the birth of Sarah Roche with parents John Roche and Sally Leary, Townland Balintore. Another record for Myles born in Balintore in 1847 gives the names of his parents as Sarah Leary and John Roche.
 A final baptism record registers Patrick Roche 1851 with parents John Roche and Sarah Leary, Townland Balintore.
Can any knowledgeable roots chatters confirm that the names Sarah and Sally are interchangeable and belong to the same person. I have come across this habit with another couple from the Ferns area, Sally Murphy turning into Sarah Murphy on baptismal records spanning 1850's decade.  I live in England and use Ancestry for research, I am still getting acquanted with Irish records, hope someone with knowledge of names can help, thanks...geraldin96

Wexford / Is the name Ciss or Cissie a real name
« on: Friday 05 October 18 15:04 BST (UK)  »
I am looking for a Cissie Roche, possibly born in the 1870's or early 1880's. She was part of the volunteers in the 1916 Rising.
She is listed in the back pages of Helen Ashdown's book about the 1916 'Rising' in Enniscorthy ' her residence is given as Lower Ferns This book isn't available anywhere in England. I wonder if there are any Rootschatters around Enniscorthy that have the book and can tell me about Cissie Roche.
I'd like to know if Cissie is her real name. Is there any information giving details of her Roche family (location, siblings) and what she did as a member of Cumannn na Mban.
There may be a copy in the Enniscorthy Library.....any help would be really appreciated. i am in England so can't look up anything re the book. Any information about the name 'Cissie' could help me trace birth, marriage records. Thankyou. Geraldine96 

Wexford / Help Trace my grandmother Bridget Mary Roche - RESULT
« on: Saturday 22 September 18 16:48 BST (UK)  »
I posted this message in 2016 around September time. I want to inform RootsChat that I have found my grandmother it's September again and 2 years later, that's how long I have spent searching!
I started off in the wrong County - I thought she came from Waterford but switched County when Ancestry DNA matches came in  indicating Wexford.
Rootschatter Calcinare picked out the correct 'Roche' family as far back as 2016, at the time I couldn't believe this was my family as the names seemed so unlikely ie Anty and jane.
I had 2 DNA matches on Ancestry that had ROCHE relatives and one of these matches had Roches from Ferns. As I became better at searching I found that my 'supposed' Roche family lived next door to the Roche family from this DNA match -  which was an interesting coincidence.
Two weeks ago I went to Ireland and in the days leading up to my visit I found a lot of records relating to Thomas Roche (1869-1952), he was the only one of my 3 'supposed' Roche relatives I could find records for. I went to Ferns and was introduced to 93 year old Mary who lived in Thomas' former cottage (address found on his civil death record and Irish Volunteer pension record). Mary's amazing memory gave me the names of some of Thomas' relatives. When I got back to England I searched Ancestry and Irishgeneology for a week but couldn't trace the names until I was looking through the family tree of my DNA match whose relatives (3 generations back) came from Ferns. On her tree I spotted the person Mary had spoken of - 2 years of searching was over, here was the confirmation that our families shared the same DNA (Thomas Roche, his sister Jane and Jane's daughter, Bridget)    Bridget, daughter of Jane Roche born 1885 Enniscorthy Workhouse was in fact my grandmother.  Thanks Rootschat and Calcinare!!

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