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United States of America / 1930 US census of Merchant Seamen in Boston,
« on: Tuesday 09 March 21 20:03 GMT (UK)  »
1930 US census of Merchant Seamen in Boston, Thomas Mason who was 57 years old - widowed - Canada-English - NA -
A veteran of WW.   Address 96 Main Street Gloucester Massachusetts.

Can anyone give me more info on this Thomas Mason. Parents, birthdate?
Thanks Branchingout

Canada / Dora POst last seen Ottawa 1960's
« on: Friday 05 March 21 17:44 GMT (UK)  »
Looking for the death of a Dora Post/ Smith/ Shaw

Why so many names, briefing:
Dora Amelia Post b: mar 12 1917
married Arthur W. Smith  on Dec 09 1935 Manitoba
Left him and family to marry a Ronald Shaw in 1946
Dora Left Ronald and family to go to Ottawa sometime after 1952.

This was sent to me by a family member recently.

"What we do know is that Dora left Ron Shaw and that she was in Ottawa, she had contacted her mother Sarah as she needed money to pay her rent, Sarah sent her some money for her rent but it was never picked up and it was eventually returned to Sarah. I do not know the exact timeline of these events, they were told to me by my sister Florence; however since Sarah passed away in 1966 my best guess is that it happened in the years just prior to Sarah’s passing. No one really knows the time of her passing but most think it was around 1965."

Really all I'm looking for is to find her death and possible burial?

Any help is appreciated.

Not able to read second name
first one is John Mason
Thanks Branchingout!

Canada / Thomas Francis Mason last seen Manitoba, Canada
« on: Saturday 27 February 21 19:27 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking to find out what happened to Thomas F. Mason after his wife passed away on Oct 14 1900. Her name was Elizabeth (Pott). They married on 26 Jun 1895 in Winnipeg, Manitoba. They had 3 children together and 6 months after having her last child she passed away. The children were farmed out to relatives to care for and no one knows where Thomas went. We do know that Thomas was born on June 10 1873.

This is a statement given by a now deceased relative back in 1992.
 "As a young girl, Elizabeth went to work in Emerson for the livery man who also delivered the mail as far east as Stuartburn. She would rent a team and driver to take her home for the weekends. Tom Mason who also worked at the livery stable was the one allocated to this job. As a result Elizabeth became Mrs. Tom Mason. They had three children. Shortly after her daughter Violet was born, Elizabeth passed away. She was only 25 years old. "

Canada / Grace Irene Pott Marriage
« on: Saturday 27 February 21 02:50 GMT (UK)  »
Looking for the marriage of Grace Irene Pott born in 1917 to John and Edith Pott. The family moved to Shell lake, Saskatchewan area in 1929 from manitoba.
It is believed that Grace married a Carl Kettleson in 1936 and in 1937 she passed away because of Typhoid fever.
Any help would be appreciated.

Canada Lookup Request / Ernest Barker Dobson.
« on: Friday 26 February 21 01:00 GMT (UK)  »
I have had absolutely no luck in finding what happened to this gentleman.
He married Margaret Stewert Hunter- she was born sep 20 1897.
they married on dec 08, 1920 in Gilbert plains Manitoba. Margaret passed away in 1985 but I have not been able to find Ernest?
any help as to when he passed would be very much appreciated.


Staffordshire Lookup Requests / Elizabeth Aldrit Hamstall Ridware
« on: Saturday 03 October 20 02:52 BST (UK)  »
Looking for more info on Elizabeth Aldrit b: abt 1759
married Thomas Pott in 1783 in Hamstall Ridware.
looking for more info on her parents William and Mary

Europe / Austria lookup 1890's
« on: Thursday 30 January 20 22:29 GMT (UK)  »
Looking for the following couple in the Austrian Ukraine District of Bostu
Wasyl Petrasz(k) and Nastia (Unknown), they married and came to Canada around 1901
also a Wasyl Rewniak (not sure of spelling)came to canada around 1904 and later married a Mary Petask , daughtrer of Wasyl and Nastia. I can find them all in the 1911 Canadian census (Dauphin, Manitoba) with different family spellings.
can any one find them in Austria?
thank you Branchingout

Warwickshire Lookup Requests / Henry and Edith Hancox 1891 and back
« on: Thursday 16 January 20 01:01 GMT (UK)  »
looking for some help to find Henry and Edith Hancox.
this is what we believe we have at this point.
Came to Canada in September 1893.
 birth date of Henry as Jan. 20, 1866 in Welford on Avon but can't find his parents.
Edith Lavania Hopkins born Nov 12 1868 to a James and Elizabeth Hopkins
Henry and Edith had their first son born in 1892 before they came to Canada in 1893
Trying to find more about Henry in particularly but also have nothing more on Edith.
Any help would be appreciated!

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