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London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Alfred Arthur Stammers
« on: Friday 10 July 20 12:31 BST (UK)  »
I would like to find more information about Alfred Arthur Stammers and  his correct parents. What I have starts with his daughter Alice
Her birth certificate states Alice Stammers b 13th October 1880 14 Basing Road, Peckham
Parents  Alfred Arthur Stammers & Ann Amelia Stammers formerly Lever. Alfred was a painter.
1881 census
14 Basing Place, Peckham
Arthur Stammers 30 Painter Southwark           born 1851
Anna Stammers 28 Clerkenwell
John Stammers 7 Walworth
Arthur Stammers 6 Bermondsey
William Stammers 3 Walworth
Alice Stammers 1 Walworth

Marriage of Alfred & Ann
29th December 1872 Bethnal Green
Alfred Stammers full age bachelor bricklayer Bethnal Green
father John Thomas Stammers deceased
Ann Lever 20 spinster Bethnal Green Joseph Thomas Lever parchment maker
Witnesses were Eliza Lever & Frederick Penny, Ann's  sister and her future husband

Children of Alfred & Ann
John Joseph 1874-1968
Alfred Arthur 1876-1956
William 1878
Alice 1880
Henry 1882-1956 Registered 1883 Lewisham
I have not found any of the family on the 1891 Census

5th June 1891 Alice is admitted to Evelina hospital, address 35 Harris Street, Camberwell and  Alfred dies at that address 3rd October 1891 aged 46. Informant was Emma Lever, his mother in law of 20 Acorn Street, Camberwell. Both addresses checked on 1891 census.
From the children's marriages
Listed as Alfred Arthur Stammers and builder/ painter/ master bricklayer.
Last address from school record of William  9 Kirkland Road, Camberwell but 3 addresses 1883-85. Can't find Kirkland Road in 1891.
Not much to go on for his year or place of birth so any suggestions welcome.
Ancestry trees suggest he is the son of John Thomas Stammers & Elizabeth Chandler and there is a baptism for Alfred 1837 which could be him if he is their son but a big age difference and no proof.
This has been asked about in 2010/2011 by Teddy P but still unsolved.
Thank you for reading this and hope someone can help.

The Common Room / MyHeritage free access 10-16 July 2020
« on: Thursday 09 July 20 10:20 BST (UK)  »
MyHeritage has free access to 1 billion birth records from 104 collections world wide.
July 10th -16th 2020
Available already. Many are baptisms.

The Common Room / FREE 1939 Register June 21st
« on: Sunday 21 June 20 11:53 BST (UK)  »
MyHeritage have free access to the 1939 Register today (21st June) You have to be registered. Offer is one record set free per day for June and it is listed for 22nd but is available now. Transcription only.
Future sets from Hungary, Spain, Australia, Palestine, Brazil, Greece & Germany

The Common Room / Multiple names on 1939 Register-help needed
« on: Saturday 30 November 19 23:17 GMT (UK)  »
Could someone please help to identify the fourth person on this entry?
I am interested in the name Gee and if she is related to Henry Gee, the second person.
The third person listed is Alice Willis but is mother of Henry.

1939 Register
10 St Chadís Street, St Pancras

1  ADLER, U     U crossed through  then possibly Mat/Max added later
male 19-9-1916 single trainee
2 GEE Henry male 25-3-1907 married building trade plasterer (wife in Manchester)
3 GEE Willis Alice      Gee Willis crossed out Willis written in   (I. C. on left no date)
Female 13-10-1881 married cleaner
4 RAWLINS Binder C M      Rawlins Binder crossed out with different inks C crossed through with another ink
BINDER,GEE,COFFEY, Charlotte written above in various inks
Female 4-10-1884 single waitress
Notations on left matching inks
31-3-41 or 42 matches ink on GEE
24-6-46 matches ink on Charlotte
5-6-47 matches ink on COFFEY
Also date of birth altered to 4-10-97 and dated 21-7-48

The best I can find is a marriage
John Coffey & Marjorie Binder
April 1947 Pancras
Marjorie Coffey aged 70
July 1960
Bethnal Green
5c 116
Coffey Marjorie Charlotte otherwise Margaret Charlotte of 15 Wilmot Place, London N W 1 died 10th July 1960 at Mildmay Mission Hospital, Bethnal Green, London.
Administration(with will) (limited) London 5th July 1966 to Henry David Rice legacy officer of St. Dunstans and Arthur Douglas Lloyds secretary of St. Dunstans. £2047

Hoping someone is able to help, many thanks.

Lancashire / Henry Gee & Family
« on: Thursday 28 November 19 22:38 GMT (UK)  »
Looking to find any further information about Henry Gee and his family.

Henry Gee
Date of birth & place of birth unknown
Father to children born Manchester 1907-1911

Alice Willis nee Stammers
Born 13-10-1880 Camberwell
Married 1900 Grantham to James Henry Willis
Son born 1901 Grantham
Next known of 1907 Manchester birth of son with Henry Gee

I have another thread on Alice entitled Mrs Alice Willis missing after 1901, sorry I canít do links

Children of Henry & Alice

Henry Gee
25-3-1907 37 Devonshire Street, South Manchester
Father Henry Gee a scene fixer
Mother Alice Stammers a charwoman
Registered by both parents

Alice Gee
25-2-1910 15 Nuttall Street, South Manchester
Father Henry Gee a stage carpenter
Mother Alice Gee formerly Stammers

Alice died 10-3-1911 aged 12 months
2 Nuttall Street, South Manchester
Daughter of Henry Gee
Labourer at theatre
Mother Alice Gee informant
Buried 15th March Southern Cemetery

Alice Willis
17-11-1911 Withington Workhouse Infirmary
Mother Alice Willis formerly Gee
Father James Willis general labourer of Hulme
Registered by Master of the Workhouse

Alice died 4-12-1911 at Workhouse
Daughter of Henry Willis a scene shifter of Hulme
Registered by Matron of the Workhouse

Canít find Henry, Alice & Henry in 1911 although there is an Alice Stammers in Ashton upon Mersey, born 1879 London

School records for Henry for 1912-16
1912-14 Hulme
1914 Ardwick
1915-16 Collyhurst
Various addresses

Henry born 1907 married 18-12-1926 Manchester to Bertha Looker
Father Henry Gee (deceased) Scene remover
No children found

1939 Alice in Pancras with son Henry
Henryís wife in Manchester with her mother

Tried newspaper search but found nothing

Not sure how to find anything else about Henry, Alice & Henry
Still trying to establish deaths for each
Any suggestions welcome, Thanks for reading this.

Looking to locate Elizabeth in 1891 under one of three surnames.
Born Elizabeth Payne 26-3-1863 in Wisbech district
1871 in Rutland with parents Thomas & Sarah
1881 General servant in pub in Leeds, Yorkshire
27-3-1882 Back in Grantham, Lincolnshire where her parents settled and Elizabeth married John Watkin
1891 Missing
1901 & 1911 Elizabeth is living in Balderton, Newark, Nottinghamshire as the wife of Thomas Bird.
 Her niece Fanny Kemp is also with them.

1911 Census states 25 years married, no children but in fact they didn't marry until 22-7-1916 with Elizabeth Watkin as a widow. This was the year after Fanny married.

I can't find Elizabeth, John or Thomas in 1891

John born 1860 Grantham a boilermaker is with his family before the marriage but disappears after 1882, no children found

Thomas born 1861 Newark was a bricklayer

Can anyone see Elizabeth or the two men in her life?

Thank you, Comberton

London & Middlesex Lookup Requests / Eveleigh Deaths 1882-1891
« on: Tuesday 12 December 17 21:23 GMT (UK)  »
Iím looking for the correct death of William Auton Eveleigh
Born April-June 1839 Langport, Somerset
I have all the census, birth & marriage registration records all confirm his full name.
Last seen on census 1881
The Rose, 22 Russell Street, Bermondsey
William Eveleigh 42   Licensed victualler
Ellen Eveleigh 38
Archibald Eveleigh 12
Robert Eveleigh 10
Louis Eveleigh 7
Arthur Eveleigh 2
Frank Eveleigh 3 weeks

15th February 1883 last child born reg. district St George Hanover Square
25th September 1885 School registration for Arthur (as William, his third name ) & Frank.
Parent listed as William. Address 19 Hetley Road, Fulham

1891 family still at 19 Hetley Road, Ellen is a widow.
1902 marriage of son Archibald lists father deceased

Several trees have this death
William Eveleigh
Jan 1884
St Giles
1b 388
So I ordered the PDF but itís not him, the address & wife match another William also found in 1881.
Next I tried
Frank William Auton Eveleigh
Apr 1884
1a 124
As this is the name William gave to two of his sons, it interested me. Unfortunately the informant is the coroner after an inquest.
Details from the PDF
Died June 15th 1884 at 109 Adrian Terrace, Kensington
Aged 45 Licensed victualler

Newspaper report of inquest in West London Observer 21st June 1884
Wife mentioned but not by name, she said they had only moved there the day before the death after he had disposed of his business in Westminster. Friends paid for the removal of the body so possible money problems, he was said to be a drinker.

Can anyone find this Frank William Auton Eveleigh anywhere else or help find my Williamís death?

Many thanks for your interest.

Armed Forces / William Tayles-11th Hussars (Prince Albertís Own)
« on: Monday 31 July 17 22:46 BST (UK)  »
Looking for information on the military service of William Tayles
Born 11-11-1862 Swarby, Lincolnshire
From Chelsea Pensioner Service Records
11th Hussars (Prince Albertís Own)
Reg. No. 1684
Attested 28-6-1878 (lied about his age)
Served to 19-2-1884
Married Aunsby, Lincolnshire 2-5-1886
Discharged 30-6-1890
1891 census Sproxton, Leicestershire as Ag Lab
1901 census Sproxton, Leicestershire as Private Royal Reserve Hussars
The time served on the record is in two parts and I understand this is part active service and part reserve, is that correct?
Can someone tell me where he would have trained and served and any other details?
Many thanks,

Canada / Caroline Alice Stammers British Home Child arrived 1911
« on: Sunday 16 April 17 23:24 BST (UK)  »

Caroline Alice Stammers born Jan qtr 1899 Grantham, Lincolnshire, England to Alice Stammers. Between 1901 & 1911 census Caroline was put in the Barkingside Barnadoís home in Ilford, Essex, England.
29th June 1911 she started journey to Canada, arriving 11th July 1911 on the Sicilian.
Destination was Peterborough, Ontario.
Looking for anything of her life after Barnados, her marriage, any children.
Iíve been in touch with Barnadoís so not expecting info on that period of her life but if anything is available it will be welcome.
Happy to share details of Aliceís family if anyone is looking. Thanks.

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