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Family History Beginners Board / Grubb family of Newbury Berkshire
« on: Wednesday 02 March 22 03:18 GMT (UK)  »
Hoping I might get some help once again with my Newbury family.  I had a lot of help some years ago but have come up with a new question as the only records online are transcripts itís hard to be sure.

My ancestor John Grubb was born in Newbury in 1783 to Thomas and Martha Grubb Ö we believe Martha was Martha Grey.  Recently dna has shown a connection to an Elizabeth Grubb who could be Johnís sister or half sister as I donít have her baptism record.  But it appears that Thomas may have been married to another Martha Ö Martha Woodley in 1777.  Then married Martha Grey in 1782 but it doesnít give Thomas Grubbís marital status on the transcript so I donít know for sure if itís the same Thomas that married Martha Woodley.  Iíve found a baptism for a Thomas son of Thomas and Martha in 1780  Öso that could be the first Martha (Woodley) then there is a baptism in 1778 but no first name just Grubb and parents names.  There is also a death in 1787 for Martha Grubb daughter of Thomas.  On the the 1815 Toomers census I was told that Thomas along with his wife Martha also has an Ann Stillman living with them and she I believe is the daughter of Elizabeth the possible sister of my John as she married James Stillman in 1799 and they have a daughter Ann.

Hope that makes an ounce of sense.  So if anyone has access to any of these records I would appreciate the help as Iím in Australia :-)

Just hoping for some help once more in translating some baptism records.

Trying to piece together some family history.  My ancestor Julius Rau migrated to Australia in 1858 he was born in Chwalim (Poland) in 1839 his older brother Carl had also migrated but some years earlier they both married sisters that had arrived with their parents in 1849.  They were all part of the early settlement of Geelong Victoria and started the settlement of Germantown which was later changed to Grovedale during WW1.  From what I can see Carl was born further away in Tzciel which made me think that maybe their mother Anna Rau nťe Klemke had family there.  The marriage between Anna Klemke and Gotthilf Rau took place in Chwalim or Kargowa which is just a few kilometres away.

One of the records Iím interested in is the baptism of  a Ernest Heinrich Klemke as he also migrated to Australia and is buried in the Grovedale cemetery.  I think I found his baptism as we are trying to determine if his mother was sister to Gotthilf Rau.  I canít see a father listed so wondered what other information is contained here.  The baptism was in 1837

Any help would be appreciated

Armed Forces / Uniform help needed
« on: Monday 02 March 20 01:12 GMT (UK)  »
Hope Iím posting this in the right section Iím just trying to work out the uniform in this picture.  I did get help once before on the Victorian War forum where off memory it was suggested it was a Scottish voluntary force uniform.  But the forum has been shut down so all that information has been lost. The picture is of my ancestor William Urquhart (seated) with two of his brothers Edward and Robert.  The family migrated to Australia over a period of time the earliest a sister Agnes in 1853, one brother arrived in 1859 the others after 1861.  One descendant believed the uniform was that of the volunteer force scotch infantry Adelaide South Australia.  So we are trying to determine by the uniform might be correct?  Any guesses would be helpful.


Family History Beginners Board / Who is Thomas Mayo - Wiltshire
« on: Saturday 14 September 19 13:57 BST (UK)  »
Iím after a little help once more after recently re going over an old post when looking into my GGG Grandfather Frederick Mayo Wade.  Long story short and with a wonderful amount of help especially from Chris.  We discovered the Mayo connection back to Thomas and Katheren Mayo nťe Totty.  Katherenís father left a Will which was recently transcribed which has made me once again look at Thomas Mayo.  According to the marriage to Katheren he was born around 1664 and was a Clothier.  But I canít find any feasible parents for him. 

Also in Katherenís father John Tottyís Will he mentions a cousin James Townsend

And I do hereby desire and make my trusty and well beloved friends my Cousin JAMES TOWNSEND of Cheverell Magna gent

John Tottyís father Richard also leaves a will and similarly mentions a cousin James Townsend of Avon in Stratford Wiltshire (I think this one is possibly the father of the other one) so far I canít find a connection to make them cousins however I did find that James Townsend senior in his Will of 1679 mentions a brother in law William Mayo?  It looks like his wife is Hester but she could be his second wife Iím unsure. 

Iím having a struggling tying these families together.  Perhaps cousin was a more loosely used term back then?

So I thought I would try and see if Thomas Mayo was in anyway connected to the William Mayo mentioned in James Townsend seniors Will. 

But I canít not find any possible baptisms for Thomas.  I will attach the wedding information when he married Katheren there seems to be mention of a Frances Mayo as well.

If anyone can help it would be much appreciated.

Deb Rennie

Hi all Iíve been going round in circles with this one so thought maybe someone else might see what Iím missing.

I was going over my DNA matches which I do from time to time and there was a new one which now makes 3 I have to a particular branch that I just canít quite join the dots.

So these matches are from a Henry and Harriet Newmeier nťe Stevens.  My ancestor was a Charles Stevens son of James and Elizabeth Stevens.  The Stevens family seem to have homes both in Horton Buckinghamshire and London.  James Stevens from Horton was a farmer and left a will which I have a transcription of and it seems some of his children fared better than others.  It seems the London based Stevens ran a soap and candle business and going by the marriages of Charles children he was at least employed there and is listed as a chandler.  He died in 1837 Whitechapel (I think)

When looking Iíve found a tree that says they have Harriet Stevens birth certificate and names her parents as James and Harriet Stevens nťe Scott.  She was born in Cable St Whitechapel 1871.  I then found the marriage between James and Harriet Scott and James father is listed as Thomas Stevens soap boiler.  So I feel this is where our family connection is but as yet canít place this particular Thomas Stevens. 

So just need some fresh eyes.  Itís possible Iíve missed a Thomas.  I have 4 sons from James senior, William, Charles Thomas and Henry.  And there a few Thomasí but none of them quite fit as father to James.


Family History Beginners Board / Another Rugeley question - James Myatt
« on: Monday 05 August 19 03:58 BST (UK)  »
Thought I would started a new thread so this next question didnít get lost.  As recently with help we determined The Talbot Inn was different to Talbot Arms and discovered that poor John Williss had his business destroyed by the Rugeley Poisoner due to the exhumation of two bodies being taken directly to the Talbot Inn instead of the coach house.

Iím helping my brother in law Tim do his family tree and he is a descendant of John Williss, heís also a descendant of a James Myatt also if Rugeley.  James daughter Sarah married Samuel Mills and their son Frederick Mills married Ella Willis.

Back to James Iíve been working on him and Iím now wondering if he could be one of the witnesses called in William Palmers trial.  From what I can see in 1851 James was a Railway labourer heís living in Marlpits Rugeley with his widowed mother Jane and brother John.  He married in 1852 and is still living at Marlpits in 1861 and is listed as Railway Porter. 

Iíve looked and looked for another James Myatt in Rugeley but so far havenít found one that fits.  So I was wanting opinions or help to see if the one called as witness could be him.  He stated to be post boy for the Talbot Arms which Iím assuming may come by rail?  He also asked to drive a customer back to the station.   I will attach the papers that have him in to see if you think he fits.  Any advice or opinion would be great.  There is a Myatt family living in Market st they are saddlers but no James.

Family History Beginners Board / Talbot Inn Rugeley Staffordshire
« on: Thursday 01 August 19 14:48 BST (UK)  »
Iím helping my brother in law with his family tree.  Iím working on the Williss branch in his tree his ancestor being John Williss.  The only census he appears on is 1841 along with his wife Elizabeth.  Heís listed as a publican and farmer and the address says near the churches.  I also find him on the poll book and electoral registers under Rugeley it says house and occupier Talbot Inn and Farm. Iím fairly sure I have his death as 1849 and his wife Elizabeth is a widow on the 1851 census and she is listed as Innkeeper/farmer 92 acres.  Later on I find her son John as innkeeper and when he dies his widow Eliza as Innkeeper of the Mosley Inn.

What Iím trying to find out is there two Talbot Innís.  One seems to remain today but there is also seems to be another one that was the scene of a murder by the Rugeley poisoner but that one had a name change to the Shrew.  Iím just trying to work out which one John Williss senior might have been Innkeeper of in the 1840ís.  As most of the baptism and marriage records are only transcripts they donít help much.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Possibility of half shared G Grandparent
« on: Monday 08 July 19 09:49 BST (UK)  »
Just wanting some opinions on a question I had asked of a DNA genealogist some time ago and although it wasnít totally discounted I put it on the probably not basket however with more of my dads cousins also contributing DNA Iím starting to wonder again.

My Paternal Great Grandparents were both illegitimate so we have a gap in our family tree. My dad before he passed away did DNA to try help solve the mystery which is possible we never will.  However one match keeps popping up to our family and the only connection we can find is a link to the military and India.  Iíve recently had some help on this in another post.  The problem being this person also seems to have an illegitimate grandparent so weíve been stuck.  Her grandfather is of the same age as my dads G Grandmother and he was a soldier and also spent time in India which is where dads Great Grandmother was born as the daughter of a soldier.   

It was suggested the match with this lady is probably a generation back but as we canít determine her grandfathers parentage we are just stuck waiting in the hope another match pops up joining up the dots.  I thought it was possible maybe this mans brother may have been the father of my dads grandmother but it now seems he died in infancy so back to square one.  So Iím wanting opinions on the possibility of going back to this man being dads great grandfather,  I compared dads and his cousins DNA amount of shared CM and dad and his cousins amount of shared CM with a known full 2 nd once removed cousin and these were the results.  So Iím wanting to know if the results for dad and his cousins to Dianne might be possible that Dianneís grandfather might be dad and cousins G Grandfather?  Or am I still looking at a generation back hope Iím making sense.

Dianne and shared DNA with dad and his cousins

SM 74 across 4 segments
NC 68 across 4
MC 51 across 4
MC 33 across 3

John and shared DNA with dad and cousins (this is known full 2nd cousin once removed)

MC 185 across 8
MC 135 across 9
NC 61 across 7
SM 53 across 5


Family History Beginners Board / Trying to solve a mystery
« on: Saturday 06 July 19 08:40 BST (UK)  »
Iím hoping maybe some fresh eyes on this might help me solve a family mystery.

My paternal Great Grandparents were both illegitimate and therefore we donít know who their fathers were.  My dad, myself and several of dads cousins have all done DNA in the hopes someone might pop up as a potential ancestor.

We all have a match to a lady called Dianne and Iíve been in touch with her daughter for some time now as she managers her mothers DNA.  Dianne matches to all of us only we canít work out how so we feel this is where one of our missing ancestors might be only trouble is I think Dianneís grandfather is also illegitimate and Dianneís daughter recently found some documents her mother had which confirms this I believe, so if I can work out more of who Dianneís grandfather is it might help solve the mystery.

The only thing our family and Dianneís seem to have in common is a military family and India.  My Great Grandmother Daisy Wade was the illegitimate daughter of Isabella Wade she was born in Maida Vale London in 1890 the address on her birth certificate is where her great uncle resided and where Isabella was sent during her pregnancy.  Isabella was born in India to Frederick and Harriet Wade ... Frederick being a colour sergeant with the 60th Royal Rifles. We donít know if Daisy knew her fatherís identity or not but when asked she said he was a soldier or she mentions a connection with India.

Dianneís Grandfather was Alfred Saunders Francis and he married Ellen Woolner in 1898 in India he was with the Army Ordinance but died in India just after the birth of his son Albert Saunders Francis (Dianneís father) in 1900 problem is I canít find any surviving military records that give us any clues to Alfred, on his marriage to Ellen he gives father as Albert Francis which I donít think is true.  My thoughts were he was the illegitimate son of Eliza Francis born 1868 in Leiden and this is the birth record Dianne had among the papers (no father listed)she has along with a death certificate for a Felix Francis.  At first I though oh maybe Felix is Elizaís father but I found him on the census and according to his will he was unmarried and had no children.  I also believe Eliza had a second son born in 1867 called Alfred Saunders Francis and I have his baptism record.  Iíve looked and looked at this and I can not find Eliza and her boys on any census records so Iím starting to wonder if perhaps she lied about her surname.  What I also noticed was on the 1871 census record for Felix Francis in Colchester Essex is just up from him as a cook is an Elizabeth Saunders ... so my head started to wonder if she was the boys mother and gave her name as Francis so her boys would have a surname of their potential father.  Only thing is where are the boys in 1871 I canít find either of them. 

I know it all sounds rather confusing but I canít work out where these boys are or for sure who Eliza Francis is if indeed she is Eliza Francis ... if I can figure this out it might help Dianne and I work out how we are related.  Originally I thought her grandfather could be Daisyís dad but I saw a DNA genealogist and she felt it wasnít quite enough DNA shared so could be a sibling or another relative close to her grandfather we are looking for.   I made a Francis family tree so I could explore all the possibilities which is on ancestry as well as my own. 

I just need some fresh eyes to see who Eliza Francis is how she might be attached to Felix Francis and where were they during the census.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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