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Derry (Londonderry) / Rhee Corn mill Aghadowey
« on: Tuesday 11 August 20 12:10 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I have been helping someone with geneaology (they may be a link to me by marriage) and we are seeking the history of the Orr family who ran the corn mill at Culcrow (Milltown) Aghadowey.  I find a Captain Orr at St Margarets, and we have found Shirley marrying Orr (Rhee) but we are seeking info on an Ann Orr who may have married McMullan, early 1800s and we think they connect to the mill.  As a former Aghadowey resident I am interested in the mill itself and what residence the mill owner occupied.  I used to think it was Lizard Manor but now not so sure.  In youth I heard a tale about a disparaging sign erected re the Laird of Rusky Hill, in St Guaire's graveyard and had in mind it was an Orr, but I may be wrong.

Family History Beginners Board / Purdy North Antrim and North Londonderry
« on: Monday 27 May 19 12:17 BST (UK)  »
DNA match of mine shows Purdy as being from around Giant's Causeway NIreland.  I find there are large clusters in Limavady-Coleraine north Londonderry as well.  Wonder if there was a migration across and all one family.   Possible contacts to McDonald, Irwin, Purcell, Londonderry county  all would be interesting to investigate as this could explain why this match contacted me thinking I was from the Causeway when I have no relatives there!  Our earliest common relative if DNA correct was  John Purdy born 1835 or thereabouts - he  was a fisherman at Causeway  as was his his son  John,  whose daughter born 1912 or so was Winifred. All info gathered from census and, but Winifred missing.

Antrim / Boyd family Finvoy
« on: Tuesday 25 July 17 21:41 BST (UK)  »
My several times great grandfather had a sister Anne McCaldridge of Glengad, Vow, Ballymoney who married John Boyd, son of Alexander Boyd of Mulladuff/Mulladoo, Vow, Ballymoney in Finvoy Church of Ireland in 1852.  Some years later they emigrated to New York where he died, circ 1870s.  She remarried and also died in New York having had a number of other children.

At least one Boyd child accompanied the parents to America, but some remained.  We are interested in tracing these, and any descendants.  Tradition has it that there were 13 children born to Anne, but we don't know how many by each husband.

 Irish has the marriage of Anne and John, but doesn't have birth images for Boyds of their era.  FamilySearch has the marriage, but no leads on births or baptisms.  I cannot find Alexander John's father on death records.

 There is an Alexander Boyd of the correct townland in 1901 census who died early 1900s in his seventies, who could be John's brother named after the father, and there was a David Boyd of same era.  Alexander possibly the brother of John also a daughter who married a David Tweed.  There was a Mary Boyd who may have been a sister of John who married Smyrell.  The problem is that there were just so many Boyds with repetitive Christian names in the townlands of the Vow.

We think they were Finvoy Presbyterians from the census reports.  Any info on John's parentage, siblings, or children who remained at the Vow would be appreciated.

« on: Monday 06 March 17 20:06 GMT (UK)  »
Am trying to trace my grandfather's ancestry.  He  (John Gordon) was born 20 June 1894 to Catherine (nee Simpson) and John Gordon.  The Simpson line is relatively straightforward - I assume her father Alexander Simpson married twice to Catherine and Ellen both McKinley as her youngest sister has a different mother's name - family from Newtowncrommelin Ballymena.  Anyone researching this family welcome to comment.

Real puzzle is on the Gordon side before 1890s - there is a shortage of Gordon surname north Antrim on most ancestry sites, but I find a John Gordon on the birth record for mother Hanna Wilson 20 March 1864 Topp (my recently deceased ancestors are from the Topp) whose mother may have been Jane Reid as she was child's grandmother and who I suspect is the Jane Reid died 1918.  No father listed  Some ancestry sites list child as John Gordon, some John Gordon Wilson. Hanna seems to have had a child with a father named Sweeny some years later and another in Ballymena without listing father in 1876. Any help appreciated.

My grandmother was Mary Ann (Minnie) McFadden born circa 1896 possibly Ballycregagh Ballymoney.  She was born to William and Ann(a) Eliza either Taggart/Teggert (possibly Mc before either), McTeague or McTague.  Have just discovered the name McFadden was assumed by her father William when he was really McCaldridge.  Her siblings William, Alexander, George, James, Martha all on FamilySearch as M'Aldridge.  Minnie and her older sister Jane (Jeannie) untraceable on any ancestry database re births.  I find a William McCaldridge married to Anna Eliza ? on an old rootschat thread in 1896 so older girls possibly illegitimate. Jeannie married John Hickinson of Dervock.  Any help on what their names might have been appreciated.  Want Grandma's birth cert so cannot get it without surname.  Also see old thread refers to McCaldridge becoming Alexander and contributers wonder why change, I also wonder why to McFadden.  We too have Alexander in each generation of our family forenames.

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