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Yorkshire (North Riding) / Arthur h Ezard of Lingdale
« on: Wednesday 08 May 19 12:30 BST (UK)  »
Could anyone please confirm an address for Arthur Henry Ezard br 1882 Huggate E/Yks resident at Lingdale, N/Yks by 1911, children Mona and Florence. Possibly Scarth St but unconfirmed ?



Yorkshire (North Riding) / SK(C)ROGGINS Diary of a Cleveland Miner
« on: Monday 25 March 19 14:42 GMT (UK)  »

For some time I have been researching the Diary of a Cleveland Miner (1873-1925) by William Rowbottom an Ironstone Miner and resident of Margrove Park & Charltons Terrace in what was North Yorks but is also better known as East Cleveland.   

The source is a transcription of the diary's entries published in the Cleveland Standard of Jan 28th 1939 which I found inserted inside a family bible that came into my belonging in the 1980s.

I have inserted my research in the form of a spreadsheet that stands at 352 entries, with the aim of
sharing the information I have found.

An handful of entries have eluded further information mainly because of their vagueness so having pursued them myself and came up blank thought the good folk of roots chat might be up for the challenge. The most vague is the following.

3rd April 1915   Skroggins left Boosebeck

9th May1916     Skroggins made a visit to Boosebeck. Much respected by all





Canada Lookup Request / Richard Coulthard 1924
« on: Tuesday 26 February 19 11:31 GMT (UK)  »
Could anyone help me track the following family who emigrated to Canada.

This is from a vague diary entry of William Rowbottom a Cleveland Ironstone Miner.

31st July 1924 Dick Couthard left Boosebeck for Canada.

From English census returns

COULTHARD (corrected spelling) Richard br 1879 Leasingham Durham, Milk Vendor, & his wife Martha Jane (Creaser ) br 1880 Wolds YKS with possibly  a son Robert William br 1911.

Many Thanks


Durham Lookup Requests / Wilkinson/Gibbon Marriage Durham 1916
« on: Saturday 24 November 18 15:08 GMT (UK)  »
Please could anyone assist in finding more info from the following marriage, derived from WW1 service records. I would assume there is several Wesleyan Churches in Durham City even more in Co Durham !

John William Wilkinson br 1893 Sherburn Co Durham = Elizabeth Gibbon, spinster

 Married Wesleyan Methodist Church, Durham 25th March 1916

Need more info or confirmation before ordering a cert.

Many Thanks


World War One / John Thomas Knaggs WW1
« on: Tuesday 09 October 18 14:41 BST (UK)  »

I am trying to find the death of one John Thomas Knaggs br 1879 Skelton Green YKs husband of Louisa Poll. He worked in the local Ironstone Mines with Blacksmiths experience of shoeing horses.

My feeling is that he possibly served in WW1 and was killed.

Searches of Civil Reg deaths (and purchase of possible certs) or local church/cemetery records have failed to trace him. He his listed in 1915 rate books but in the 1939 register his wife is a widow.

One possible ref I came across from WW1 records is

John T    Knaggs    210106    Driver    1914    Royal Field Artillery

Could anyone help/advise me how I could find out more info to determine if this is my ancestor.



Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / 1939 register abbreviation
« on: Friday 05 October 18 15:06 BST (UK)  »

See attachment

Could anyone assist me in understanding what this abbreviation means. It as been overwritten upon a persons entry in the 1939 register. The lady was aged 47yrs at the time of the register and was married.

Many Thanks


Lancashire / Searching for Thomas Brown birth Toxteth 1899
« on: Thursday 02 August 18 12:09 BST (UK)  »
I am searching for the baptism/christening of a Thomas Brown br 1899 Toxteth Liverpool his parents were a John Alexander Brown cr 1868 St Peters Toxteth and a Alice Maude Edwards. They married at St Matthews in 1892.  The family can be found in 1911 at Star St but I have failed to trace them in 1901 or John Alexander in 1891.

Because of the common names involved I have no success with civil registration failing to match with certs purchased and am reluctant to purchase anymore without further proof.

Appreciate any help or advice.

Many Thanks


FH Documents and Artefacts / Civil service evidence of age
« on: Friday 29 June 18 11:31 BST (UK)  »

Could anyone explain why my ancestor might have needed to proof his age.

 I came across this entry (John Knaggs 1864.jpg attached) in Find my Past, Civil service evidence of age, collection some time ago when I had access but failed to realise there was also a page 1 which might have offered more info.

Many Thanks


South Africa / Francis Thomas Knaggs and Family
« on: Saturday 26 May 18 15:36 BST (UK)  »

I am trying to find information about an ancestor Francis Thomas Knaggs and his South African family. Frank a Civil Engineer was br 1901 at Birmingham England then emigrated once he achieved  graduation from the Inst of Mech Engineers he emigrated to South Africa around 1921.

He married a Marian Murray Adam in Capetown in 1934 they had two children a boy H.M. br 1940ish and a girl S.H. br 1943ish both South Rhodesia. (I don't have their full names)

I have tracked them returning back and forth back to England until their last visit in 1947.

Frank Thomas Knaggs of "Matare" Vumba, Umtali, Zimbabwe died age 74 of England, Married, Retired d 26/4/1973 at Umtali General Hospital and stated  interred in Umtali cemetery.

Could anyone assist me finding out more about the children and their mother Marian Murray Knaggs.

Many Thanks


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