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Family History Beginners Board / lemons of Co. Tyrone
« on: Friday 31 August 18 16:24 BST (UK)  »
Once again I am returning to the Lemon Family of Dungannon Co Tyrone.
I have located with Rootschat help Wm. James  Lemon marriage to Marg Mcateer 1878 ,Drumglass Parish Dungannon.
From the marriage I note Father of Wm. James as William Lemon ,farmer. This is the individual i have no family info on. I have looked to PRONI to ask for Birth Certificate of Wm James but a mother's name is required. Any suggestions?
I have looked at Irish Geneology-William Lemon is a common name .
Family  presents the same issues
i have looked at  the parish records for the Drumglass on line. Difficult to read.

Any direction is welcome.
thanks  virsonlia   

Tyrone / Mcateers' of Co Tyrone
« on: Tuesday 28 August 18 20:16 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone help with my family?  James McAteer lived in  Dungannon County of Tyrone. Unconfirmed birth 1820 in Newry. Unconfirmed marriage in 1847 Dungannon Co Tyrone . His daughter Margaret marries William James Lemon 22 Nov 1878 Parish Drumglass Dungannon Co Tyrone.  I'd really like to find some concrete evidence on  James McAteer.  any Direction is appreciated. 

Family History Beginners Board / Gaws of Co Tyrone
« on: Monday 11 June 18 21:11 BST (UK)  »
I ask for some assistance in my search.
I am looking for info on Grandmother***Catherine Gaw circa 1860 County Tyrone Northern Ireland.

1911  Irish Census, Catherine(Kate) lists birthplace as Co Tyrone.  I believe  that i will not find info on her birth as it was before registration.  How do i find info on her family? I  have  parents listed as Adam Gaw and Eliza Reid.  Adam's death circa 1894 Belfast N.I.. i have some info on Catherine's brother and 2 sisters.  Adam's father listed as John Gaw on marriage index.

I would like  to isolate John Gaw and his line.

any insight or direction would be appreciated

I am looking yet again for information on Relative  Hamilton Rea(Wray) born 1878 Dungannon Co Tyrone. I have a copy of his marriage certificate providing  spouse, dates  and other details as well as  Birth certificates of their children.     That is all the info i have uncovered.
My Grandmother ,Dorothea  born July 1913 (Hamilton's Daughter) has no recollection of her father.
is it possible to determine what happened to this man?
Any direction is appreciated

Family History Beginners Board / lemons of county tyrone N.I
« on: Wednesday 30 August 17 16:40 BST (UK)  »
back again with inquiries about the Lemons and Wrays of Co Tyrone.
William James Lemon 1852-1891 marries Margaret Mcateer 1852-1914. i have researched their children with much success. william and Margaret i have hit a brick wall. Unconfirmed,William's  father is a William and perhaps Margaret' s Father a James.
any direction would be of value

Family History Beginners Board / deciphering words on document
« on: Friday 21 April 17 22:04 BST (UK)  »
I would appreciate any help with the following document.
The names of the 2 fathers are difficult- perhaps one is Benjamin
The place names- one maybe be Bovain or Bovarie

any insight would be welcome

Family History Beginners Board / advice please
« on: Thursday 20 April 17 18:15 BST (UK)  »
I am attempting to fill  data in family  tree. My research focusses on 1880-1905 Surrey England.
 Family and 1881&1891 censuses have provided some details.
Specifically- Frederick Thomas Skinner of Thomas and Jane Skinner
                  Jane Skinner nee Turnball, Frederick's  Mother b 1853 Kent
                  Thomas Skinner Frederick's Father b 1834 Leicestershire
I would like to find out what happened to these individuals

Any direction would be appreciated

Family History Beginners Board / j. adams of belfast
« on: Wednesday 12 April 17 21:54 BST (UK)  »
Looking for info on Jack(perhaps John) Adams of Belfast .
my info is limited. He was an Electrician by trade and  he lived commonlaw 1920-1950ish with Mary Lemon of Dungannon
Upon his death he was buried in Kells Co Meath ?
any direction would be appreciated

Family History Beginners Board / hamilton wray of counties tyrone and antrim
« on: Monday 27 March 17 21:57 BST (UK)  »
looking for any info of family member. Hamilton wray married mary jane lemon of co tyrone
Hamilton's  father name perhaps John

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