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Due to some close DNA matches, I have a hypothesis that my great grandfather, Frederick William MOORE had a daughter out of wedlock, named Cathleen in 1888.

On Ancestry there is a birth for Cathleen MOORE, Auckland, 1888 folio 2276 but that doesn't show up on BDM. What I can see though is the birth of Cathleen HUTCHISON, mother Margaret, father Frederick in 1888. This birth is another one of the seven births on folio 2276 in 1888 on Ancestry. The reason I believe these could be the same people is that when Cathleen marries Percy ALLPORT in 1910, her name is MOORE. They then move in with Margaret SCHILLER/SCHULER (nee HUTCHISON) in 109 Richmond Rd according to the 1911 electoral roll.

On folio 2276 five of the seven names have BDM numbers 1888/16578-16582 but two are missing, including Cathleen MOORE.

Frederick William MOORE lived a road away in Parnell from Margaret HUTCHISON, who also lived a road away from Frederick William SCHILLER/Frederich Wilhelm SCHULER (a German immigrant whose name changed over the years) who she married in 1894, meaning they could easily have known each other.

Question: In 1888, how would a birth be recorded if the parents were not married or if the father was not involved? Could it be mother's surname but father's first name listed? Has anyone seen a situation where a birth shows up on Ancestry but not BDM?


Antrim / What happened to James Moore of Belfast?
« on: Friday 04 September 20 22:33 BST (UK)  »
My 2nd great grandmother, Victoria Moore (nee Brown) moved from Belfast to New Zealand in 1872 (via Scotland and Australia) with three children (James Morgan, Frederick William, and Amy Louise) and two sisters (Brown and Haslett). I can't work out what happened to her husband, James Moore, if he died or something else. In their 1859 marriage, he is listed as a merchant of Belfast, son of Andrew Moore the farmer. If he died, I'd have expected an announcement in the newspaper as the Brown family had money and announced all of the daughter's weddings.

This week I've discovered a DNA connection to a descendant of Nancy/Nannie Moore, daughter of Andrew Moore but I don't know if they are the same family yet. Her witness in 1868, James Moore, has different writing to James Moore at his wedding in 1859. Gaffy, an immense help, found a George Moore, son of Andrew and Nancy/Annie but I haven't worked out yet how to link him to the others. These people all have a connection to Randalstown.

I've tried to find James in street directories or deaths but had no luck yet spotting the correct one as it's a common name.I'm hoping for some help working out what happened to him and who his family was.

Thanks in advance for any hints.

Hi everyone, I'm a bit stuck on a few words on the marriage registration below. The marriage is between John Craig and Nancy Moore. Fathers are John Craig and Andrew Moore. I can decipher most of it but I can't make out 1. Residence (assume it's somewhere near Belfast), 2. Rank of Father (Merchant and ???), 3. the witnesses - is that James Moore? Someone Craig? I can upload a larger version if this one is too small.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have a feeling I'm on the verge of knocking down a very old brick wall.


My ancestor arrived in Portland (Melbourne), Victoria in 1855 on the ship Birmingham. In the ship's log, it appears that she and her friends/family were sponsored by Mrs Bell but I can't make out the name of the place. Is it Cafe something? Cafe Rebon?

I have two photographs taken at the studio of Samuel Masury at 289 Washington Street, Boston. He died in 1874 but I'm not sure if his studio carried on or not.

Would anyone have an estimate of the date based on the photos themselves or the stamp on the back? Or guesses on the ages of the subjects in the photos? I don't have any family from Boston that I know of so these are quite intriguing.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Help deciphering text on back of photograph
« on: Saturday 29 February 20 11:02 GMT (UK)  »
I have some hand writing on the back of a photo taken in Bistol. Any help deciphering it would be greatly appreciated. All I can make out is "Mrs Moore with...." 

I have a marriage document from 1859 in Belfast. I can't make out the occupation of the bride's father, Robert Brown. It almost looks like something keeper - his brother is a grocer but it doesn't look like shop keeper. I have another potential daughter of Robert Brown getting married and calling him a pilot (of a ship I assume) but I'm not sure it's the same family.

Also, I can't make out the witness names. Someone Brown and Isaac (?) Someone? The bride and groom are James Moore and Victoria Brown.

I have an entry in a log of weddings  where I can understand most words but not the surname of the groom's mother. There are several issues - the bride is Irish and the groom from N England so possibly difficult to understand. They were probably illiterate (mark of X) and they seem to not have even noticed that some names are misspelt (Burns rather than Byrne, Compton rather than Campion) and the birthplace of the groom, Talton, doesn't seem to be on any map I've seen. I'm guessing it's Dalston.

Mostly, I'm trying to work out the surname of the groom's mother - Jane Mouniey?? She's English, I assume, from Cumberland. And Catholic.

The names of the witnesses would also be interesting - Sebastien Pente? But with a large B in the middle? And Mary McCool?

I'm attaching the entry in two parts and also the full page in PDF, which has two other entries for more hand writing examples.

Hi there, I'm trying to decipher two place names in the will of my ancestor in his 1818 will in Cumwhitton, Cumberland, England. I feel like I have most of the letters almost right but the place names are almost meaningless to me.

The first word looks to me to be Sioenigill, which is an uncomfortable number of vowels. The 2nd and 4th letters are least clear to me. It might end with ...gile but there are a number of ...gills (ravine) nearby that make me lean that way.

The second place looks like Clint L?id. Leid? I'm fairly certain it's Clint but the second word eludes me.

I've uploaded a sample of the surrounded text in case it helps. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I've love to know where my ancestor ended up.

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