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I am looking for the marriage of:

Joseph Edward Whitall  (b.1810 approx)  St Georges Hanover Square.
Married to
Elizabeth  ?????  (b.1811 approx)  St Georges Hanover Square.

Both of their deaths were registered as St George Hanover Square, so they may not have moved around very far.

Their earliest recorded child was born 1838-9 in Marylebone. I haven't found a marriage from 1837 forwards, so can only assume they married before that date.

I am hoping to find Elizabeth's surname and the place and date of their marriage.

Hope you can help, many thanks.

The Lighter Side / Our ancestors lost documents
« on: Friday 20 November 09 13:57 GMT (UK)  »
I was just sitting here searching for pictures of ephemera, I came across this website .

I wonder where my ancestors paperwork ended up? possibly here or the like.

Just in case anyone one is interested to take a look, there are a few names mentioned in the stock descriptions, although the prices are too steep for me  ::)


The Lighter Side / New to scrapbooking
« on: Tuesday 17 November 09 09:18 GMT (UK)  »
Just a little help and nudge forwards, I'm struggling for time on the computer to indulge my family history  (competing with two kids) and I have come to a stand still, so need to do something off the computer.

So with my rusty graphics design skills and need to do something crafty, I want to document my family history so far, in the form of a scrapbook (handmade with embellishments etc not the sugar paper kind). But where to start. I thought I might concentrate on the one family at a time, but do I start from the eldest ancestors first up to present day or the reverse. My husband said start where the money is!!!!! ::) His little joke.  There isn't any!!!! :'(

Hoping for a direction, can anyone help?


Hampshire & Isle of Wight / Indenture (ancestor gone bankrupt!) COMPLETED
« on: Tuesday 25 August 09 11:14 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,

I have an ancestor, Charles Hooker, who is referred to in an extract of text from the Gazettes, amoungst other extracts.

To the Creditors of Charles Hooker. NOTICE
is hereby given, that by an indenture bearing
date the 10th of May 1850, Charles Hooker, of Basingstoke,
in the county of Southampton, Coachmaker,
assigned all his estate and effects unto Charles Barton, of
Basingstoke aforesaid, Baker, John Hewlett Beatley, of the
same place, Gunsmith, and Robert Nichols, of the same
place, Auctioneer, upon trust for themselves and all other
the creditors of the said Charles Hooker who should execute
the same; and that the said indenture was duly executed by
the said Charles Hooker, Charles Barton, John Howlett
Beatley, and Robert Nichols respectively, on the day of the
date thereof, in the presence of and such execution is attested
by William Henry Prickett. of Odiham, in the said
county, Solicitor, and that the same indenture now lies at
our office, in Odiham aforesaid, for execution by the creditors
of the said Charles Hooker.—Dated this 20th day of
May 1850.
PRICKETT and KING, Solicitors, Odiham and
Basingstoke.  [crown copyright - source]

I know that in 1851 Charles and his family lived in London Street Basingstoke. A Coach builder emplying 3 men and had a servant. At least that is what he is claiming, so quite quickly he seems to have found his feet or he became an employee, employing people. They moved to London some time before 1861.

Can anyone tell me where I might search for more information, for example there must be a list of the estate including belongings and details of Charles outstanding debt. Would it be best to find the holder of the Solicitors paperwork and search from there.

Any help you be welcome.
Pipkim  :)

Family History Programs, Tree Organisation, Presentation / Genealogy software wish list
« on: Tuesday 10 February 09 09:14 GMT (UK)  »
I use Family Historian (new user so I haven't mastered all the features).

I really wish, on the window which displays the family tree, that there was a panel were I could put relevant information about what was going on in the world, type of clothing, population, inventions etc. So each generation had an instant reference to bring them to life, without having to open up more windows. May be someone is listening and will incorporate the idea, I'm sure it's not new but it bugs me.

Does anyone else have a wish list?

Pipkim  ;)

Heraldry Crests and Coats of Arms / Fire at heraldry records building
« on: Thursday 05 February 09 14:53 GMT (UK)  »
I saw this on the BBC news website, fortunately sounds like no documents were damaged.

I doubt if I'm lucky enough to find my ancestors there, mine seem to be good old working stock.


The Common Room / Dissenters and nonconformists
« on: Monday 19 January 09 22:24 GMT (UK)  »
I haven't delved into ancestors religion, until now, and don't know anything about nonconformists.

I was told that my 5xGreat Grandfather was a staunch nonconformist, which has sent me on a trail.
Are nonconformists chapels and dissenters' meeting houses the same thing?

Pipkim  ???

The Common Room / Visiting a Cemetery
« on: Tuesday 30 December 08 11:46 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All,

I'm considering a visit to a cemetery where hopefully some of my ancestors are buried. I don't have any information as to where I may find them and looking at the cemetery on google maps/satellite, it may take me some time.
Is it just a matter of being systematic or is there something else I should do?

I'm taking a camera and note book and a list of names, burials and dates etc. All I need now is to be able to escape the family for a few hours. Don't think they would see a trip to a cemetery interesting in the slightest!!!

Pipkim ;)

Hampshire & IOW Lookup Requests / George Hooker - 1740? Odiham
« on: Tuesday 09 December 08 13:45 GMT (UK)  »
Looking for any leads on the birth of George Hooker - born about 1740ish possibly Odiham area.
He was married to a Sarah Coles, May 1760 in Upton Grey Hampshire (down the road from Odiham).
He lived his life in Odiham and at some time he was a corn chandler.
He died in 1807 (I have his will).

I have his childrens names but it is pre-marriage and his parents i'm struggling with.
Any tips where else I might look, would be useful too!

Hope someone can shine a light on him!!!

Pipkim  :-*

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