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Family History Beginners Board / The Dreadnaught Boys
« on: Wednesday 22 June 22 07:55 BST (UK)  »
 I was wondering if anyone knows how to find out if a boy who came to Sydney was under the Dreadnaught Boys Scheme. I found a website that had a comment box to ask but my comment wouldn't publish. I tried googling it but there doesn't seem to be any other web site to try.

I have George Brownell Harris b.31 Jan 1907, he arrived on the Euripides May 1923 and seems to be with a lot of other teenagers. The ship departed Liverpool UK 28 March 1923.

Family History Beginners Board / James Boulter
« on: Thursday 10 March 22 03:58 GMT (UK)  »

I have my James Boulter b 24 Aug 1841 Bethnal Green London. He was a steward in the RN. He died on 4 June 1877 HMS Tamar Hong Kong and is buried in Happy Valley Hong Kong. His probate record 12 Nov 1877 also says he was a seaman. I was wondering if someone would be able to tell me how I can go about getting a Death Certificate please? I've tried GRO but it's not there. I've tried deaths in foreign places or overseas but have drawn a blank also.
Thank you so much.

Family History Beginners Board / Getting to Australia
« on: Sunday 30 May 21 06:04 BST (UK)  »

I was wondering if someone might help me please?

I have George Gordon b. 1846 Tynemouth, Northumberland married 1874 to Sarah Marshall b. 1851 Tynemouth. They had 3 children Jane Elizabeth b 1875, Stephen Marshall b 1877 d. 1879 and Charlotte Stanley b March qtr,1879 all in Tynemouth.

They immigrated to Victoria, Australia sometime between the birth of Charlotte and their next child Isabella b. 1881 Warrak, Victoria.

I can't find any passenger lists etc as to how or when they departed/arrived.

Sarah Gordon nee Marshall's parents Stephen Charles Marshall a mariner and Jane Marshall nee Ord
immigrated to Victoria 19 Sep 1879 on the Hankow but George and Sarah and 2 children aren't with them.

I've tried everything to try find them on a ship to no avail but I may have missed something. I would be really appreciative of some assistance if you could help me.

Thanking you, Marj

Family History Beginners Board / Where did John McDonald Come From
« on: Thursday 14 January 21 04:26 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

I have a really tough one that I can't seem to find any answers to.

My John McDonald/MacDonald b. around 1759 turned up in St.Ives, Cornwall and married Margaret (Peggy) Grenfell on 29th August 1783. The marriage record says he is a Mariner & Sojourner.

 They had 11 children that I know of:- Eleanor 1785; John 1768-1787; Margaret 1787-1787; William 1789-1846; John 1790-1819; James 1795-1845; Thomas 1796-1797; Eleanor 1797-1867; Thomas b/d 1800; Margaret 1802; Thomas 1804-1860.

Margaret's parents are Henry Grenfell and Margaret Thomas.

John ended up a Master/Captain and I found him in Lloyds sailing the Brig "John" owned by William Jones of ? Wales from at least 1803 up until about 1828/29.

Margaret McDonald was buried 23 July 1826 in St.Ives, Cornwall
John McDonald was buried 9 August 1832 in St.Ives.

Their surname varies in spelling throughout all the records.

I would just like to know where he came from, a possible bapt record and his parents. I couldn't find any death duty transcripts or Will either

You helped me so much with my previous post about Mary Rowe/McDonald, I was wondering if you might have a go at my John McDonald because I'm at a real loss here.

Thank you so much.

Family History Beginners Board / Where is Mary McDonald of Cornwall
« on: Saturday 09 January 21 06:59 GMT (UK)  »
Hello, would someone be able to help me please?

My William McDonald b 9 July 1789 St Ives Cornwall married Mary Rowe in Falmouth 15 July 1810. They had a son William Henry b 23 June 1812 Falmouth.

William, Capt/Master of the "Good Intent" then sailed to Antwerp. Onboard was an Agnes Smith b. about 1813 Liverpool Lancashire. She was pregnant. William took her under his wing and gave both her and the baby girl b 1831 his surname.

He left his wife and child in Falmouth and sailed to Australia where he settled with Agnes Smith (McDonald) and her daughter (Agnes Eliza Smith McDonald) until his death in 1846.

He did return once to Cornwall around 1836 - 1839.

After he died, his legal wife Mary McDonald age 61 petitioned Trinity House for assistance in 21 January 1848 - it was granted 22 Feb 1848.

I found Mary McDonald age 51 living in Mylor, Falmouth 1841 census (name spelled McDonall) with her ?mother Mary Rowe age 75 and an Eliza Rowe age 36.

After 1848, I can't find anything on Mary McDonald. The census and THP put her year of birth between 1787 and 1791. I don't know who her father was.

I would really like some help to find her and possibly a date of death for her and Mary Rowe snr. I don't know what happened to her son William Henry either.

Thank you so much for having a read of this.

Family History Beginners Board / Lost/Died at sea
« on: Friday 25 September 20 05:46 BST (UK)  »

I am trying to find any information on my Thomas McDonald b.1804 St Ives, Cornwell. He married Maria Toms 27 February 1827. He was a Master Mariner and obtained his certificate 1851.

On 16 May 1860 he was engaged onboard the ship "North Briton" which sailed from Liverpool (I think) on 27 May 1860. He was not heard from since.

According to his Probate record he died about 11 May 1860 near Barrow, Lancashire which doesn't tally with the Seaman's Effects Records

Despite searching through Newspapers around both dates, I can't find any articles etc which would shed some light as to the cause/reason for his death. I can't even find any record of an accident.

Also, according to the Seaman's Effects Record, Thomas was one of 7 sailors all onboard the "North Briton" ship whose effects were paid out at the same time as Thomas.

There is no GRO record of his death I could find either - maybe because he ?died at sea.

If anyone can help me please, I would be most appreciative.

Thank you.

Family History Beginners Board / Thomas Bore - tinplate worker
« on: Tuesday 04 August 20 05:29 BST (UK)  »

I was wondering if someone would be able to help me please. I have Thomas Bore b. about 1757 who became a Master Tinplate Worker and took on many apprentices between 1785 and 1805 in St Paul Shadwell, Middlesex.

Is there somewhere he must register as a Master before taking on apprentices? Also, I have gone through all the records to do with master and apprentices and I can't seem to find where he may have been an apprentice himself in any part of Britain.

I would appreciate any help offered as I'm stuck.

Thanking you all.

Family History Beginners Board / Jane McKnight
« on: Monday 27 April 20 06:58 BST (UK)  »
Hi Everyone,

I wonder if someone would be able to help me find who Jane McKnight is or any other info about her.

I have her on the 1841 census - Jane - age 63 yrs widow - an innkeeper -with her daughter Elizabeth McKnight b. about 1817 Whitehaven, Cumberland.

On the 1851 census, Jane - age 73 yrs is with Elizabeth who is now married to John Nicholson - a mariner - and 3 children. The census says Jane was born Lumplugh (?) Cumberland.

I can't seem to find a marriage record for Jane anywhere or if she had anymore children or who her parents were.

The only Jane I could find in Cumberland was "Jane Tallentire" but no marriage.

Seeing she was widowed by 1841, I looked for a McKnight who died between 1817 and 1841 and found an index to Lancashire Wills & Probate FindMyPast 19 Sep 1821 -  John McKnight, Spirit Merchant of St Bees, Whitehaven Cumberland.

St Bees Whitehaven is the area of the 1841 census.

There is no baptism record for Elizabeth that I could find to see who her father was or his occupation so the above is only assumption.

I would be so gratefully appreciative of any assistance offered. Elizabeth Nicholson's daughter Margaret Agnes b 1851 -1918 Whitehaven, Cumberland was the wife of my gt uncle John Taylor Wilson.

Thanking you so very much


Family History Beginners Board / Howard James Hemming
« on: Wednesday 01 January 20 06:05 GMT (UK)  »
Hi everyone,

I am trying to find a family connection for Howard James Hemming(s) b.Dec 1868, bapt 1 Jan 1869 Burford, Oxfordshire.

My 5xgt grandparents William Long (1737 Hanborough) and Ann Edgington had son Stephen (1781 Hanborough) m. Elizabeth Horn. Their son George Long (1810 Hanborough) m Charlotte Slatter Lay (her parents William Slatter Lay and Jane Archer (Jane of ?Burford).

On the 1881 census Hanborough, Charlotte is a widow and has Howard age 12yrs - nephew - living with her. On the GRO Index, his mother's maiden name was Bunting. The only Bunting I could find married to a Hemming/s was Mary Ann b.19 Mar 1834 Burford - parents James Bunting and Sarah Watts. Mary Ann died Feb 1870 (3A 530) and buried 24 Feb 1870 - age 36yrs in Burford.

She was married to William Hemming/s on 24 July 1867 at Fulbrook, Oxfordshire.

I found Howard on an 1871 census for Burford at No.9 Priory Lane - age 2yrs - a boarder - with a James Burden, wife Susan and their family.

I can't for the life of me find how Howard was a nephew of Charlotte Long nee Slatter Lay and am hoping someone may be able to help me sort this out or at least point me in the right direction, please. I've had a lot of trouble trying to find siblings for Charlotte so haven't bee able to cross match with those.

I would be really appreciative of any assistance whatsoever you may offer as I'm truly stuck.

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