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Family History Beginners Board / Is Jacques the same as James ?
« on: Thursday 15 March 18 11:30 GMT (UK)  »

I recently discovered that my ancestress Jeanne PARIS was the daughter of Jacques PARIS and Françoise RUFFIEUX (see here

What would be the English version of their names ? Jacob and Frances PARIS or James and Frances PARIS ?

Looking for the baptism record of Jane PARIS on Familysearch, I found this one

Jane Paris

England Births and Christenings, 1538-1975
baptism : 31 october 1751
father : James Paris
mother: Frances

There is also

Frances in 1747
Elisabeth in 1749
John in 1754

The three of them are children of a James PARIS and his wife Frances. Not sure it's one single family yet.

What do you think ?


United States of America / MECUM - ambrotype - Springfield - Massachusetts
« on: Saturday 18 November 17 20:00 GMT (UK)  »

Do you know if ambrotypes were still taken around 1885 in America ?

I saw one for sale on Ebay. According to a note, it's a picture of Frank A. MECUM, member of Knights of Pythias, father of Howard G. MECUM and grandfather of Willard MECUM, Stringfield MA. I don't know if I can add the link here. Remove it if it's against the rules.

I wonder if the identification is correct.

I find the grave of Howard GEER MECUM (1892-1971) in Springfield.

He is indeed the father of a Willard MECUM.

In 1891, Frank A. MECUM married Alice L. GEER, daughter of Willard GEER.

In the 1910 census, they are listed with their son Howard, 17 years old, at Willard GEER's.

Frank A. MECUM was born circa 1860 (he is a son of Joseph MECUM and his wife Julia. They got married in 1854 the family in the 1880 census

I am a bit surprise. I was more expecting a man born around 1840's because I thought that photographs stopped taking ambrotypes circa 1870. Yet, I am no specialist in the subject at all.

I am not related neither to the MECUMS, nor to the seller.

Other Countries / Signature in Chinese - French West Indies - 1863
« on: Sunday 27 August 17 15:45 BST (UK)  »

Who is able to read this signature in Chinese in a 1863 record ?

Thank you


Other Countries / Helen McLellan - West Indies
« on: Tuesday 22 August 17 20:41 BST (UK)  »

For a friend, I am looking for his ancestress Helen MC LELLAN or MCLELLAN.

Helen MC LELLAN was a sister of Thomas MC LELLAN (he  was born around 1860). They were of British descent but the family settled in Trinidad, they lived in Port of Spain.
Helen MC LELLAN got married in Port of Spain in August 1875 to Cox Pearson CHAMBERS, born in Saint-Christopher (Saint-Kitts), son of a clergyman. He arrived to Trinidad in 1872 after his studies in the UK.
They got two children before 1878 : a boy in San Fernando in 1876 and a girl, Cecil, in 1877.
Helen CHAMBERS, née MCLELLAN, got an affair with a Frenchman, Henry DIDIER, a native of Martinique and they had a child, Georges Henri DIDIER, born in Port of Spain in 1881. The child grew up in Martinique with his father (even if Cox Person CHAMBERS divorced his wife in 1880 after a trial Henry DIDIER married a French woman in 1884.

Cox Pearson CHAMBERS worked in Demerara  (Guyana) in 1878. He was born in 1852 in Saint-Kitts and died on May 9th 1895 in Saint-John (Antigua).

Helen MCLELLAN was born circa 1856 and was a daughter of "J. G. MC LENNAN, Esq., of Leonora Estate, British Guiana" according to a newspaper article.

Europe Resources & Offers / British subjects in France
« on: Sunday 13 August 17 17:51 BST (UK)  »

I don't know if I am in the right place and if it's even useful. I would like to list the British subjects I find in France during my own queries.

For example, today, I found the

birth record of Elisabeth Victoria EDWARDS, born on December 8th 1840 in Chantilly (Oise), daughter of George EDWARDS (piqueur au service de son altesse royale monseigneur le duc d'Orléans, domicilié à Chantilly bâtiment des Grandes écuries) and Elisabeth ARNULL EDWARDS his wife. One of the witnesses is Edgar PAVIS, 27 years old, jockey au service du duc d'Orléans, a friend.

death record of Wiliam Chichester EDWARDS in Pléneuf-Val-André (Côtes d'Armor), dead on August 22th 1826. He was 38 years old, lieutenant de vaisseau de la marine britannique. Parents William EDWARDS and Elisabeth CHICHESTER. He is a native of Bonristaple province du Devonshire. I honestly can't read the name of his birthplace. I guess it's Barnstaple.

birth record of William Charles Louis EDWARDS in Boulogne-sur-Mer (Pas-de-Calais) on June 7th 1843 (born the day before), son of William George EDWARDS, 36 years old, rentier, and Marie Clara MALCOLM, 38 years old, his wife.

birth record of Amelia EDWARDS in Guingamp (Côtes d'Armor) on November 16th 1861 (born the day before), daughter of James EDWARDS, 40 years old, propriétaire, and Rebecca Elizabeth GLIDDON, 39 years old, propriétaire

death record of Clements Georges EDWARD(S) in Lamballe (Côtes d'Armor) on June 7th 1858. Born in Jersey, single, rentier. He was 61 years old.

birth record of Elle Victoria DODD in Lamorlaye (Oise), on May 25th 1899 (born the day before), daughter of James Théodore DODD, 29 years old, jockey, and Loïs FLATMAN, 26 years old, sans profession. Witnesses George WITCHERLEY, 44, jockey, and Jean COOKE, 30, jockey.
The next record is the death record of Albert William JONES, son of George Albert JONES, 26, palfrenier, and Eugénie Alphonsine Charlotte LETELLIER

Marriage record In Lamorlaye (Oise) on April 26th 1898. George Albert JONES and Eugénie Alphonsine Charlotte LETELLIER. Born in Kinsnigton Town, arrondissement de Londres, son of William JONES and Sarah JONES.

Ireland / Is Sikin/Shikin a Gaelic name ?
« on: Thursday 10 August 17 12:55 BST (UK)  »

I am French. Three of my four grandparents are from Brittany. My great-grandmother's family name is SINQUIN according to the French records but in the local language (Breton), it's SIKIN or SHIKIN (with a hiss). My great-great-grandfather was known as Yann S(H)IKIN (Jean SINQUIN in French) When I started building my family, I was told that his family came from Ireland. So I was expecting to find an Irish ancestor but it appeared that all his forebears were born in Brittany.  Even if an old man told me once that the first one of the family came from Ireland more than 500 years ago, I dismissed the lore as a fairy tell until I found the name in a book. It mentioned two emigrants from Ireland to America whose family name was SHIKIN.

On familysearch, I also find SIKINS (and other variations of the name) from Ireland

What does this family name mean ? Is it a Gaelic name or is it English ?

Because Ireland and Brittany are two Celtic nations, would it be possible that the same family name arose in two different places ?

What do you think ?



I am French and I am looking for the family of my ancestress Jane PARIS. She was born circa 1750. She passed away in 1814 in a tiny village called Chalvraines (Haute-Marne, France) where her husband bought a property during the French Revolution. Unfortunately, her death record doesn't mention nor her birthplace, neither the names of her parents. Her husband, Jean Louis LEFEBURE, died in the same village in 1830.
He was born in 1749 in Triel-sur-Seine (Yvelines, France) and was a twin son of Jean Baptiste LEFEBURE (1706-1758), a merchant born in Rouen, and Louise Elisabeth DELEVEMONT (Triel 1712 - Triel 1792).
His family is very Catholic and a brother of Louise Elisabeth DELEVEMONT, Jean Nicolas DELEVEMONT (1709-1761) was a priest. Their father, Jean Nicolas DELEVEMONT (1682-1763) was a royal officer and their grandfathers Jean DELEVEMONT (1651-1709) and Marin TREHEUX served the royal family. Marin TREHEUX was a valet of the Queen and after her death in 1683 he became a valet of King Louis XIV.
Before the French Revolution Jean Louis LEFEBURE and Jeanne PARIS used to live in Paris. The records of Paris are almost all lost because of The Commune of Paris in 1871. Around 1774, they got a daughter Françoise Louise Jeanne LEFEBURE.
In 1771, they had a son, Jean Louis Nicolas LEFEBURE, baptized (Catholic faith) in Triel-sur-Seine.
Jean Louis LEFEBURE was a goldsmith and a jeweler.
In a will, his aunt  Marie Louise Elisabeth DELEVEMONT mentions his wife as her English niece and as a matter of fact they got married in London (Saint-Anne Soho, Westminster) in 1769. 
John Lewis LEFEBURE and Jane PARIS both of this parish were married in this Church by Banns the 18th day of July 1769
Witnesses : Margrit COPPIN et John ELCOCK.
Her signature is Jane PARIS.
It seems that she was a Protestant.
That's all I know about her. It's a brick wall.


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