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Australia / LOCKYER - Alfred Easter (Gray) - William CUMMINGS
« on: Friday 27 November 20 10:59 GMT (UK)  »
Just tracing a line in my husband's tree and looking for any info on family of Alfred Easter Lockyer (d 9 March 1970, age 63 years).  Mother was Ada Jane Gray, father "unknown" but took the name from Henry Thomas Lockyer.  At time of death, had 5 living children, Warwick Alfred, Gerald James, Arleen Ellen, Lawson Gordon and Francis Bernard.  Was married to Emily May Webber, and appears to have two deceased children, Ralph and Bertram.

I have a newspaper clip of a tragic shooting incident, from when he was in Stannery Hills with his mother (Ada) and Thomas Healy, and I know his mother re-married William Cummings and was living in Innisfail.  Alfred was born in Longreach and died in Rockhampton.

Would love to find out if anyone has any further information.
Thanks :)

Australia / Ada Gray - parramatta girls home
« on: Monday 15 June 20 10:50 BST (UK)  »

I had a copy of a page from I believe a parramatta girls home which had Ada Gray as being committed in 1917, but I have lost the page or link.

Can someone please look this one up for me, She may have been known as Ada Gertrude Gray and born in 22nd April 1903.  Her parents were Walter Gray and Florence Briar.  Anything on this home or the previous home or her details on her committal.  I also believe she married around 1921 (that's when she left the home).

There was a page from the book that stated she was an "uncontrollable half-caste aboriginal, absconded from home at Cootamundra.

Thanks for your help. :)

I am also looking for any of her siblings details that I Haven't already got.  They may have been born in NSW or Qld.  I have attached a list of them and what details I already have.  I can't find any birth certificates for any of them - but have gone by death certificates to get most of their approximate dates of birth.

Thanks in advance.

World War One / World War I - Henry Thomas Lockyer.
« on: Sunday 07 June 20 05:31 BST (UK)  »
I have the attached picture which I have been told was Henry Thomas Lockyer, but I don't believe it is.  I have been unable to find any service records for him (he was born in 1882) but have found two of his brother's records - Albert Edward Lockyer and Francis George Lockyer, both from WWI.
Also his son's Henry Gordon Lawson Lockyer from WWII.  I believe this might be a photo of one of his brother's and his sister.

Just a few questions please; 

Is this an Australian WWI uniform?
Do the archives have photos of servicemen so I could match up who this is?
Can anyone find any Australian war record of Henry Thomas Lockyer?

Thanks in advance. :)


Australia / Johanna Stanley - John William Gray - Aboriginal NSW?
« on: Sunday 31 May 20 08:00 BST (UK)  »
I think I've hit the end of my family journey.  I have been unsuccessful in finding more on the one family line that I wanted to find out about.

I have been trying to find Ada Jane Gray's (b 1887 Dubbo, d. 1945 Innisfail) parents lines.  I have found quite a few brothers and sisters of Ada as well as her marriages and other children and partners, but nothing on her parents.  I have a death certificate for Johanna Stanley which states she was born "Near Gray River, New Zealand", but we assume that may be another fib as I cannot find anything for her in NZ.

Johanna Stanley b. abt 1860, died 24 Jun 1898 Qld, parents John Stanley and Mary Raymond
John William Gray, m. 1876 wellington, nsw (no proof of this though, just what was written on a death certificate.

We assume that both were of Aboriginal descent as we have found a brother and a niece of Ada Jane Gray who were "Native" and "uncontrollable Aboriginal".  It also appears that Ada (although stating born in Dubbo in her first marriage) has stated in her later second marriage that she was from "Mexico".

I believe that John Gray (Ada's father) was perhaps living at Apsley Mission in NSW (Black's camp) as when he buried a son in Dubbo in 1886, the witness to that burial was a person who is named at that camp - Charles Campbell.  There was also a John Stanley at that camp at one stage.

I have looked through the AITSIS data and cannot find anything either.

Does anyone have any idea on where else I can search for this difficult line?


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / German or Polish marriage
« on: Wednesday 27 May 20 09:56 BST (UK)  »
Hi, I know this is the marriage of Daniel Bogs and Henryka/Henrietta Gerth, my great,great grandparents, but just wanting to find out if anyone can decipher the names of the parents of each

I believe part could be born (geb) spiekermann for the mother of Gerth, but I can't get the rest of the names.

The record below does not appear to be very correct.

Thanks in advance. :) :)

Name:    Daniel Bogs
Gender:    männlich (Male)
Marriage Age:    33
Event Type:    Heirat (Marriage)
Birth Date:    abt 1838
Marriage Date:    16 Mai 1871 (16 May 1871)
Marriage Place:    Gr Neudorf, Deutschland (Germany)
Father:    Jakob Bogs
Mother:    Anna Bogs
Spouse:    Daniel Brgs
Parish as it Appears:    Gross-Neudorf
Page Number:    73
Author:    Evangelische Kirche Gro¤ Neudorf (Kr. Bromberg)
City or District:    Bydgoszcz u Nowawies Wielka

Name:    Daniel Brgs
[Daniel Bogs]
Gender:    weiblich (Female)
Marriage Age:    20
Event Type:    Heirat (Marriage)
Birth Date:    abt 1851
Marriage Date:    16 Mai 1871 (16 May 1871)
Marriage Place:    Gr Neudorf, Deutschland (Germany)
Father:    Michael Brgs
Mother:    Friederike Brgs
Spouse:    Daniel Bogs
Parish as it Appears:    Gross-Neudorf
Page Number:    73
Author:    Evangelische Kirche Gro¤ Neudorf (Kr. Bromberg)
City or District:    Bydgoszcz u Nowawies Wielka
FHL Film Number:    245476

Trying to trace my grandfather's tree from Russia.  I believe the spelling of his name has probably changed from how it was spelt in Russian, he was a displaced person after the war.

He came from a town near the White Sea and the finish border called Archangels (arkangelsk), his father was a hunter for furs and he was one of five brothers, his grandparents also lived in the village.  He was drafted at 18 and then captured and taken prisoner.  His mother was pregnant when he was drafted.  he was born 30th December 1922.

I have never been able to find anything on him or his family, he never contacted his family after the war for fear of reprisal by the army for him not returning to Russia.

I would love to find some more about his family.

Any help appreciated.



Trying to trace my husband's great grandmother - Ada Jane Gray.  We have a father for her of John William Gray (labourer) and a mother of Johanna Stanley, but that is all the details that I have.  I can't find a birth certificate nor a death certificate - just a marriage in Qld.

It is believed that there is Aboriginal heritage in this line, but not sure where, but believed that Ada was Aboriginal.  My husband's grandfather had very Aboriginal traits and his father immigrated from London.

The information I have is:
Ada Jane Gray, born in Dubbo around 1887 (22 at age of marriage in 1909)
Married in Qld 1909 (day after son was born) (marriage dissolved 1929 at Rockhampton - 2 children from marriage both in orphanage)
She was a domestic servant
Father of her child was a Labourer (roustabout) at Longreach - Henry (Harry) Thomas Lockyer
Her mother and father were Johanna Stanley and John William Gray (Labourer) according to the marriage extract.

I have found some chats about a Gray family that lived at Obley that has some similar names (maybe a coincidence) and an Aboriginal background.

There was also a Stanley family that lived in an Aborigine camp according to 1903 poll.

Any leads gratefully accepted. :)


Ireland / William Mackey / Sarah Hednety
« on: Thursday 07 September 17 10:00 BST (UK)  »

I am trying to trace the Irish section of my husband's family tree but only have the information from a birth certificate, death certificate and a marriage certificate in Australia and what other relatives have found out.

The story so far:  James (born abt. 1860) and David (born abt. 1862) in Dundrum, Tipperary Ireland, came to Australia on the "Waroonga" on 5th June 1883 - arriving Brisbane, Queensland.

Their parents were William Mackey and Sarah Hednety.

Here's where it gets a bit strange and nobody here knows why - James married Selina Harriet Edwards in 1884 in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (according to official marriage certificate), but a son of Selina born in 1888 was named David and the father's name on that birth certificate was David Mackey (born abt. 1862).

I have a death certificate for James Mackey but he didn't die until 1943 in Queensland, Australia.

Selina Mackey remarried in 1912 to Francis Czerney but had several children to him prior to marriage between 1891 and 1906.

Anyway, I was hoping someone might be able to point me in the right direction to find the Irish ancestors of James and David. 

Not sure if the spelling is correct, also cannot find what county I should be looking in as the info here states Dundrum, Tipperary, Ireland.

I have looked over a few church records in that area, but have had no luck so far.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks  :)
Deb Lockyer

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