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Lancashire / Frances Mary Blundell - where is she?
« on: Monday 05 April 21 02:25 BST (UK)  »
Hi there, I am hoping for some assistance in tracking Frances Mary Blundell. I can no longer see the wood for the trees! Here is what I have thus far:
Frances Mary Blundell, daughter of Sarah Blundell (nee Cooper) and William Blundell - DOB 25/1/1852 - Kirkdale, Lancashire.
1861 census - at home with Mum and Dad;1871 census - at home with Mum who is now a widow, both laundresses.
This is where I start to go down a rabbit hole:
1881 census - the only one I can find that seems to match is for a Mary F Rimmer (married) who is a boarder along with a Sarah C Blundell (widow and charwoman). Mary has a child Sarah E. The details for Sarah (apart from the 'c') match. Is Mary F actually my Frances Mary?
I have searched for a marriage for Frances Mary to a Rimmer with no joy. I have searched GRO and can find Sarah Elizabeth as a birth for a Rimmer with mother's maiden name Blundell.
Moving to 1891 census - again I can find a Mary Rimmer (now widowed and Mum has died by this stage) with 3 children - William, Sarah and Peter. All can be found on GRO as Rimmer with mother's maiden name Blundell. No idea where William was in the 1881 census.
I have also found a death record for a Frances Mary Rimmer in 1892.
From 1881 on, have I actually found my Frances Mary Blundell? Did she in fact marry a Rimmer and if so, who was he and why can't I find a marriage record? (I have looked for a previous marriage to see if she married under another name but no joy there either). If this isn't my Frances Mary, where did she go? (I also can't find a death entry for her under this name).
All thoughts and ideas gratefully received! :) TIA

Cheshire / Mousedales and any variation thereof!
« on: Thursday 30 July 20 08:11 BST (UK)  »
Anyone researching Mousedales from around Frodsham? I'm particularly interested in John Mousedale (DOB c. 1751) and his children. I have a potential marriage to Mary Percivall.
TIA :)

Lancashire / Vagrant Passes - from Liverpool to Ireland
« on: Sunday 28 June 20 02:46 BST (UK)  »
I have found a couple of entries in the record set 'Lancashire, England, Vagrant Passes, 1801-1835' (accessed through Ancestry) that are of interest to me (potential multiple great-grandie). I've read the record set description and have some additional questions.

Were there conditions associated with the vagrant pass i.e. once sent back to Ireland, could a person and their family return to Liverpool and would they need to meet certain criteria?

Could a person and their family be sent back to Ireland twice? I have found two records that may refer to the same Michael Hannon - 1827 and 1832. Would this incur additional penalties?

If the person and their family were not permitted/encouraged to return to Liverpool might they come via the backdoor? In this case, through Wales? Michael's daughter Jane says in two census' that she is from Bangor, Wales. While there may lots of explanations for this, I did wonder if this could fit a furtive return.

The 1827 record notes Michael had a wife and child but only 1 "passed" while the 1832 record shows a wife and two children and 4 were "passed". Does "passed" refer to actual traveller numbers or something else completely? Were the names of wives/children listed elsewhere (I can't see them near Michael's name)? If wives/children could be left behind, under what circumstances might this occur given that, presumably, the breadwinner was being removed?

For context. I believe my Michael Hannon may have died in Liverpool. His daughter certainly lived, married and died in Lancashire (Sankey and then Liverpool).

Appreciate any help. TIA.

Kent / Best contender for marriage to William Paine of Ringwould late 1600s
« on: Tuesday 16 June 20 07:39 BST (UK)  »
Help please in deciding the best contender for marriage to William Paine of Ringwould in the late 1600s. I have William marrying a Katherine Castle on 2 April 1686 in Ripple. Interestingly the marriage for Ripple also seems to have happened at Westbere which I find curious - any thoughts on why there would be two distinct entries for the same couple on the same date?
While William was probably about 23 when he married (estimated from a baptismal date of August 1663), the Katherine I currently have (a Ringwould contender) was a tender 13 (baptismal date 1673). I have read that the age of consent in the 1600s was 12 for a girl but that it was rare for young marriages to occur.

So in a quest for other Katherine Castles I have come up with two others who lived within the greater region of Ringwould:
Catherin Castle - Lydden who would have been about 15 at marriage
Katherine Castle - Folkestone who would have been about 20 at marriage.

There are other Katherine/Catherine Castles but as they were a bit further afield in Kent I've eliminated them. Should they be included?

If I look at possible children for William and apply naming conventions (appreciate that is only a general guide), then Katherine from Ringwould and Catherin from Lydden are the stronger possibilities.

Is the Westbere entry a key here? What else should I be considering? What are the flaws in my thinking? Appreciate your help. TIA

I'm currently hypothesising that my 11th great grandmother is one Jane Wooer who married John Castle on 3 October 1584 in Nonington. Ancestry has suggested that her father may be a Richard Ower of Eastry and her mother Elizabeth Boys, sister of a knight Sir John Boys and daughter of William Boys Esq. from Fredville (and Fredville Manor near Nonington). A grave inscription in Canterbury confirms Richard had a daughter Jane as well as another daughter Christian for whom I found a separate record with the surname Wooar.
I have a couple of questions:

Is it reasonable to consider the surname Ower as a version of Wooer or even Wooar?

While I have no idea of the occupation of Jane's husband (John Castle) or his societal standing, I have no reason to believe he was of Jane's (hypothesised) class (or perhaps I should say, to date, my ancestors have been farmers, etc, never of the upper echelons of society). Would it be unusual for a gentleman's daughter to marry say a farmer or is it plausible if a certain set of circumstances exist?

I probably have lots of other questions that haven't quite formulated yet so any observations or theories will be gratefully received. TIA

Kent / Why get married in Canterbury when you live in Northbourne?
« on: Sunday 24 May 20 02:52 BST (UK)  »
I was wondering why my 6xgreat grandparents got married at St Marys Northgate, Canterbury when they lived in Northbourne (presumably St Augustines was there then and other churches on the way to Canterbury?) Their marriage took place in 1749. Any thoughts appreciated :) TIA

Kent / How to use CityArk?
« on: Sunday 17 May 20 23:43 BST (UK)  »
I'm going to confess that I simply don't know how to use CityArk. I can get down to a certain level and then don't know if I should be expecting a file to open to reveal all its wonderful contents or whether I am meant to request that file or download it from the option in the left hand menu.

For example, yesterday I went to Chatham, St Mary Parish Records - Charity and School series P85/25 1823-1939 - Minutes of the Trustees file P85/25/2 1852-1886. This last file comes up in red and has a 'document' icon which led me to believe I could click on it and access the Minutes. Nothing happened. I tried 'download' in the left hand menu bar and got an error message. I then tried various other documents from a couple of other collections using the download option and got pages headed up by a description but no content.
I also found that the system was sluggish and wondered if I wasn't waiting long enough or if there was a broader issue.

I note that not all catalogues are available online so perhaps I just picked those that aren't? I'm also in Australia and wondered if that was the issue? And of course I'm fully open to the fact that its the operator not the collections ;)

Any advice would be gratefully received as a lot of my research is centred on the Medway area. TIA :)

Lancashire / Little Crosby church records
« on: Friday 01 May 20 07:42 BST (UK)  »
I was wondering if anyone has either a link to or copies of the church records from Little Crosby that used to be on the 'sunnyfields' site (prepared by Anna Tumilty I think)? I am particularly interested in the 'marriages' and 'burials' that I think were part of the collection.
TIA :)

Lancashire / Looking for Frances Mary Blundell born 1852
« on: Wednesday 27 November 19 21:28 GMT (UK)  »
I'm looking for information on my third great-aunt Frances Mary Blundell. Born in Kirkdale in 1852 to Sarah (nee Cooper) and William Blundell and baptised in the same year. I have her in Litherland (census) in 1861 and 1871. I haven't been able to find a marriage or a death. I believe she had a sister Susannah Blundell who died in infancy and a number of half siblings from William's first marriage. TIA.

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