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The Common Room / Benjamin Ellis & Jane Vittoria Curtis
« on: Saturday 03 April 21 11:33 BST (UK)  »
Can anyone find any info on this couple please.

All I have on them is their marriage on 31 July 1831 at St George The Martyr Southwalk. I then know that they had the following children:

Maria (1832)
John (1834)
Emma (1837)
Benjamin (1840)
Sarah Ann (1842)

And I have them in 1841 living in Wakefield. Both Benjamin & Jane have a dob as abt 1811 and both were not born in county. Benjamin is a Bookkeeper.

In 1851 the children are living alone with no parents. I can't find any other info on Benjamin or Jane.

Any help would be appreciated please.

The Common Room / William Flower & Hannah Strange
« on: Monday 19 October 20 12:16 BST (UK)  »
I am trying - and failing - to find more info on these two people. They're 4x great grandparents.

Here's what I have on them:

born 1827, baptised 22 Jul 1827 in Nottingham
I have info on his parents.
1851 census a Carrier, pob Hyson Green, Nottinghamshire, living in Aspley Lane, Basford.

I have no other info on him that I'm after.

born 1828, baptised 25 May 1828 in Crich, Derbyshire
I have the 1841 census with her parents and the 1851 census with William which is the same as above.
1861 census she's with her parents living in Belpher with her parents and two children and is stated as married and a mill hand. The surname is spelt Flours.

They had two children that I can find:
William Flowers born 1851 in Basford. His surname was registered as Flower at birth. I have him up 'til they travel to USA in the 1880s then I lose him too.

Mary Ann Flowers born 1855 in Belpher.
I have all info on her. This is my line.

I am after info on the 1841 and any other census for William. And also his death and any other info on him.

I would like to find any more info on Hannah after the 1861 census. Remarriage and/or death info and other census info.

If that's possible please.

The Common Room / Bether Hunt - what happened to her?
« on: Wednesday 10 June 20 22:22 BST (UK)  »
My x3 great grandma had quite a few children, firstly with her husband and then with another man who she lived with for over 20 years until her death. I have quite a lot of info on all the family but her past child is a mystery. She appears on the 1911 census and that is it. I can't find a BMD or baptism either and she's never mentioned again.

Her name was Bether (as spelt on the census) Hunt and she was born in 1906 in Leeds and is living in Hunslet in 1911 with her parents Annie Hunt and a lodger (the partner of Annie and father of half a dozen of her children) Frank/Francis Bennett.

Could anyone find anything at all about Bether (I'm assuming Bertha) Hunt please?

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Help identifying a photo
« on: Tuesday 12 May 20 18:03 BST (UK)  »
I thought it was the 50s too. Thank you for the help. Maybe another relative can point out the relative it is when I send it to them.

Instead of started a new thread, would it be possible to identify this photo too please?

Armed Forces / Help identifying a photo
« on: Tuesday 12 May 20 17:16 BST (UK)  »
Would any body be able to give me any info at all on this photo please? I have no idea who anybody is in this photo.

Thank you.

The Common Room / Sharing ancestors with...yourself
« on: Monday 13 April 20 15:45 BST (UK)  »
I share my family tree on Amcestry with my grandma's cousin and I was sorting out trying to find the maiden name of my 5x great grandma as she had been married before marry my 5x great granddad (my grandma's cousin's 3x great grandparents) and I found it only to discover I also had a person in another tree on my account with the same name and details. The tree was my grandma's cousin's tree.

I've researched it a lot to double check and it's correct that my 5x and my grandmas cousin's 3x great grandma is related to him on both sides of his parents and she gave birth to 2 of his 4x great grandparents.

Has anyone heard this happen before?

Canada / Finding a birth help please - 1941
« on: Sunday 16 February 20 17:09 GMT (UK)  »

In the above thread we're trying to find a birth for the little girl in the photo. A death for a husband of who we think could be the Suzanna Mary Ida in the photo I have in Canada and I am hoping we could find a birth to show where she was born. Then it'll be a struggle to find out how it ended up in my great grandma's photo collection.

Thanks for any help I receive.

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / A photo from 1941
« on: Sunday 16 February 20 09:33 GMT (UK)  »
I have a photo of a baby and it has her full name and dob on it but I can't find a corresponding birth reg for her. I am  not 100% on her middle and surname but I am  not sure if I'm allowed for post the photo's rear in case the person is still alive. Does anyone know if I could post the surname to get a second opinion?

The Common Room / 'an excommunicate person'
« on: Saturday 18 January 20 14:00 GMT (UK)  »
MY 7x great grandma had at least 3 children after her husband died in the 1750s. On the final baptism and burial of the children she is listed as an excommunicate person. I know to excommunicate someone is to banish them but what would this have meant to my 7x great-grandma at the time? Was she not allowed to go to church? And what about the impact it'd have on her children?

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