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Warwickshire Lookup Requests / Look up request please 1775 Saint Michael,Coventry
« on: Tuesday 08 December 20 23:25 GMT (UK)  »

I wondered if anyone might have access to the images of the parish register for marriages please?
I am looking for the marriage of Arnold Hope and Ann Cox on the 16 Oct 1775 at Saint Michael's, Coventry.
I am hoping that I might be able to find information about the parishes they came from (I am hoping that Arnold came from Chastleton or Swalcliffe in Oxon on the Warwickshire border.

Best wishes Emma

Staffordshire / Benjamin Biddulph/Biddle 1665 bap Hanbury - please can anyone help?
« on: Saturday 26 September 20 16:46 BST (UK)  »

I hope that my post finds you well?

I am struggling with my 8 x great grandfather and wondered if anyone has encountered the below problems before and whether you might be willing to share some of your tips for getting around them please? I currently use Ancestry and FindMyPast but wondered if there might be other places to look for specific information?

Whether baptised at Colwich or Hanbury my ancestors state their abode as Morton (now known as Moreton I think) a tiny collection of houses in Staffordshire between Colwich and Hanbury on old OS maps. They use the names Biddle and Biddulph interchangably but mainly revert to Biddulph for burials suggesting Biddle may have been an alias or nickname.

When looking for a possible baptism for Benjamin to investigate further I found one at Hanbury - Son of Richardi baptised as Biddle in 1665. Benjamin married Maria/Mary Biddulph at Lichfield Cathedral under license 1700 which says they are both of Hanbury, on page 2 it says he was a husbandman aged 33 and she was a spinster age 23 and other things in latin which I can't read. The age and abode of this Benjamin tallies with the baptism. I am not sure how related Benjamin and Mary/Maria were. They raised their family in Morton and bapisted their Biddulph children in Hanbury. One of their children was William Biddle/Biddulph (my 7 x great grandfather) and he moved to Colwich but on his children's baptisms the abode remained Morton.

I am trying to piece together the family relationships of the Biddle/Biddulphs of Morton using wills to try and get back further. I am trying to find out if 'my' Benjamin was indeed the son of Richard and whether this Richard could be the son or brother of Humphery Biddulph.
Humphery was married to Grace and his will mentions sons called Richard and Benjamin. Maybe 'my' Benjamin was actually the son of Humphery?? Humphery's 1700 will also shows he owned land and property including a road, Biddulph's lane and also property in Marchington.

Searching find my past there are a few images of Biddulph wills that can be read and some images are just indexes.

I would really like to read these will to piece things together but FindMyPast only has images of the indexes:

Grace Biddulph's (nee Clark) will of 1703
Richard Biddle's will of 1695, I think this could be a key one as he could be Benjamin's father.

I would also like to find Humphery and his children's baptisms but can't find them anywhere, please could someone suggest alternative place to look as I am a bit lost?

It might be that the family were secret Roman Catholics hence the lack of baptism records for the earlier generations as William had a son called Thomas Biddle/Biddulph 1747 and he had a daughter  Catherine Biddulph 1781 who's daughter Ellen Ball married Joseph Moss 1841 Abbots Bromley. Joseph's mother was called Elizabeth Beck and she was confirmed in 1807 at St. Francis Of Sales, Hoar Cross Yoxall (Roman Catholic chapel). This was built 1794 after the 1791 relief act but prior to this I think there was a mission house and previous baptisms were probably recorded by the priest and the records lost to time. There were many Biddulphs in and around Yoxall over time and some were Roman Catholic land owners who had to record their lands.

If the image of a will is not on FindMyPast is that usually because it has been lost to time or just not photographed yet or is there anywhere else anyone can suggest to look please?

Does anyone know where might be the best place to look for Roman Catholic registers for this area/time period please? I know some are on FindMyPast but I can't find any relevant ones.

Maybe the Hanbury parish registers for up to about 1665 haven't been fully transcribed yet?

Thank you so much for reading through all of this. I would greatly appreciate your help in breaking down this brickwall as it is almost as if some of the people mentioned didn't exist and if it wasn't for the wills I would never have heard of them!

Best wishes, Emma


I was wondering if anone might be able to help me please?
I have looked for the marriage of my ancesters William Kingstone and Mary Robotham on FindMyPast, Ancestry and FreeReg and have been able to find the register entry. They married 15.07.1758 St Mary's, Stafford, Staffordshire, England. The register says they were married by license, many other people's licenses are availiable to read on FindMyPast but theirs isn't on there. Does anyone know where else I might be able to look please or is it likely that it doesn't exist as it is not on FindMyPast when others are?

Many thanks and best wishes, Emma

Staffordshire Lookup Requests / Mary Harvey 1781 Acton Trussell
« on: Saturday 22 August 20 00:48 BST (UK)  »

I wondered if anyone might have access to the parish registers for Acton Trussell and if so whether you might be able to look up the baptism of my 5 x great grandmother please? Her name was Mary Harvey and I would really like to breakdown the brick wall and find her parents.
She married Richard Haywood 1804 in Stafford.

In 1841 she is living in Little Bridgeford, Seighford with her husband and daughters Catherine and Mira (and a 1 year old that I can't place called Tilsedale) - b1781
In 1851 she is still there, with her husband and grandchildren via their daughter Catherine, she says she was born in Acton Trussell 1781
In 1861 she is widowed and living with her son Thomas in Stafford, again b 1781 at Acton Trussell.

I have searched Ancestry, Find My Past and family search and in all cases it looks like baptisms were recorded from 1783 but perhaps they haven't yet transcribed the earlier ones.

Many thanks for reading this.

Best wishes,

Staffordshire / Merridale Cemetary
« on: Monday 03 August 20 14:45 BST (UK)  »

I hope this finds you all well?
I am just posting on the off chance that there might be the remote chance that anyone might have taken a photo of the headstone of Isaac Moyers/Myers died Wolverhampton workhouse 1905 Grave 7026, Reg. No. G4/13239 and if so whether ou would mind sharing it with me please?
I have been in touch with the local council and the berevement services as they will sometimes do this for ou but understandabl the record office and the grave photographing service is not running at the moment or for the forseable future.

Best wishes, Emma

I was wondering if anyone might be able to help with making out the name of the person present at my 3 x great grandmother's death please as I am trying to make out if they were a member of staff at the infirmary, a potential friend (or even better the name of the father of Fanny's illegitimate daughter Sarah.

In 1861 Fanny can be found working as a domestic servant in Norton. In 1863 she has a daughter Sarah Whittingham, the father is not named on the birth certificate. On 21st July 1864 she dies of Typus Fever at Stafford Infirmary.

Sarah is born in a house where Fanny's sister Anne can be found in Brewood in 1861 but Sarah is a border in 1871 in Brewood staying with the White family and visiting is the illegitimate daughter of Fanny's sister Eliza called Sarah Ann (a nurse). In both cases Whittingham is mistranscribed as Whittington.  In 1884 Sarah marries Joseph Haywood in Cannock.

I know quite alot about Sarah after 1871 (and my mum met her when mum was a little girl!) but I don't know who her father was and hoped Fanny's death certificate might shed some light on this.

If anyone can make out the name I would be very grateful, it looks like either Mr Jedstall, M Jedstall, Mr J Edstall but I am not sure, the J could be a T!

Best wishes, Emma

England / Bevis Marks Records II and V - Look up request please
« on: Tuesday 19 May 20 22:37 BST (UK)  »
Hello there,

I wondered if anyone might have a copy of these volumes and if so whether you might be able to look up the birth of an Isaac Myers/Moyers born 1829+/- 2 years in Middlesex please?
I am trying to find out who his parents may have been.

Thanks for reading my post.

Best wishes, Emma

Derbyshire Lookup Requests / Simeon/Simion,Simieon Goodwin Staveley 1787
« on: Friday 13 March 20 16:39 GMT (UK)  »

I wondered whether anyone might be able to help me please?

I have Simeon's marriage to Sarah Barlow in 1814 and the 1841 and 1851 census records and the baptisms of their children but what I don't have is Simeon's baptism.

Is there an online site that has Staveley's parish record images please for this time frame (select baptisms don't have him listed but I prefer to look at actual registers as I have found loads of people that were not transcribed for the usual websites)?? I have read the marriage register and have found other Goodwin marriages which are not recorded on Ancestry or Find My Past.

The most intreguing marriage being Thomas Goodwin of Eckington and Elizabeth Shipstone (?) of Staveley at St John's 1787. It is intreguing as according Simeon's death registration he was born c1787.

In 1841 his birth year is estimated at 1796 and in 1851 it is around 1787 just like his death record.

If anyone can help I would be hugely grateful as I need to get through this brick wall!!

Best wishes,


I wondered if anyone might be able to help me please? I am looking for the marriages and or banns of ELizabeth Palmer and her mother Mary Palmer as I would like to know if they were widows and who the witnesses might be.
I can find the civil registration for ELizabeth's but can't find anything for Mary. I have looked on Ancestry, FindMyPast and FreeREG. Ideally I want to be able to view images of the parish register but can't find it online anywhere!

Elizabeth Palmer married Henry Plackett in 1840
Mary Palmer married William Jessop in 1833 (hence no civil registration).

Mary had Elizabeth before she got married or perhaps Elizabeth's father died hence Mary marrying again so I am not sure who Elizabeth's father is. If Mary married as a spinster then Elizabeth is likely illegitimate and the likelyhood of finding her father is slim. If she married William Jessop as a widow then it will be easier to determine Elizabeth father.
I can not find a baptism of Elizabeth Palmer daughter of Mary Palmer as this may also have given me a clue.

Elizabeth married Henry Plackett after having George Palmer (my ancestor) and Mary Ann Palmer. I can not find baptisms for either. I suspect Henry Plackett is the father of these 2.

I am trying to find if there were any hearings by the poor Law to determine the fathers of George and his mother ELizabeth as written evidence but I don't think there is anything like that in Nottingham.

It is like none of them exist in the Parish registers but I have found all of them in the census records.

If you can help I would be really grateful.

Best wishes,

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