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The Common Room / Brickwall on Armerican arrival, 1877 -1881?
« on: Monday 05 April 21 10:36 BST (UK)  »
Hi to all,
Hoping someone can supply information / guide me in the right direction.??
What I am asking mainly for is for information on how to find / access Ships passenger records across the Atlantic between the years of 1877 & 1900.?

This is a Brickwall of a Brickwall that has been a problem to the family for quite some time on both sides of the Atlantic.?
It concerns an Ancestor, my G / Grandfather's Brother, who was born in Liverpool, Lancashire 1854 ??.
He has Married in 1874 and with his English wife he has four children in England by the end of year 1881.

The 1881 Census is the last English Census found of him being in England.

By 1883 his English Wife has remarried. (  Assume bigamously.?? )

The next Census/es that he appears on are American 1900 - 1910 and the 1920 Censuses.
He himself ( bigamously?? ) Marries in America in 1896, and has four Children born by 1920. He dies in Jan.1930.

This is where both the English / American Family/s are confused ( Brickwall? ) as to what the American Censuses show / reveal.?
These three censuses they have him of arriving / entering America between 1877 and 1881.?? - No earlier American Census has been found on him before 1900.?

 ( English records have him of Fathering three? English Chlidren between 1876 and 1881? )
 ( American Censuses  have him of being in America since 1877.? )
This info is / has been conflicting to both Family's on each side of the Atlantic on what to believe?

As to what records show, just how has he or someone managed to Father Children in England as the 1881 Census show's and also be able to be in America between the same years? of 1877-1881?

As then the only way across the Atlantic was by Ship ( 1877 - 1881? ). I am  looking / searching for information of how to search Ships Passenger Lists of that time for my Great Grandfather's Brother.
When he went to America he changed his name from Harry Wentzell b 1854/6 to Harry Sadler/Saddler.

Appreciate any help / advice, Thank you,
 and thank you for taking the time to read my post   Best Regards Just J

Surrey / Re Marriage 1935
« on: Tuesday 09 March 21 17:21 GMT (UK)  »
Don't know if anyone can or is able to help. My membership has recently expired with Ancestry. My renewing of membership I have on hold, because I have hospital appointments due in the pipeline and is one of reasons why I have not yet renewed.
Of the following from the 1911 Census. I think I have finally found a Marriage which may be a Marriage that relates to my ancestors. On the 1911 Census the couple are entered down as of being Married for 3 years. Research that I did I only covered a 20 year time span. I have only recently found that this was not going far enough into the records to when that they did finally Marry. The same named couple, if these are my relations, married some 24 years on from the 1911 Census.
What I would like if it is possible as much detail from the Marriage to see if that they are my ancestors.?
The Marriage took place in DEC 1935. - LEWISHAM - VOL 1D  Page 2110  for a JAMES HENRY SEARSE and ALICE VERNON
Many Thanks if you are able to help in anyway at all
          Best Regards  JUST J

The Common Room / Re Ancestry ?
« on: Friday 26 February 21 09:33 GMT (UK)  »

Has anyone knowing of the price deals that are available on Ancestry at present?
I'm soon to be going to/into hospital for treatment.
My Annual agreement expired recently. I would like to know if anyone knows if there are any better deals of Ancestry than to what they are offering on the Ancestry site.?
Their six monthly deal of 54 plus seems good at present, but has anyone knowledge of a better deal. Or would it be better to wait nearer to the time that they release the 1921 Census. Any info much appreciated.
Regards JUST J

Surrey / Birth Reg required . ?
« on: Thursday 25 February 21 14:22 GMT (UK)  »
Thank you for looking at my post.Need help finding a G.R.O. Ref.
Have Christening details, but have not yet been unable to find G.R.O reference of ALICE ELEANOR VERNON. Christening date 12/ 09/1897. Bermondsey,Surrey.  Parents JOHN & ALICE VERNON. Father's occupation is Hawker.
 These details I have obtained from the familysearch site.
        Any help much appreciated.    Regards JUST J

The Stay Safe Board / A Corona Virus Statistic.
« on: Tuesday 22 December 20 08:43 GMT (UK)  »
Statistic information that possibly some of us would like to know.?

Last month's statistics's for most common cause of death in England was not Covid. Heart Disease and Alzheimer's were the main causes. Covid is not even in the top 20. It's at 24.
Regards JUST J
This is false news, do not spread misinformation

The Stay Safe Board / Return to Work - As from Friday 17th July?
« on: Thursday 16 July 20 07:59 BST (UK)  »
We will be getting what will seem to be, or perhaps be a total turn around ( in some cases? ) of the lockdown guidance information??
We are to be informed that we should be making more effort to be returning back to work, as it has just been announced we, the public, have been to slow in doing so?
With second spike's now starting to occur. As to what is happening in / around of Leicester's the 1st second increase of the virus.

Just how many more of us will be and not be ( more ? ) confused as to what we should now and not be doing, will be coming from the P.M's conference on Friday?
I'm already confused in just waiting to see what the advice from the conference of Friday will be?
Take Care everyone. Regards Just J.

The Lighter Side / Are you awaiting the 1921 Census release?
« on: Tuesday 23 June 20 11:03 BST (UK)  »
I'm probably like so many of us awaiting for the release of the 1921 Census.?
To me this census should hold or may hold, fill in some of my gaps that are missing of information?, hopefully it will have the answers ? ( or will it just add more confusion?) The findings that I have on my predecessor's - I have collated together from 1905? Information that I have gathered. The 1921 Census will be / is the last one that I will be able to research? I'm in my mid 70's I cannot see me being around for any further Censuses, the next one to be released from the 1921 Census will be the 1951 Census. ?
The 1931 Census was totally destroyed by fire.
Census for 1941 did not happen because of the War, but thankfully we had a pre second world war 1939 Census taken.
I have my research from the approx. time / year of 1918 and following on from has brought me sort of up to date. I have mainly found the information through the Electoral Roll Registers as my Family had luckily stayed in the same area/s for approximately 50/60 years then upto the 1970's

I have to wait patiently for the release of the 1921 Census, which is due in 2022.
All research then I take it, we will have to rely on just Church records - if they have managed to survive through the war years?

Stay safe - Best Regards, JUST J

The Common Room / Are you surprised by your findings?
« on: Saturday 09 May 20 10:22 BST (UK)  »
Hi All
I started my Family research approx. from the year 2000. Partly out of curiosity on my behalf and having a computer in the house to see what I could find out about the Family's past. I was born / raised in the post war years from 1947 onwards.
Every time a conversation was started on our Victorian Ancestors  the conversation did not continue for very long. Brought to an end with " The past is  past -  it's best to be forgotten" was always a reason to quickly bring the conversation to an end. Always thought that it was mainly because of what happened in the War/s, - too many memories that needed to be forgotten.
Words were told to me  " In Time what is past is past, and the past will forever be lost in Time ".This comment always really struck me as of not wanting the War year's being remembered, but today I am not to sure if it may have been related to something that was in with the Victorian Family History.?
With F/H research, I have managed, somehow, to reach back to the 1841 Census/s. This is where I have decided to ease off with my research. I am surprised in that I have managed to get this far back. I have tried to get back further but it has not been showing anything that help's at all that can take me back anymore.
A most surprising fact to appear to me from my research, is that my Ancestors lived in the same street in the 1870's, in a house more or less opposite the house that my Family moved into from the 1940's and that I was brought up in from 1947 onwards. When the family moved in 1940, a Family member was my Great Grandmother who actually lived in the house almost opposite to the one that they lived in the 1870's. My Great Grandmother outlived her only son, my Grandfather, lived into her 90's and died in the house that they had moved into in the 1940's.
Have you come across anything surprisingly similar in your Family History?
Regards JUST J

London and Middlesex / Warner family missing 1861 Census ??
« on: Saturday 22 February 20 19:30 GMT (UK)  »
The WARNER Family that I am researching on are hard to find on the 1861 census but I do have them on the 1871.
The 1871 Census details of the family,

George WARNER b 1830? the husband is not present,

Elizabeth Warner. b1830? ,Norfolk,Tutbury? Married
Their 1850 M/C Address is not Hunter Street but it's in Surrey,St.John's Ward.
Their residence of Whitehorse Flat, is what it looks like.
N.(W) Jane WARNER Dau. b Sept 1852 St.George's Southwark
You will find they have mistranscribed an N for a W with her first name on the Census record for the 1871.
10,Russell Place, Mary Magdalene, the place of residence on the 1871 Census
W.(N)JANE.Dau. Her full Christian names are NAOMI JANE
ELIZABETH  Dau.b 1855
MARY ANN   Dau.b 1858 All four children supposedly born St.George's Southwark
GEORGE    Son.  b 1862
Baptisms all the four children have the address of Little Hunter Street covering the Baptism year of 1863 from their Marriage year of 1850 in Lambeth.
Their addresses and year on the following M/C's are

Naomi Jane ADNETT, Hunter Street 1874,
Elizabeth Wentzell 101,Faraday Street 1874
Mary Ann Atkinson 21 Odell Street 1897
are their Married surname's and the years they were Married.
They seem to have resided in the Southwark area upto 1911.

It is only the 1861 Census that I require.
If you can help many thanks,
                           Regards JUST J

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