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Australia / Marcus Haselden - Transported on the Jupiter, December 1832
« on: Wednesday 08 May 19 22:12 BST (UK)  »
I recently discovered that a Great x5 Uncle, Marcus Haselden, was convicted of housebreaking at the Durham Assizes in the summer of 1832, and was transported to Van Diemen's Land aboard the Jupiter the following December. 

Marcus is listed as "Asst to Mr. Page" which I presumed to mean he was assigned to work for a local private citizen.  The next record is his death in November 1833 at Bridgewater.  It's my understanding that convicts sent to Bridgewater were repeat offenders.  Therefore, is it fair to assume that Marcus probably committed some crime, perhaps while working for Mr. Page, that resulted in his being sent to Bridgewater?

His burial date is 6 November 1833.  Four other convicts were buried that same day:
         Robert Polder (Bridgewater)
         John Ward (New Norfolk)
         John Boyde (New Norfolk)
         Morris Wilcox (New Norfolk)

Is it possible that all 5 of them died in the same event?  Also, would they be buried in St.Matthew's Church, New Norfolk? 

Any pointers or advice would be most welcome.  I'd also be interested if there are any histories of the convict facility in Bridgewater. 

Many thanks,

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