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South Africa / Death in Cradock 1853
« on: Tuesday 19 January 16 16:15 GMT (UK)  »
Hi everyone,

I hoping someone can help me with details of a death.

George Thorne Huxtable was b 1822 in Devon, England. According to family notes he died in Africa, date unknown. I'm assuming they meant South Africa  ;D

He is last seen in the 1841 census with his parents and siblings living in South Molton, Devon.

Yesterday I found an article in the Grahamstown Journal:
"DIED at Cradock on the 29th Aug. 1853, George T. HUXTABLE, after a short illness of four days."

I am hoping that this is my George. Is there anyway I can find/order a death cert?

I would appreciate any leads.

Thanks  :)


Hi everyone,

I was wondering if someone could help me date these 2 photos. Samuel was bc 1813 and Elizabeth 1814. It looks like both photos were taken at the same place and time as they appear to be sitting on the same chair.

He looks older than her but that may be because of the white beard and receding hair.

Thanks for taking an interest. It's much appreciated.


The Common Room / The Diary of Nathaniel Bryceson Revisited Again
« on: Wednesday 21 May 14 14:47 BST (UK)  »
Continued from: (Visit this to see the background to this massive topic)

Hi everyone,

For some reason yesterday I decided to reread some of our threads about dear old Nathaniel. I've missed him and our searches  ;D

I found this this morning while trying to find out more on Nat, Ann Fox etc.'s quite interesting

In 1851 Nat is living with uncle John and has no occupation listed:
1851 census
9 Richmond Buildings
John Shepard 47 stone sawyer b St Pancras
Nathaniel Bryceson nephew 24 b Marylebone

This directory is from 1851, London
Nathaniel Bryceson, BOOKSELLER, 3 Percy Pas. (Passage?), Fitzroy Square.

Trying to find Percy Passage ...


Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Some colour for these children, please.
« on: Thursday 06 December 12 16:06 GMT (UK)  »
Hi again

These are the children of the guy on this thread.,626387.0.html

He is looking fabulous now thanks to our talented restorers! :)
I had mentioned there, I would LOVE for his children to get some colour and it was suggested that I start a new thread as opposed to them being added to that one.

I so appreciate everyone’s time and effort.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!  :D



Hi everyone

I know I have been here a lot lately and hope I’m not being too greedy! Please tell me if I am, I won’t be offended!

I have these two pictures that I hope you can restore. The first one is really bland with absolutely no character …I was wondering if a bit of colour would soften them up?
The second one is just old and faded ..I would love him to look a bit more perky!

Thank you all in advance for your time, I so appreciate it!  :)


Hi everyone  :)

I’ve been sent this photo which I am hoping can be dated and restored!

Supposedly this is a group of postmen with some gentlemen in the 1890’s, South Molton, Devon. I cannot find any clues in the picture to confirm this.

My relative (GH, b 1847) was the Postmaster there from 1891(age 43) to 1911. In 1891 and 1901 he was living at the Post Office in Broad Street.

The photo does not look like it was taken outside a PO and there is a chap behind the older gentleman who looks like he has a flower on his lapel. I am wondering if GH was one of the chaps standing behind the sitting, older gentleman.
There is a postman to the left of the older man who looks like he may be wearing a medal of some sort and I wonder what the postman , in front row 2nd from left, is holding out? A letter?

Any other clues that you may find would be fabulous!

Thank you all, once again, for taking the time to help me!


Hi everyone   :)

Please can you do your “magic” for me again!

I have these two photos that were sent to me by my cousin, unfortunately he does not have the originals!

I would be very grateful if you could date them and hopefully restore and/or colour them.

The woman was born in 1862. She had five children:
Dau 1 1893
Dau 2 1894
Son 1 1896
Son 2 1898
Dau 3 1906

Thanks so much! I so appreciate your time and effort!


I hope I have done this correctly ..I had to read Prue's tutorial LOL

Hi everyone

I am wanting to re-give  this photo, restored and renewed, to my mother for Christmas. Whether it be a sepia or colour restore I will be grateful

My Mum gave it to me … the only photo of her parent’s wedding in 1944. Supposedly my Nan is wearing a ‘Princess Marina’ blue outfit with brown suede shoes and hat. My granddad was in the RN at the time …a (Chief) Stoker.
My mum tells me that this blue was very popular because of Princess Marina …this is all I can find regarding the blue ….I have no idea what shade it is even though I have tried to look for images, to no avail:

Marina was so popular when she arrived in England to marry the Duke of Kent that "marina blue", from the colour of one of her coats, swept the English fashion industry.

I am leaving this precious photo in your capable hands. I appreciate your time and talent.

Thanks so much,


PS ..I hope I have scanned and cropped to rules and regulations ...please let me know :)

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / A restore would be fabulous!
« on: Friday 02 November 12 21:46 GMT (UK)  »

I hope this is allowed …please let me know.

The following couple have been the subject of a different topic today.,622311.0.html

I have started a new topic as I am hoping someone can restore this to it’s former uncrinkled/unwrinkled state.  :D

 I appreciate all of your time and effort.


Deb  :)

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