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South Africa / Colin Rea Campbell. Death information, please.
« on: Saturday 04 September 21 15:21 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to find the death of a half 1st cousin once removed .

Colin Rea Campbell b. 3 April 1902 Maraisburg to Charles W R Campbell and Ediith Louise nee Richards. I have full information for the family.
Colin served an apprenticeship as an engineer in England crca 1921-26.
Married Muriel Neal, Chelsea, 1926. A daughter (C. R.)   b. 26 June 1928,Lincolnshire 
The family returned to SA in 1929-30.
Muriel dies 5 May 1941, Germiston.
Married Una Kathleen Brereton (nee Corder) 31 July 1943 in Johannesburg.
Una dies 6 October 1960, Pietermaritzburg. The death entry records her as married not widowed or divorced.

I've not found Colin after this. There was a possible for his death in Australia but it wasn't him.

I would also be interesting in finding anything about his daughter but, as she might be still alive (b. 1928), I'm reluctant to name her.

I would be grateful for any information about his death and about his daughter after 1941.

Many thanks


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Is this the same Cornelius
« on: Thursday 26 August 21 15:23 BST (UK)  »
If it is, he's  my 6 x great/grand uncle.



Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Sisters - 1947-8
« on: Tuesday 15 June 21 23:25 BST (UK)  »
This is a very small and fuzzy scan and I can't find the original but would love to have some improvements, please.

It's big sis and me  (aunty in the background)  ;D

Thanks for anything you can do to improve it.


 I can't decipher the  first name of the son who was the informant on a Scottish death cert. Other information is in the hand of the Registrar, which is quite different.

Alexander Coutts had four sons that I have records for - James, Alexander, Robert and Samuel. Samuel would have been eight at the time so it's not him but I don't see it looking like any of the others either!

Any ideas, please.


PS - could it be David??

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Surname of the groom, please
« on: Thursday 03 June 21 15:31 BST (UK)  »
Thomas ?? married one of my distant relatives in 1693, Wem, Shropshire.

FindMyPast has it as Levar  but I'm not convinced, especial the last letter.

Any other ideas, please. I've tried to include a few other examples of letters in the snip



Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / and another one of my Gran
« on: Tuesday 18 May 21 16:49 BST (UK)  »
Hope I'm not pushing my luck but would like this tidied, etc. too, please.

This conveys her personality so well. It must have been taken during WW2 and probably my my aunty in the deck chair in the other photo that I've put up. Also scanned by big sis!

As previously, I prefer b&w or a tone.

Thanks  :)

PS - my avatar is how she looked in WW1

I've just found this amongst my family pics. It's one that  my late sister scanned ages ago and I'm not sure where the original is.
As the board is not very busy, I wonder if anyone could clean it up,etc. please.
I prefer it as just black and white or a slight tone.



Australia / Falshaw births -- Innisfail, QL
« on: Tuesday 11 May 21 01:45 BST (UK)  »
I'm trying to find any possible Falshaw births between 1933 and 1948. The parents would be:

William Herbert Falshaw (1905-1985 - my relative) and Hilda Mary Dyer (1900-1948)

They married 17 April 1933, Queensland. William was a motor mechanic in Innisfail according to the electoral registers.

As any births would be less than 100 years ago, they are unlikely to be available on the usual birth registers but I was hoping for suggestions of where I could look (local newspaper announcements, etc. )

I have information on William and Hilda and their parents. It's just any possible children that I'm interested in.

I'd be grateful for any ideas or information about my possible kin.

Thank you  :)



I've found a divorce record for a distant relative on Ancestry. I can save it to my tree and to my shoebox but can't seem to download to my computer.

Can anyone tell me how to do this or to download from my shoebox (which I don't tend to use normally).



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