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The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Monday 19th October
« on: Yesterday at 23:50 »
Had been thinking about going for a walk on the beach today, it was quite bright but it was windy and despite that being southerly it was quite chilly. Decided to leave it till another day and go instead to a local park for a change of scenery.

Halfway there the tyre pressure alarm sounded on my car, couldn't believe it that another one was down. I don't think it's doing it much good standing for so long. I'd deal with it after I'd been in the park.

Had a walk around, it's quite pretty with a lake, ducks, swans and a couple of noisy geese. (I read in the news that Lakeland in Florida is selling off some of the descendants of the swans given to them by the Queen in 1957 as they're costing too much to feed. $400 per swan. Bargain.  :) )

 Lots of trees in the park and apart from a rose garden, no formal flower beds. It was pleasant enough and made a change but I prefer the woods near to where I live.

Was going to put off dealing with the tyre but told myself off and went to a petrol station along the road. Realised afterwards that I could have gone to two others that are actually on my way home. Ah well, I got it sorted out anyway.

Had some of my homemade soup for lunch, it was really thick, too thick actually, I put some hot water in it. It was very filling too. Froze the rest in portions after adding water to it.

Didn't feel like doing much today, just general tidying around and emptied the dishwasher. Tesco delivery about 4.30 then everything just as usual.

Hope others have had a more interesting day,

The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Saturday 17th October
« on: Saturday 17 October 20 21:40 BST (UK)  »
Starting early, I doubt that I'll cross posts with anyone else and events for Saturday the 17th can be added.  :)

Woke to a bright day although again it had obviously rained earlier. Was expecting a parcel from Amazon, the shoe storage thing I ordered yesterday. Original delivery time was late morning so although I wanted to go out for a walk I decided to wait until the parcel had been delivered. As usual they kept altering the delivery time so I did some things around the house and changed my Tesco order. The wine offer is on again so ordered six bottles to get the 25% off. Two of the bottles were already reduced by 1, bargain!

I was about to make something for lunch when I got the message that the driver was eight stops away, in the event he put the parcel through the letterbox. I should have just gone out but hindsight is a great thing. I was hungry but couldn't wait to rearrange my footwear, in the process I found a pair of sandals that I really don't remember buying and a pair of shoe boots that I bought and only had the chance to wear once before I was confined to barracks, had forgotten I had them. Put some belts in the bottom pockets of the organiser, had to keep rearranging as the cupboard door wouldn't quite shut.

Finally had some lunch, I was also waiting for a parcel from Boots, to be delivered by Royal Mail, it arrived about 2.30. It was a Christmas present I'd bought as a treat for myself. The No 7 beauty advent calendar, 25 items in all, creams, make-up etc. I opened all of the doors, no point in waiting, I already knew what was in it. The box it was in, including lots of smaller parts inside, the outer box and the box containing other everyday things I'd ordered as well, along with the cardboard envelope from Amazon -  just about filled my recycling bin.

Finally got out for my walk at about 3pm. It was quite mild out, usual area for my walk, did it in a different order again.

Back home, did some more sorting out of things in the cupboards. Will have to put my summer things away, don't know why I even bothered putting them in the wardrobe, I didn't get to wear most of them.

Nothing unusual about this evening, TV and a glass or two of wine. I've noticed since Wednesday when the Tier 2 lockdown was imposed here that some of my neighbours seem to be taking no notice of the restrictions or thinking that it doesn't include visits from family members. Oh dear.  ::)

The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Thursday 15th October
« on: Thursday 15 October 20 23:45 BST (UK)  »
A sunny morning but it had obviously rained heavily while I was still in the land of nod. Read all the depressing news, watched a bit of This Morning where they were all going on about the probable lockdown in London. No-one on the  programme seemed to have shown much interest when it was confined to the North (in England) but now they all think they're hard done by. How do they think people in Lancashire and County Durham have managed all these weeks?

Got myself out for a walk after that, there were muddy patches on the field and the path into the woods. Nice fine day, a bit chilly.

After lunch I rang my car insurance company to tell them I wasn't going ahead with my current policy. Of course they offered to look at figures for me but I told them I'd already gone ahead elsewhere. Then I rang the company whose website I couldn't sign in with last week. After a lengthy conversation and promises from them it's still not resolved and I'll have to phone them again tomorrow. It's driving me berserk.

Did some things around the house before going to meet my friend J for our walk, we were meeting fifteen minutes later due to her work. We took one of our usual routes down to the coast road, along and back through some woods, the path there is very narrow and was very muddy, people had obviously been through on bikes. Round by the allotments and through the streets, it was completely dark when I got home.

Heated the chicken dish I'd taken out of the freezer earlier, glad I made extra last time. Watched the Tonight programme about possible lockdowns, wish I hadn't bothered, it just annoyed me further. Had a message from my friend L to tell me that Portrait Artist 2020 started on Sky Arts last night, will look forward to catching up with it over the weekend.

The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Wednesday 14th October
« on: Wednesday 14 October 20 22:16 BST (UK)  »
Early one tonight

It was bright and sunny this morning, a welcome change from the heavy rain of the last few days. Put some washing in, saw that the window cleaner was on his way so opened up for him to get round the back. When he'd been I decided to go and have a walk on the beach. Low tide had been a couple of hours earlier but there would still be plenty of beach to walk on. Locked up and off I went.

Parked up and walked down the slipway, hoping that I'd worn the right clothes, it's difficult to judge what it will be like but it wasn't windy so I didn't have to factor that in. There was still a wide expanse of sand, it was wet in a lot of places and the sun gave it a lovely sheen.Iit was hard to tell from a distance whether there were pools of water, it turned out there weren't, it was just wet. Further along I could see a paraglider over the edge of the beach near the cliffs, he was heading in the direction I'd come from. Stood and watched him for a few minutes, he went quite a long way past and I thought I'd lose sight of him. When I turned back I could see that he had done so too, it's amazing how a parachute can be steered. When I got back to my own starting point he was almost back to where I'd first seen him. Really enjoyed my walk on the beach.

Was hungry when I got home so had some lunch before doing anything else. Portioned the rest of the chilli I made yesterday and put it in the freezer.

I wasn't happy with the painting I'd started in art class, there was a slight mistake that I couldn't correct so I started it again, it didn't take too long. Photographed it to send to my art teacher, asked for confirmation or otherwise of the colours I thought I should use next.

My friend L phoned, she knew I would be upset that my recently expanded life will be curtailed again because of the new restrictions. We only managed to do one art class together before this happened, not particularly surprising but still frustrating. Heaven knows when I'll get to meet up with her again.

Chicken and pasta for tea, usual TV. Last night I finished the book I was reading in bed, This Magnificent Dappled Sea by David Biro, it was really good, nothing to do with the sea. I got it free with my Prime trial, the release date isn't till 1st November. Will read a different genre next.

Hope it's been a good day for others.

The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Monday 12th October
« on: Tuesday 13 October 20 00:04 BST (UK)  »
A wet day as forecast. My friend J sent a message to say she couldn't do a walk on Tuesday this week but could do today or Thursday. I said I could do either but a lot of rain forecast today, we agreed to do Thursday when the forecast is better.

Did a few things around the house after reading the news, had a sandwich for lunch. It seemed to have stopped raining so I left the kitchen in a mess, put my jacket on and went out. It was dry for about thirty seconds then the rain started again but it was light. I don't like wearing a hood, they make me a bit claustrophobic. Will have to get my woolly hat out. It did stop raining while I was out.  Enjoyed the walk, spent more time on the walkways today, some parts of the field are muddy.

Came home and cleaned up the kitchen, tidied away some art materials that had been lying around. Cooked some fresh rhubarb. Some more general housework then phoned my oldest friend (oldest in age), he's 85 but still has an impish sense of humour. We've always got on well and had a laugh despite the big difference in years.

Ordered some sweatshirts, a jumper and some socks from Matalan, I've had so many socks going into holes lately. Delivery in seven to ten days, when I got the confirmation it said expected delivery date is 26th. When I reread the terms it refers to working days. Will I be sockless by then?

Did some ironing while watching A Place in the Sun. Salmon for tea. Rhubarb and yogurt for dessert.

News this evening was much as expected, we're now included in a Tier 2 local lockdown with the rest of the larger area. So I now can't go and meet one friend to have lunch at the pub but the family of six next door could all go there together. Ah well, back to how life was for me for six months.
I don't know how Viktoria has put up with it for so long.

The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Sunday 11th October
« on: Sunday 11 October 20 22:35 BST (UK)  »
Been feeling quite fed up today. Last night I was reading in bed, in my book there's an Italian boy called Luca, it reminded me of when I visited the lovely town of Lucca in Tuscany four years ago. Then I was kept awake by thoughts of that lovely holiday and wondering when we'll be able to have such times again.

It seems very likely that where I live is going to be included in Tier 2 restrictions, in fact the whole area is likely to be. The nearest large town and the one across the river are already in local lockdown. That would mean that my recently found freedoms would be up the Swanee.

Couldn't be bothered doing much this morning, just spent a lot of time reading, eventually got in the shower and washed my hair. My walk would have to wait till after lunch.

It was about 1.30 when I went out, was cool and quite cloudy. Usual walk, did bits of it in a different order for a change. Felt slightly better for the walk but still couldn't be bothered with anything much. Messed about on the computer then went into the garden, trimmed some plants, tried to find more places for bulbs, I'd think I'd found somewhere then find that there were bulbs there already. Should look great in the spring, that seems such a long time away.

My friend A phoned,  asked how I was, unfortunately I got a bit tearful. We talked about the current situation, we would have made plans to meet for lunch but I don't think that will happen for a while. I was cheered by having a chat anyway.

Did some peri peri chicken for tea with roasted peppers and cherry tomatoes, jacket potato, cucumber and grated carrot. And a large glass of wine. And another later.

Watched the last episode of Us, have found it very entertaining. This week they walked through a square in Barcelona where I've been to a restaurant. Happy memories. The ending wasn't what I hoped for but I suppose that's a reflection of real life.

The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Saturday 10th October
« on: Saturday 10 October 20 22:11 BST (UK)  »
Got a text message at 01.10 this morning that was apparently from Vodafone, it said that I'd used nearly all of my data allowance. I thought that was odd and wondered if it was spam. Another one arrived at 01.14 saying I'd now used all of my data allowance! Would have to query that much later.

Out for a walk late morning, wasn't sure if it was going to rain but luckily it stayed dry. When I got home I rang my network to ask if they'd sent these messages if so there was something very wrong. Yes they did send the messages. I spent half an hour on the phone to a woman who came up with every excuse Did I have mobile data turned on? Yes, I only turn it off when abroad. Oh well it must be that. No it isn't, if it was this would have happened before. My wifi wasn't connected, the apps run in the background etc etc. At one point she said that 1gb was a low amount of data and did I want to increase it no I don't, I don't need it. My phone is connected to my home wifi, I know that there's no problem with my wifi, I've hardly been away from home for seven months and I use my other devices at home, very rarely use my phone to connect to the internet.. I kept telling her that I use very little data and this was why I was phoning I know I haven't used 1gb of data. She said that my billing date is next week and she could phone me then and we could look at the details of the data usage together. I asked her what the point of that would be, I'm perfectly capable of looking at that myself. If it tells me that on such and such a date I used however much data at 3pm, where does that get me? She actually said that it doesn't show the time of the usage. Wrong! Eventually it seemed to penetrate that something was wrong here. Hooray! If she'd listened properly in the first place we could have reached this point much more quickly. She said she would contact the technical team and did so while I hung on, she returned and said they would look into it. When I looked later at the data usage there were entries on consecutive days at 11.23, 11.24, 03.24, 13.24, 23.24, 11.24, 07.24. 01.24 etc. I hope they have enough sense to see the pattern here.
The whole conversation put me in a bad mood for ages.

I was then foolish enough to look for a cheaper quote for my car insurance and breakdown cover. No problem with that as such but when I rang to cancel the 'auto renew' on my existing policy I waited through all the usual stuff you get at the beginning of the call then the message said that if you're calling about a renewal that's not within ten days, call back. Grrr! I'd just about had enough when I rang to cancel the breakdown cover, I wasn't going to put up with all that trying to persuade me shenanigans!

Spent the remainder of the afternoon cleaning in the kitchen, it's amazing what grubby marks I could see with my reading glasses on. The sun came out at one point so did a bit of deadheading in the garden, I think the cosmos are on their way out now, they've been glorious.

Tesco delivery arrived about fifteen minutes early. In my eagerness to get some decent bread I'd ordered it twice so I now have two loaves and no room in the freezer! I might separate it into two slice bags and see where I can squeeze it in.

Had my own cheese and wine party tonight a large glass of Pinot and some cheese and crackers, that's about as exciting as life gets these days.

Hope tody has been less frustrating for everyone else.

The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Thursday 8th October
« on: Thursday 08 October 20 22:07 BST (UK)  »
Starting early tonight, not a lot to report today:

Woke up to a wet day, the forecast said sunshine later and they were right, it got better during the morning. The wind had dropped and as low tide would be at 2.30 I decided to have a walk on the beach after lunch. Did some cleaning before lunch and put some washing in. Had lunch then set off for the beach about 1.30.

As I walked onto the beach I saw a large dead bird, a white one, I think it was maybe a gannet, what a shame. Had a lovely walk, hadn't known what to wear as it's usually cooler by the sea, wore a sweatshirt and jacket. Felt quite warm, the sunshine was very pleasant, there were a handful of people walking on the beach. When I turned and retraced my steps I was walking against the wind and it felt significantly cooler but I was enjoying the wide open spaces, the tide was right out as I walked back. Some beautiful cloud formations too.

Back home, did a bit of admin on the computer, not sure what else I did. My friend L phoned me this evening about our Zoom art class tomorrow, I'd printed her reference photo for her as she wasn't able to print it. Had posted it to her on Friday, she's been away for a week, I was pleased that she'd received it okay. Rest of the evening just as normal.

Look forward to hearing about others' days.

The Stay Safe Board / Diary > Wednesday 7th October
« on: Thursday 08 October 20 00:21 BST (UK)  »
Had been thinking of going for a walk on the beach today, when I looked at the weather forecast yesterday it had big fat suns on it. It did start off sunny but there was more cloud later and it was quite windy, likely to be more so on the beach. It knocks the stuffing out of me sometimes when it's like that and as I wasn't feeling energetic enough for a longer walk I decided to stick to my usual walk after lunch.

Found a big enough hook to fasten the washing line to, screwed it into the fence but the wood isn't very strong so moved it to the only post I can get to. It's in a place where NN could potentially unhook the washing line from it, hope she wouldn't stoop that low. Hung some towels out, a good drying day anyway.
Put a couple of chicken breasts in the slow cooker with chopped tomatoes, onion, peppers, chickpeas and hot paprika, enough for tonight and one to freeze.

Tried out the new shoes again when I went out, they're a bit stiff around the ankles but I'm sure they'll soften up. Usual walk, much cooler than yesterday but pleasant.

Started second painting when I got home, still not as planned, think I'm getting out of practice. Some Rootschat, some ironing then it had got round to time to eat the chicken dish. Did some potatoes with it. And that was all the excitement for today!

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