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 Can anyone look up a marriage for me?
1.10.1821 - Robert Richardson & Jane Rochester. After any details of them to confirm if I have correct people.
 Thank you

Family History Beginners Board / Eleanor Berridge - Northampton Quarter Sessions
« on: Tuesday 14 April 20 00:37 BST (UK)  »
 I have a convict  Eleanor Berridge/ Ellen Burridge or combination , who was  convicted @ Michaelmas Quarter Sessions Northampton according to all her convict records. October 1814.
7 years for larcency.

I have looked at British newspapers online to no avail for any session records at this time in Northampton or the listing of charges, and I have not encountered this before. It says they are going to be held, but no follow up of this can I find.

I contacted local history group and they double checked and also thought this odd. Suggested I sent this onto Archivist at Northampton Archives. I have had no reply since Feb 2020.

 Is there something I am missing about session records or can anyone help?

Family History Beginners Board / mariner records
« on: Tuesday 03 July 18 07:30 BST (UK)  »
I have a master mariner b 1800 d 1853 from North Shields, Tynemouth. Do records exist for him? and if so where? I have emailed a few museums and archives and had no response from any at all.
Would love to know anything about him & his work.

Ireland / Woods and Walton family of augher, tyrone
« on: Wednesday 02 May 18 09:41 BST (UK)  »
 I have a Annie Woods marriage to John Walton ( welton) in 1859
Fathers are John Walton & Michael Woods.
I know Annie & Johns children, but have been unable to find anything about their mothers or fathers except their christian names.
Anne came from Augher & John from Kilclay. Does anyone have any info on this family or knowledge of where I might find out about them.
There is a Michael dies 1880 age 80  , husband of Margaret.

Family History Beginners Board / Charles Baldwin West marriage 1806 , Somerset
« on: Wednesday 04 April 18 07:18 BST (UK)  »
 Charles Baldwin west , otherwise Acland.
What does this mean? Is he known by both surnames or is it his mothers maiden name?
I have not come across this before.

Northamptonshire Lookup Requests / Northamptonshire Archives Look up - please
« on: Wednesday 28 March 18 04:20 BST (UK)  »
 If any one has the time can someone look up Quarter Session October 1814 for Eleanor Berridge.
Sent as convict and would like to know the crime and any other details mentioned. Request to achives sent 4.2.2018 and still no response.

Northumberland / Mathew Richardson & Barbara Fenwick NEW
« on: Saturday 24 March 18 01:03 GMT (UK)  »
Any information about these from anyone. North Shields area around 1770 - 1840
Son Robert, mariner  who lived in Bell St North Shields.

Family History Beginners Board / elizabeth ROCHESTER, newcastle on Tyne
« on: Saturday 24 March 18 00:57 GMT (UK)  »
Any info on her or daughter Jane would be appreciated. Jane b 1800 - 1810 marries Robert Richardson and goes to Australia  after his death.

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