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Please , what year is this

I have


Have googled , but can not  make sense of it .



Having trouble with a few of the letters and word,

maybe someone can make better sense than Me.

please do not give Me any research on the item , I really do not need it . thank you .


Lincolnshire / What do you think . buried or given away.
« on: Friday 01 January 21 15:20 GMT (UK)  »

I am putting question on Lincolnshire board, because it happened in Lincolnshire.

all relative parties are now dead, so no one to offend .

In the last few hours of 1938  , twin boys were born in a village in Lincolnshire,

one only lived to be 13 days old, or so the story goes.

birth was registered, death was registered , ( suspicious registers )

The story told , was that the little boy was buried up the side of the local church , was this normal practice ? 

and to prove this How do I go about seeing the parish register .

Eilleen , trying to clear up a old mystery , that still gives Me sleepless nights ( sometimes ) x

Lincolnshire / Annie Exton , need baptism .
« on: Saturday 19 December 20 13:18 GMT (UK)  »

sorting out a few mistakes I seem to have  ;)

looking for baptism of Annie Exton , born Boston abt 1874- 1878

Father Tom Chambers Exton,  Mother Annie Exton.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / weak ? from birth ,
« on: Friday 27 November 20 16:32 GMT (UK)  »

can make out   weak   ? from birth.

what is the second word please .


Lincolnshire / Name of Inn or Public bar, 1852, Guildhall street, Lincoln.
« on: Thursday 26 November 20 13:39 GMT (UK)  »

A bit more knowledge needed ,
someone on the site helped Me out with the 1851 census, of where someone maybe  lodged,

I am now hoping that I can find names of   Inn or Public bar, during 1852, Guildhall street, Lincoln.

I am a local lass, but I do not go that far back x

Lincolnshire / Guildhall street, Lincoln on 1851 census
« on: Wednesday 25 November 20 12:41 GMT (UK)  »

I have been trying to find Guildhall street, Lincoln ,

in 1851 census , has anyone got any pointers  for Me .

thank you .



I have James Dawson marrying Eliza Exton on 21st July 1863 Boston, Lincolnshire, England.

I got this from a newspaper,

Her address was Norfolk place, Boston, his was Chapel row, Boston. He is a blacksmith.

on Free BMD reg list she is called Elizabeth , but in newspaper is called Eliza.

my problem is I have two sisters one called Elizabeth and one called Eliza ,

I need to know which one James Dawson married .

I wondered if a parish register could help ?


Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Help with occupation and address.
« on: Wednesday 21 October 20 09:02 BST (UK)  »
Hello,  :)

Could someone tell Me occupation of groom and his Father,

and the home address.

thank you.

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