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I have trying to delve into my family from Inverness, Scotland.
This is all I know, PLUS, the fact that my "Granddad" Henry Field Littlejohn was from there? I am guessing.

See I have NO family left on my DAD'S side. Even my DAD  :'( passed away 3 years ago.
For some reason he didn't give ANY history OR background to which I originated from.

CAN SOMEONE HELP ME!I feel alone! besides my younger sister we are all that is left of the littlejohn's


My name is Jolene. I have ancestors from Scotland. Wanted to know if I can find any family. I only know of my grandpa named Henry F. Littlejohn. He was first married to Helen (Nellie) Buckley, but then MY grandma that I knew and LOVED very much. (R.I.P.) her name was Ernestine Fisher.

Henry was F.O.B. and came to America settling in New Orleans, LA.

I never knew anything about my family. My parents didn't discuss my dad was not proud of his heritage :'(

Henry died in 1954. Born 1892. I want to know if I have ANY family out there that I don't know of. Wanting to learn more than what I know, which is little to nothing.

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