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Durham / William Armstrong, 18 Carter street, Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland
« on: Friday 16 December 11 12:57 GMT (UK)  »
Where did William Armstrong disappear to?

My 3rd great grandfather's brother William Armstrong was born on 12th April 1859.
In 1881 he is living with his sister Elizabeth at 18 Carter street, Bishopwearmouth, Sunderland and his occupation was a builders clerk. His father had died in 1879 leaving Ł800 in his will. In the will, it says that William and Elizabeth shall have posession and the rents and profits from his dwelling house, 18 Carter street, Bishopwearmouth and his premises of 13, Bramwell street, Bishopwearmouth until William attained the age of 25 years or dies or marries or Elizabeth marries.

Later on in 1881, William's sister Elizabeth married John Clegram Brewis, the son of a master butcher of Walworth street, Bishopwearmouth. Walworth street was also where William and Elizabeth's father had previously had a Timber merchant business.

I have traced all the other members of the family, but William seems to have disappeared.

Roxburghshire / Kerrs of Linton/Lintoun/Lintoune/Lyntoune and Home of Haircarse
« on: Saturday 19 November 11 14:25 GMT (UK)  »
Has anyone got Kerrs of Linton/Lintoun/Lintoune/Lyntoune or Home of Haircarse?

I'm not sure where the Kerrs come from, whether it was Linton in Roxburghshire or in Peebleshire.

Sophia Kerr married Gilbert Ker of Greenhead, brother of Sir William Ker of Greenhead.
William Kerr
Mary Kerr married Robert Scott in Park in Liddesdale
Janet Kerr
Henry Kerr
Elizabeth Kerr married James Scott of Bowhill
Christian Kerr
Andrew Kerr
James Kerr
Julian Kerr married Francis Armstrong of Whithaugh in 1683

The parents of the above were Henry Kerr of Linton/Lintoun/Lintoune/Lyntoune and Margaret Home.

They are mentioned in Inquisitionum ad Capellam domini regis retornatarum, quae in public archives Scotland.


Sept 11 1656
"Margaret Home spouse to Harie Kerr of Lintoun, heir of David Home of Haircarse, her father, - in the lands of Haircarse extending to 6 husband-lands (156 acres) within the earldom of March:- E.6l one part of lands called Haircarse extending to one 2 mercland within the parochin of Fogoe.-E.27s"

Lanarkshire / Lookup: Armstrong, burial, Gorbals Church, 1756
« on: Sunday 04 September 11 15:52 BST (UK)  »
I'm looking for any information about the following, which is from a family vault in Cumberland.
Some of the information on the vault has worn away.

Christian Armstrong was in[terred] (in/at) the Gorbals Church Glasgow 19th January 1756 aged 75? years.
Wife of [John?] ARMSTRONG of – ?- in Dumfriesshire gentleman died  – July 1760 aged 8- years

Roxburghshire / Sasines
« on: Tuesday 22 February 11 11:44 GMT (UK)  »
I have found the following on I assume it would be to do with a death and would have a bit more information than what is below. Does anyone know if this register is online ?

General register of Sasines (land register) 1701-1720

Name and Designation                        date of recording  vol fol  County or Sherriffdom
Francis of Whithaugh                        9th Sept 1701      79  402   Roxburgh
Julian Ker, spouse of Francis of Whithaugh  9th Sept 1701      79 402 Roxburgh

Francis of Whithaugh                        23rd Jan 1706      88  262   Roxburgh
Francis son of Francis of Whithaugh         23rd Jan 1706      88  262   Roxburgh

Francis of Whithaugh, elder                 9th June 1714      105 347   Roxburgh
Francis of Whithaugh, younger               9th June 1714      105 347   Roxburgh

Julian Ker, daughter of Henry Ker of Lintoun, and spouse of Francis Armstrong of Whithaugh

The Lighter Side / Jedi's and Witches on the 2011 Census are Ok
« on: Monday 21 February 11 16:02 GMT (UK)  »
Yahoo News has an article stating that to put your religion as 'Jedi or a Witch seems to be Ok.  ;D

"People who want to declare their religion as "Jedi" or call themselves witches will still be able to do so in the 2011 Census, its director has said. "

If your looking for Millers. Atkinsons, Swinburnes or other names near or around the Hexham area and haven't found them after much searching. I've just came across some catholic registers of Northumberland, mainly the 1700's to 1800's.

They start on page 237.


The Common Room / Remembrance Rings?
« on: Monday 08 September 08 14:32 BST (UK)  »
I am finding in a few wills, in the late 1700's early 1800's, that certain people were left 5 - 50 guineas for a Remembrance Ring.
What was the significance of a Remembrance Ring?,
The wills don't always mention what relationship these people were to the deceased, but they have the same surname, would this signify that they were brothers, sisters, cousins, etc., was there any order in which Remembrance Rings were given?


Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Some more photos
« on: Friday 08 August 08 01:19 BST (UK)  »
Continued from my last photo's.

Here's Sam the Polar bear at London Zoo and a one of the seaside, Brighton?


Armed Forces / Uniform?
« on: Tuesday 05 August 08 17:14 BST (UK)  »

Among some photos i got from a carboot sale is the one below.
Does anyone know what it is?

Another one of the photos has a group of men with an old man and is titled 'Boy of the Light Brigade'


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