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Europe / Town village name in Russia
« on: Sunday 27 August 23 21:48 BST (UK)  »
I have the newspaper obituary of Hulda Augusta Rhodey/Rohdey/Rode and it states the following

"Born Oct 12 1892 in "Zwales" Russia she was the daughter of Louise and Edward Rhodey."

I cannot find a town city or village called Zwales in any part of the world.   I have researched on Google and Google maps.

Perhaps Zwales is not actually the place she was born but any advice would be appreciated.


Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Old photographs.
« on: Tuesday 22 August 23 21:17 BST (UK)  »
My wife and I were married 56 years ago and we had a photographer but he was not good at all.
IN the end we ended up with a few photos none of which were good. Every photo had marks on them and needless to say we ended up very disappointed.   

I wonder if I could post  one and if someone could have  a stab at making it nicer. It is in black and white or kind of black and white.

I am asking before posting as we are both very much alive but it is a rather old photograph.  :)


Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Identical Twins
« on: Monday 10 July 23 19:03 BST (UK)  »
My wife is a Identical Twin and had her DNA done.
Her Identical Twin sister did not have her DNA done but her son did.

Here is the result when you compare their DNA which makes sense . (Ancestry)
Son | Both sides50% shared DNA: 3,417 cM across 31 segments

If my wife's Identical twin sister had her DNA done and my son also  did would both sons end up with two mothers DNA wise and would they be half brothers?  :)


Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Jane Ann Mills Dating photo
« on: Tuesday 16 May 23 16:08 BST (UK)  »
Sorry this photo is so small but it is all I have.
 My great grandmother Jane Ann Mills was born in Sunderland in 1845 and passed away, 1901 in Sunderland.

I was hoping that perhaps the top of the dress may give some idea on the year(s) of this photo.

Thank you and best wishes from Winnipeg.


Armed Forces / Greenwich Hospital Canada Pension award
« on: Sunday 02 April 23 17:02 BST (UK)  »
A friend of mine grandfather served in WW1 and WW2.  He was born in the United Kingdom and lived his whole life there.

My friend recently emailed me and said she had researched many records but got no where .
I researched what I could in Canada but could find nothing.

Her Grandfather received a letter which she recently found.

The letter is from the Admiralty, 14 Buckingham Gate, London SW1 on 26 February 1957

It reads:


In reply to your recent letter, addressed to the Director of Navy Accounts, Bath, I have to inform you that your name has been noted on the list of candidates for the award of a Greenwich Hospital Canada Pension. Vacancies are however, very infrequent, and in view of the small number of these pensions and of the large number of applicants who are already on the waiting list, I am unable to hold out to you the prospect of an early award being made in your favour.

I m, Sir, Your obedient Servant.

Director of Greenwich Hospital

Has anyone ever heard of the Greenwich Hospital Canada Pension award.

Thank you and best wishes from Winnipeg


Bedfordshire / Marriage of Joseph Robinson Scott to Charlotte
« on: Wednesday 01 June 22 16:18 BST (UK)  »
Greetings from Winnipeg

I am trying to locate a marriage of Joseph Robinson Scott born 1805, Dunstable to a Charlotte born circa 1811 Dunstable, who passed 1844 in  Dunstable.  On her cemetery record her name is recorded as Charlotte Murdin Scott.

Their first child was born 1833 in Dunstable and their last was born 1843 in Dunstable.  All census records indicate place of birth for Joseph and Charlotte was Dunstable.

I have looked at Ancestry records and the LDS records for a marriage of Joseph Robinson Scott to a Charlotte Murdin in that time frame
 As two of their  children had middle names of Rutty and another Avis I also tried looking for marriages of Joseph to a Charlotte Rutty to and Charlotte Avis with no success and think I am at a road block.

Can anyone offer me any advice regarding the marriage of the above likely before 1833 in Dunstable

Thank you

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Any Advice appreciated on this puzzle DNA wise
« on: Wednesday 02 March 22 16:48 GMT (UK)  »
My wifes 2x grandmother Jane Bressett was born likely in 1828 in Upstate New York or perhaps in the Kingston Ontario area..   
Family History said she was of Native American Ancestry.
This was never disputed because of the following from a distant relation who had done extensive research on the family.

 "In 2002, William 'Harold' Towsley supplied DNA for mitochondrial testing. The results confirmed Native American heritage. Mitochondrial DNA follows the maternal line and stops at the male. Harold's line was: Harold; his mother, Harriet Murphy; her mother, Margaret Hosler; her mother, Jane Bressett."

When my wife had her DNA done she did not have Native American Ancestry.
I then looked at everyone on Ancestry that I could prove was related to my wife through Jane Bresset who had their DNA done and not one I could find had Native American Ancestry.  I looked at 19 matches.

Could this be possible when you read what took place in 2002 testing wise as my wife is DNA related to the people mentioned in the Mitochondrial test.

Thank you


Cavan / Quinton Family Ballyjamesduff
« on: Monday 24 January 22 16:59 GMT (UK)  »
Greetings from Winnipeg

I have been researching my maternal great grandfather George Quinton circa 1811  birth not found and his wife Sarah circa 1813 born Ireland (marriage not found),  for many years with limited success.
Most of the family immigrated to London Ontario.
The children are as follows. John 1833 and I know this is their child due to military records recently found :Army records are on FindMyPast and list him as having been born Bally James Duff (sic) Cavan, Ireland.  Intended place of residence after discharge was "London, Ontario,"
William 1836    Ireland  (Immigrated to Australia)
Sarah 1843 Ireland   Hannah 1845 and George Godfrey Quinton 1848 who was bapt in Bettystown (my great grandfather)  Except for William and George I have no idea where the other children were born
The last three came to London Ontario with their parents George and Sarah in 1852

My friend did another search and came up with another Quinton in Bally James Duff
I then did a search for any other Irish soldiers named Qu*nt*n and came up with Arthur Quinton born c1807 Killicare (Killinkere?), Bally James Duff (sic), Cavan - enlisted 27 Dec 1823 aged 16.  Unusually his original attestation has survived, and it has been witnessed by a George Quinton  It could be GeorgeSr. brother

I am looking for a marriage of George Quinton to Sarah pre 1833 and any information at all of Quintons in the area.   I know it is a long shot but no harm in trying.

I looked at the online resources noted at the top of the forum and had no luck

Thank you


Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Identical twins
« on: Tuesday 11 January 22 19:59 GMT (UK)  »
My wife is a identical twin.
Here twin sisters son also did his DNA but her twin did not so my wife shows up as his mother.
Nothing odd there.
However I have been checking all the DNA matches and he always shows in matches for 4-6 cousins except one and my wife has a lot of 4-6 cousin matches most without trees.
Could there be a reason that he is not matching with one but with all the other ones my wife does?

Thank you

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