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Mayo / Lally - Binghamstown / Cross / Srah (Possibly MacHale / Geoghegan )
« on: Tuesday 05 May 20 21:58 BST (UK)  »
Hello there,

I'm trying to find out more about my 3rd Gt Grandmother Ellen Lally. Born, I believe, 14th feb 1835 Binghamstown, Belmullet. She married a Charles Geoghegan of Cross, Belmullet, about 1851. Ellen died 2 Feb 1923 at Cross, Binghamstown. All of that info, I have had handed to me through alternative connections and I'd like to prove some of it by way of Birth details / marriage.

However, I was told her Father was one Denis Lally born circa 1800 who died Feb 1875 and was living in Srah. It is rumoured his wife was a MacHale. Again, finding out anything about Denis and his wife (Ellen's Mother) would be amazing.

I am a novice , not based in Ireland and struggling a bit, if honest!Denis definitely had a son Michael born circa 1838 (his death mentions the informant as 'son Michael'.) Possibly a Celia too as well as an Ellen but I can't prove any of the family.

If anyone can help in any way I'd be very grateful.
Regards and thanks

Family History Beginners Board / Marriage search help
« on: Wednesday 29 January 20 16:57 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all.

I'm trying to focus my search around my 4th Gt Grandfather at the mo. I know he married but I'm struggling to find evidence anywhere!  His name is John Hessey born circa 1810 in Denton Sussex, Father is Joseph Hessey. Seems to start life as a Mariner and then becomes a Sawyer.

I think John Hessey marries an Ann Coburn (born Penrith circa 1815 to a Charles Coburn - Shipwright) around 1830. I had an unconfirmed date of 31 Aug 1831 at St Pauls, Princes Park, West Derby, Liverpool given to me - both families were here at the time and settle here. However, I can find no records for this and am finding the variable spellings of Hessey and Coburn difficult! Everything from "Essy" to "Cowburn" appears in these families!

If anyone has super search skills and could take a quick look I'd be grateful - I'm only on Ancestry and that hasn't thrown anything out to me. But then I am a total novice...!

Many thanks indeed

World War One / Trying to understand cause of discharge records.
« on: Thursday 16 January 20 13:17 GMT (UK)  »
Hi there.

I'm trying to understand the details on a relatives 'cause of discharge' notes from WW1. They were found on a record for the silver badge.

Under the column it says; A.O.291. Para 2. (a) Para 392. (16) K.R.

If anyone can shed even the faintest light on this, I'd be grateful. He enlisted in May 1915 and these notes say he was discharged 5 Nov 1918.

Thank you

Hello all.

I wonder if anyone can help/ advise me please? I'm looking to try and find the birth certificate for my 3rd GGM Catherine Lynch. I know she was born to James Lynch and Ellen (nee Loftus.) I am around 95% sure she was born 25 Sept 1849 and baptised at St Patricks, Liverpool on 30 Sep 1849 given the baptism record details confirming MMN.

Catherine had 1 older sibling Mary Ann born circa 1846 and (at least) 3 younger siblings - James LYNCH, JAMES LOFTUS GRO Reference: 1853 D Quarter in LIVERPOOL Volume 08B Page 121) Ellen born circa 1852 and Margaret LYNCH, MARGARET LOFTUS GRO Reference: 1858 M Quarter in WEST DERBY AND TOXTETH PARK Volume 08B Page 279)

You can see I've only been part successful with locating the siblings records on GRO!  :-\

I've tried Ancestry, freebmd, GRO and tried varying dates, spellings etc but I can't track her down. ???

Any thoughts are most welcome.

Many thanks

Family History Beginners Board / Help! 1 catholic wedding & 1 CoE = same people!!
« on: Thursday 09 January 20 14:27 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all.

I've tried to sensibly work this wall in my tree out. But I'm stuck and now lost for valid reasons as to why I seem to have a situation where the same 2 members of my family appear to have married twice - once in a CoE then again in a Catholic Church. Could this even happen? I won't bore everyone with the details on here if indeed, it is possible for people to marry in a CoE then again, a few years later, in a Catholic Church. The same people.   ??? ???

Thoughts gratefully received.

Scotland / Help gaining greater detail.
« on: Tuesday 30 July 19 14:59 BST (UK)  »
Hi there,

I've recently discovered via Ancestry that my 4th Gr Grandmother was born Greenock, Renfrewshire in and around 1828/1829. I can't seem to detail any of the records so struggling for addresses / census info etc.

I do know that her name was Ann Cook and she married an Irishman, John Kennedy in June 1849. They then move to Liverpool. She married in Greenock but again, that's all I know - don't know Church etc.

Her Father was William Cook and her Mother was Agnes Cook (Miliken / Milligan)

I have 23 Jun 1829 or 25 Jun 1828 as birth details and 30 Jun 1828 or 12 Jul 1829 as Baptisms. I'm really confused as Ancestry led me to both - with the correct parents and maiden name details. I wonder if there was an Ann Cook who died and they named the next child Ann too? Again, I can't find any death records that would help with this.

If anyone could help at all I'd be so grateful. Census / BMD detail... anything that points me into more detail that Ancestry on this!  ;D

Many thanks

Ireland / Kennedy Family Help
« on: Tuesday 30 July 19 14:51 BST (UK)  »
Hello there,

I'm trying to find some records on my 4th Gt Grandfather - John Kennedy and his Father Charles. I have unconfirmed information that suggests John was born circa July 1828 in Donegal. (However unreliable - but proven Census information later than that has year of birth in 1823 and 1826! )

He marries in June 1849 in Greenock, Scotland (Ann Cook) and moves to Liverpool shortly afterwards.

John has a brother James, who also is born Ireland and makes the Scotland to Liverpool via marriage trip. He marries a Mary Kelly in Greenock Scotland in 1848 before moving on to Liverpool with his brother.

It's the birth / baptism records that I'm struggling with. Any help would be much appreciated.


Hi there.

Thanks for taking a look at this post! I'm trying to prove / find out more, about my 4th and 5th great Grandfather's military details. I use Ancestry but find it really very hard to get to grips with military records as I know so little about them.

I would like to know more about their military side for interest but also, in the hope it may shed further light on locations, next of kins etc.

Henry Duncan McDonald.
Born circa 1823, possibly in Lochgilpead, Scotland.
In 1841 I *think* he is at St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex and is a Soldier in 2nd Battalion Fusilier Guards. (I take it St Martin in the Fields was a barracks?)
By 1849 he is in Liverpool, as he marries a Margaret Robinson and is now a Shipwright - something he remains all his life. He is literate (can write his name.)

Malcolm McDonald
Born circa 1799, possibly in Inverness. His Mother is possibly an Anabella...
In 1841 he is listed as living with his (assumed) Mother in Kilmallie, Inverness as an 'Army Pens' (Pensioner?)
In 1849 he is in Liverpool (assuming he is alive) and is listed as an 'Army Officer' on his Son Henry Duncan's marriage cert.

I wouldn't begin to know wars that were being fought, religions likely to have been followed etc. I know nothing of Malcolm's military history other than his title on his Son's marriage cert. It's a really poor area of background knowledge for me to be honest.

Any thoughts that can broaden my knowledge of this line would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Family History Beginners Board / Stuck with a Mary Ann! London/Liverpool
« on: Thursday 11 July 19 12:59 BST (UK)  »
Hi everyone.

I'm having one of those brick wall moments  ??? with my 3rd Great Grandmother's history, and I've hit upon the same wall now for about 6 months, having got no further forward! So, I'm wishing and hoping somebody far more experienced/ detailed / knowledgable  than I, may be able to help me shed light.

Her name is Mary Ann McDonald

She was born, according to records, in 'Pimlico, Middlesex' around 1851.

Her Mother was Margaret, herself born around 1821 in Ireland and a Dressmaker. She was a Carragher (you can imagine the variations with this name!) She married a Robinson, briefly in 1845.

Her Father was Henry Duncan McDonald, born in Scotland around 1823.[/li][/list]

I *think* I can locate Margaret and Mary on the 1851 Census living in Avery Farm Row, St Georges, Hanover Square. The place of birth, dates and occupation match but also she is listed as married but Father is not present, which ties in too with my belief, that he was in Cold Bath Fields, Clerkenwell, Middlesex as a Prisoner (Ships Carpenter.)

Margaret was a young widow (married a Robinson)  when she married Henry, in Liverpool in June 1849. Mary Ann was their first child. By 1852 their next child was born back up in Liverpool and the family remain here.

I know a fair bit about Mary Ann's life - she married 3 times, lived briefly in New York, died 1st May 1904.... but her birth details are frustrating me! Especially as I can detail her siblings lives really well! All the subsequent Censuses lists Mary Ann as born in Middlesex, London or Pimlico consistently. I wonder if there's any chance she may have been born there but registered in Liverpool, given her Father being seemingly in Prison etc...

Thank you for even reading all of this mass of info. If anyone could shed any light I'd really appreciate it. Although I understand the Liverpool geography really well, London evades me.

Thanks, M

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