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Mayo / Geoghegan Help
« on: Wednesday 12 April 23 17:00 BST (UK)  »
Hello there.

I am trying to find out an address and where my ancestor is buried. The information I have so far is:

Ellen Geoghegan (nee Lally) of Cross
Born 1835 Binghamstown
Died 2 Feb 1923 Cross Abbey.
Husband Charles Geoghegan (1824 - 1885)

I know Reverend A M Dodd of the Parish performed the burial.
Worked with her own tools and spinning wheel on Flax fields in Erris (not sure if on her own land.) I know of her children and that I 'think' her Father was a Dennis Lally and Mother, Ellen MacHale.

I'm hoping to visit the area and would love to know where to find out some more information. Is it possible to find birth and death records and obtain certificates?

I'm a keen novice and all help is gratefully received.


Family History Beginners Board / 2 Marriages in a Day?!
« on: Thursday 09 March 23 11:25 GMT (UK)  »
Hello all.

I've come to discover a record for a Catherine Mann who married Francis McCarthy on Oct 10th 1864 in Liverpool in a CoE Church St Peter.

However, FindMyPast also threw up a record for Catherine Mann marrying THOMAS McCarthy on the same day! Both Fathers the same name, both spellings of McCarthy the same. I can't find any  more details about this one though!

Could anyone shed any light on why this might be and what may have happened? Some background info that I don't know if it's useful or not, but they had a child out of wedlock about 5 moths before the marriage. Also, Francis's family were predominantly Catholic.

I wondered if it could be as simple as a typo from the records office?

Any thoughts and ideas welcomed!

Family History Beginners Board / Help with Latin please.
« on: Monday 13 February 23 14:12 GMT (UK)  »
Hello all.
Normally I can make educated guesses (with the help of Google!) but I’m struggling with this one. I imagine a William Abbott might be a future spouse?
Any help, very much appreciated!

Louth / Stabanan
« on: Sunday 15 January 23 16:12 GMT (UK)  »
Hello there,

I'm looking for help in finding any further info on this family.

Name   Anastasia HALL
Event Type   Christening
Event Date   19 Jul 1818
Event Place   Stabannan, County Louth, Ireland
Father's Name   Thomas HALL
Mother's Name   Margaret

I do know Anastasia has at least 1 Brother called John Hall (born circa 1811)

They are in Liverpool by 1841. I'd dearly love to try and find out more about their lives before this. In the 1851 England Census, Thomas puts his birthplace as County Cavan (as does his wife but I've been advised this may have not been reliable as the enumerators got happy with ditto-ing!)

Any help, gratefully received.  :)

Cavan / Kind Help Required Please!
« on: Sunday 15 January 23 12:35 GMT (UK)  »
I am trying to find out some further details of my X4 Gt Grandfather, one Thomas Hall. He was born circa 1789 with County Cavan on his Census records when I first pick him up in Liverpool in 1841.

He has a wife - Margaret born circa 1791 in the same County.

They have at least 2 children - John Hall (circa 1811) and Anastacia Hall (circa 1816 or 1823 depending on Census records!) A little bit interestingly, when the family appear in Liverpool, John and Anastacia are listed as born 'Ireland' (not Cavan) even though they are all listed in the same household.

In the 1851 Census there is also a 15 year old Grandaughter listed under Thomas and Margaret. She appears under the 'County Cavan' listing and is named Margaret Hall, born circa 1826.

Any help woud be much appreciated. I would love to find out Margaret's maiden name, but any information is most welcome.  :)


Family History Beginners Board / 1851 Census Occupation Help - Drugsoil Labourer
« on: Sunday 15 January 23 12:19 GMT (UK)  »
Hello there,

I've stumbled across this entry, based in Liverpool 1851. Listed as a 'Labourer in a Drugsoil Established'  Having tried to Google this, I can only find some basic information that some substances were extracted from soil including antibiotics and penicillin.

I'd love to find out more about what that actually looked like in Liverpool 1851. Could this have been something as simple as working for a Pharmacist or being involved in something bigger?

Any thoughts, gratefully welcomed.

World War Two / Help with RAF WW2 Info Please.
« on: Sunday 28 August 22 14:33 BST (UK)  »
Dear all,

I found out my maternal Grandfather flew during the War. A Sergeant 1625595, he went by the name Brendan Patrick Creane. An Irishman, he married in June 1944 and his residence on the marriage very was ‘Silstock Salop???’

I do know he was based in the Lincolnshire area at Nocton Hall. Attached are the only official pieces of information I have. Can anyone help with anything?! I’d love to know what he flew and if anyone could decipher the record I have?

Unofficially I believe he may have been a navigator and flew Middle East routes?

If anyone can also point me in the direction where I may find more information I’d be most grateful.

With thanks


Family History Beginners Board / Latin Translation Please
« on: Thursday 16 June 22 21:41 BST (UK)  »
Hello all.

I’ve tried Google translate but came up with the Latin underneath the name Frederickson on the left border, as “come together knitting!”

Help needed please!

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Workhouse Location Records
« on: Wednesday 01 June 22 15:09 BST (UK)  »
Hello there.

Is anyone able to read the different ‘locations of pauper’ column please?

I can make out School, Medical right at the bottom and Attic (?) but I have little context to make sensible links to what the others could be!   ???

Many thanks

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