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Hi all,

the project has now changed: the filming location is in a museum in Spitalfields (Folgate Street), and it looks like it might have to be set around 1720! Any links to historical stuff any time during this period would be helpful!!!!

Oh, especially hair and wigs  :-)


I hope no-one will mind if I post this, as it's not strictly genealogy-related!

I've been cast in a student short film, and I wanted to get a feel of what middle-class men wore in the early 1900s, particularly re shoes & hairstyles.

Can anyone suggest a good site with photographs, or better still does anyone have photos from around 1905?

Thanks in advance,


The Common Room / Sargent missing in 1881 census
« on: Monday 19 November 07 12:49 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,

this is just a general one that's perplexing me - I have my g grandfather George Sargent's marriage certificate, and thanks to a rootschat member I have him age 2 in the 1771 census, along with his parents Samuel & Harriett, and a brother, Frederick. I then find his parents at the same address in 1881, and his brother seems to be living with their brother Samuel. But no mention of George anywhere...

I've done a search for him looking for anything other than 'son', assuming he's staying with relatives, but no luck. The only thing I can think of is that his parents became too ill to look after him shortly after 1871, and by 1881 he was listed as someone else's 'son'. The other thing is that his parents are listed as 'S.' & 'Harriett' in 1881, which is why I couldn't find them initially, only after searching on 'Harriett Sargent'. BTW he gave his father's profession as 'Corn Dealer' at his marriage in 1890, and this was Samuel's given profession in 1871. But by 1881, he is listed as 'chaff cutter', which seems to be a very lowly manual job either done by hand or using a static steam engine. :-(

My guess is that George was adopted and his father died shortly after 1871, and his 'adoptive' parents kept the full truth about his fathers end from him... or am I being romantic? In any case all the above is why it's taken a couple of years to find him!

Any ideas where he could be in 1881?


Family Bibles / Armstrong bible, Kelso/Roxburghshire 1812-1923
« on: Monday 13 November 06 18:36 GMT (UK)  »
Just found this forum, so thought it would be good to put what I have into the public domain as payback for all the help I've had from Rootschat members; as far as I know the bible was bought by my grandfather Adam Armstrong (born 9th December 1877). It's a lovely thing, leather bound, with large metal clasps and corner protectors, and has lots of illustrations.

Adam completed the bible entry, but there were also 2 sheets of paper in an envelope in the bible, written in pencil, probably by his father William Armstrong (born November 26 1847). Grandad was a GPO engineer, and great grandfather was a farm steward, so apart from the Helen Middle thing I think their information is probably accurate. Apologies for any transcription errors; feel free to contact me with any queries.

Information written in ink in ‘Family Events’ section of the Family bible;

"Greatgrandfather. William Armstrong & Hellen Middle [sic*] married 1812.
William born July 17 1813.
Isabella, born March 17 1815.
John Born May 27 1817.
David, Born April 21 1819.
Agnes born March 4 1821 died at the age of 3 years.
Mary, born March 5 1823.
Robert, born February 271825.
Peter, born August 5 1827.
Adam, born December 25 1829.
Agnes, born July 26 1831.
Also 2 others died in infancy.
Died Helen Armstrong, wife of William Armstrong in childbed on September 1839.
William Armstrong married (second marriage) to Miss Margaret Smith, January 22 1841.
Greatgrandfather, William Armstrong died in Dec 21 1856.
Grandfather, Robert Armstrong, born February 27 1825.
Married to Isabella Cairns October 11 1847.
William, born November 26 1847.
Margaret, born November 30 1849.
John, born February 2 1852.
Helen, born, Oct 2 1854.
George, born, January 20 1857, died at the age of 15 months.
Robert, born, February 25 1859.
Isabella, born, July 26 1862.
Father. William Armstrong born November 26 1847.
Married to Jane Broomfield June 4 1875.
Robert, born, February 29th 1876.
Adam, born, December 9th 1877.
Mary Jane, born, October 1st1880.
Isabella born November 10th 1882.
Agnes born July 13th ______.
Joan Murray, born ______ died June 28th 86.
Helen Murray September 11th 1899
William born December 4th
Sister. Joan Murray died at Redden, Roxburghshire June 28 1886, buried at Sprouston.
Mother. Died December 8th at Baillieknowe, Roxburghshire 1912.      “      “       “
Father. Died April 20th 1921 at Baillieknowe, Roxburghshire.             “      “       “
Helen Murray Sister died, suddenly in Ward 25, Royal
Infirmary Edinburgh at 11.45 a/m on October 15th 1923.                  “      “       “

NB most of this was written in one sentence – carriage returns added for ease of reading.

Information written in pencil on 2 sheets of paper;

“William Armstrong & Hellen Middle
Married the First Year of God 1812
Register of their Family
William Born July 17 1813
Isabella Born March 17 1815
John Born May 27 1817
David Born April 21 1819
Agnes Born March 4 1821
Died at the age of 3 years
Mary Born March 5 1823
Robert Born February 27 1825
Peter Born August 5 1827
Adam Born December 25 1829
Agnes Born July 26 1831
  Also 2 others died in infancy
  Died Hellen
[sic*] Armstrong wife of William Armstrong
in childbed on September 1839
William Armstrong married second marriage
To Miss Margaret Smith January 22 1841

Robert Armstrong & Isabella Cairns Married October 11 Year of God 1847
Register of their family
William Born November 26 1847
Margaret Born November 30 1849
John Born February 2 1852
Hellen [sic] Born October 2 1854
George Born January 20 1857
Died at the age of 15 months
Robert Born February 25 1859
Isabella Born July 26 1862

Isabella Armstrong wife of Robert Armstrong
   Died 28 of June 1888
   Robert Armstrong Died 22 day of October 1898

My Grand Father William Armstrong
   Died in December 21 1856

William Arm Greatgrandfather William Armstrong & Helen Middle married
1812. Family William born July 17th 1813, Isabella Born March 17th 1815, John
Born May 27th 1817, David Born April 21st 1819, Agnes Born March 4th 21, Died at
the age of 3 years

I can trace the line back from grandfather Adam using the family bible information, backed up by Adam’s birth certificate (showing parents), and a transcript of William’s marriage certificate (showing parents). But at that point there’s a gap in the documentary proof until an OPR copy I have of the William Armstrong=Helen Riddle* marriage.

The bible entries notes Robert Armstrong married Isabella Cairns 11th October 1847, an IGI record notes it was 15th October 1847 at Southdean, Roxburghshire, but I can’t find the marriage at Although this needs to be verified with an OPR record, it would be an extreme coincidence if there were 2 families with almost identical details i.e William Armstrong=Helen Riddle and William Armstrong=Helen Middle*, both with identical children details!

* The only reference to Helen Middle is by great grandfather William, probably copied into the bible by Grandfather Adam.

Berkshire / Anyone heard of Gheacham, Berkshire (now possibly in Oxfordshire)
« on: Saturday 11 November 06 20:04 GMT (UK)  »
I have a possible sighting for one of my gggggg-grandfathers - William Bedwell - but the record has him born in Gheacham, Berkshire. If it is him, this would be near Buckland, Berkshire, which is now in Oxfordshire.

I've looked on all the search engines with no results at all... has anyone ever heard of this place, or have any candidates for a mis-spelling?

thanks in advance, Graeme

Wigtownshire / Killantrae; local knowledge sought
« on: Tuesday 29 August 06 14:06 BST (UK)  »
My maternal grandparents Adam Armstrong and Isabella Flynn were married in Wigtownshire 2/6/1905 at 'Killantrae' - this information comes from my grandfather's entry in the family bible.

Research tells me that Killantrae was the original name for Port William, but the name changed in 1776; the only other local references seem to be farm names and a burn.

Could local people still have used the old name 129 years after the name change? Or does anyone have a better explanation?

thanks in advance, Graeme

Roxburghshire / Longshot! - marriage William Armstrong/Helen Riddle 1812, Kelso
« on: Wednesday 01 March 06 12:26 GMT (UK)  »

I've traced my mum's paternal side back to my ggg grandparents' marriage in 1812 thanks to my grandfather's entries in our family bible - and confirmed the line thanks to a couple of kind RootsChat members! - but can't find any details further back than this. I know that the next stage is to order the marriage cert, but for various reasons I can't do this at the moment.

I know that it's a long shot, but does anyone have any information about William or Helen? I'm interested in parentage, but also any info re their children would be good. It's likely that their son William was a character nicknamed 'Sorbie Trees' was quite well known in the Castleton area (owned sorbietrees farm), as he was murdered - oops, I should simply say shot dead, as the guy was aquitted - by a reverend minister in 1851.

From the 1841 census William snr was a farmer in Heiton near Kelso, and his son Robert was my gg grandfather who also went into farming (farm steward at Easter Ulston farm, Jedburgh), so obviously any info re him or his wife Isabella Cairns would be ace.

Here's William & Helen's family details;

Name                     Where Born                          Born            Notes
William Armstrong   Roxburghshire    ?                                 Died 21/12/1896
Helen Riddle      ?                                                              Died "in childbed September 1839"
Margaret Smith        Roxburghshire    ?                                  Second marriage, 22/1/1841
William                                                          17th July 1813   
Isabella                                                 17th March 1815   
John                                                           27th May 1817   
Davis                                                           21st April 1819   
Agnes                                                         4th April 1821   "Died aged of 3 years"
Mary                                                           5th March 1823   
Robert                      Roxburghshire              27th February 1825   
Peter                       Roxburghshire               5th August 1927   
Adam                      Yetholm, Roxburghshire    25th December 1829   
Agnes                      Roxburghshire              26th July 1831   

Any help or advice greatly appreciated!


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