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Cork / John Christopher Conroy, my wife's uncle died 1982.
« on: Friday 24 August 18 23:13 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,
We were discussing the Pope's visit to Scotland in 1982, and remembered Uncle John Christopher Conroy died the first day of Pope John Paul II's visit. We had family stories that he was born in Youghal, Cork, but never had proof. I looked up Ancestry and found one that was born in the quarter Oct-Nov-Dec 1926, which fits perfectly. The Scottish Death Certificate says his mothers maiden name was O'Donnell, but think that could be incorrect.

Would the Irish Birth Certificate give Parents details, and are they available online?

Tom Buchanan

World War One / Help with Thomas Buchanan (A 7052) service records.
« on: Thursday 21 June 18 11:35 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,

Hope someone can help, just found my grandfather and namesake's service record at Kew.  We, as we lived at Cockenzie & Port Seton,  always thought he was minesweeping on Firth of Forth during his service but got the following ships or shore bases on his record. Hope someone can explain if these were ships or shore bases.
HMS Victory         14/12/1914   to   23/03/1915

HMS Dolphin         24/03/1915   to   02/03/1916
HMS Victory         03/03/1916   to   07/03/1916

HMS Magpie (Magda)      08/03/1916   to   16/02/1919

On the actual record, it had Magda after the Magpie name. He was demobilised from the Magpie 07/02 1919.

Tom Buchanan

Lanarkshire / Facebook query by Lost Glasgow website
« on: Sunday 18 October 15 14:19 BST (UK)  »
I have shared this info from FB, to see if we can find out the family of this young woman, apparently born 17 Aug 1910 in Chryston, Lanarkshire. On the Id Card, it says her name is Janet I or S Bell, but signs it N J Bell, I think. Cannot find correct birth certificate, need help please.

Notes from Lost Glasgow -

We stray today from our normal beat, to try to solve a mystery, which starts in Stonehouse, Lanarkshire, leads us to Aberdeen, and ends... Well, who knows where?
Site fan Jonathan Litewski was helping his brother-in-law to
clean out a lockup facility in Aberdeen, when he came across this old, WWII, National Registration Identity Card, once the property of a Janet Bell.
Jonathan wonders, who she was, what became of her, and if she has any living relatives?
Having lost many of his own relatives in the Holocaust, Jonathan would like, if possible, to return the card to its rightful owners - Janet's family.

Link for photos, not sure how to get them to display, feel free to change.


Scotland / The use of GRO in Edinburgh in doubt.
« on: Sunday 08 February 15 12:29 GMT (UK)  »
See article in the Scotsman,

Hopefully they look after the interests of the genealogists who use this place as well. The building and frontage are synonymous with the east end of Princes Street, hopefully it does not get turned into some modern hotel.


Cork / Re: Michael Conroy b abt 1895 14 Shuttle Lane, Glasgow died 1962 Mearnskirk Hosp
« on: Thursday 04 December 14 23:23 GMT (UK)  »

I have logged a post on the Lanarkshire board with above title, but I need some specialist help in the Youghal, Co. Cork area.

From the post on the Lanarkshire board,

""Mother in law Mary Conroy, passed away in 2003, it is believed her date of birth was 12th September 1928 in Youghal, Co. Cork. She had difficulty getting a copy of her birth certificate, when she attended registrar in Youghal, about 25 years ago. Maybe registered on wrong date or something. Still trying to get a family member to have a look at it.""



Looking for help on the NIDirect images on Death certificates. The image I found does not give maiden surname, if I ordered the certificate, would I get the maiden surname or is it just another copy of the image on the NIDirect website.
From my post on Lanarkshire board,
""Family stories says she (Elizabeth McDonnell) died young, I found a copy of death in Belfast, on NIDirect, that a Mrs Elizabeth Conroy died aged 26 on Thursday, 12th July 1934. Family hearsay says the Orange Parade would not allow cortege to pass, so had to wait until parade passed. The large parade would have been on Saturday the 14th July, so maybe some truth in the story. On the image on NIDirect, it did not have maiden surname, would they have that if I ordered the full certificate"".


Hi All,

I am trying to find wife of the above named Michael Conroy, who was my wife's grandfather. Family stories have led us beleive he changed name and age to join Army in WW1. His wife died in childbirth with one of her children, Michael Conroy in 1930. This could have taken place in Youghal, Co Cork, unsure.

Mother in law Mary was then brought up with an Aunt, Annie Conroy, who was married to Peter Jamieson, living in Garngad and Springburn areas of Glasgow. I was wondering if any of the surviving Jamieson family are aware who his wife was, and where they got married. Family hearsay says he maybe got married when in Ireland or Northern Ireland when in Army, so may have used different name.

It's not easy. I have the MC of Michael Conroy's parents, I have his birth certificate in 14 Shuttle Lane, Glasgow. I have him in 1901 and 1911 census.


Antrim / Decipher addresses of an 1851 Lisburn registrar office wedding
« on: Wednesday 05 November 14 22:32 GMT (UK)  »
Hi All,

I cannot decipher the addresses or parishes of my 2nd Great Grandfather and Grandmother, can anyone help please.

Armed Forces / Cap badge recognition, please.
« on: Thursday 16 October 14 13:18 BST (UK)  »
Hi All,

I wonder if anyone can recognise the cap badge, sorry this is only picture I have got.


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