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The Common Room / Parenthood, child-rearing and fertility in England, 1850-1914
« on: Saturday 10 November 18 11:20 GMT (UK)  »
This is not a brand-new article, but new to me and I have found it a very interesting read on the socioeconomic, cultural and local factors influencing family size, family planning and attitudes to parenthood in the period 1850-1914:!po=0.375940

Just thought others on here might find it interesting too.

The Common Room / Lincoln's Inn Registers
« on: Thursday 13 September 18 16:45 BST (UK)  »
I have in my possession a pair of bound volumes (dating from 1896) of records of Lincoln's Inn, including transcriptions of its chapel registers.  I bought them for a modest sum from the Inn's library when it was having a clearout a few years ago; they were otherwise destined for the tip.


Admissions: 1420-1893
Marriages: 1695-1754
Burials: 1695-1852

If anyone wants a lookup, let me know :)

Edited: I now realise that these are available in digitised form on the Inn's website, but my offer stands.

The Common Room / Help to find Norris children in GRO Online Index?
« on: Monday 05 December 16 23:45 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all

The following, from FreeBMD, appear to be birth registrations for the post-1837 children of James & Jane Norris, who had settled in Hitchin, Herts before 1841.  They are all with the widowed Jane (b abt 1799 Wilton, Wilts) in Hitchin in 1851, and other census info is easily found.

Thomas Norris, Sep qtr 1839 Hitchin 6 516
Miriam Norris, Mar qtr 1842 Hitchin 6 559
William Norris, Sep qtr 1844 Hitchin 6 509

However, I am failing to get any results searching for these registrations on the GRO Online site, for Jane's maiden name.  Can anyone do better?

Ronald Hugh MacGregor Pierce was born on 21 April 1896 in Cochabamba, Bolivia.  He was the sixth of 11 children of my gg-grandparents John Timbrell Milward Pierce and Annie Wylie MacGregor.  He was educated at King's School, Gloucester and subsequently at Haileybury 1911-1913.

Ronald, a 2nd Lieutenant in the 13th Bn att 9th Bn West Yorkshire Regiment (Prince of Wales' Own), died on the Somme aged 20 on 14 September 1916.  His remains were not recovered but he is commemorated both at Thiepval and on the gravestone of three of his siblings who predeceased him in Danbury, Essex.  His family placed an In Memoriam notice in The Times each 14 September for many years after his death.

The Common Room / Fire at the National Archives
« on: Saturday 15 February 14 13:58 GMT (UK)  »
...currently being tackled, according to the BBC. Hope it is not too serious and that everyone is safe.

Apologies if this has been raised before.

On three recent occasions (all in the last week) I've gone to a 1901 census entry on Ancestry to find that the "source citation" information on the summary page has been removed and is blank.

To check this (and provide examples) I've done quick searches on members of my own family in different parts of the country in 1901:

Celia Markham b 1833 Framlingham, Suffolk (in Lambeth in 1901)
Mary J Pierce b 1836 Redditch, Worcs (in Danbury, Essex in 1901)
Victor Milward b 1841 Redditch (in Wellesbourne Mountford, Warwickshire in 1901)

Random I know, and a small sample, but as it turns out none of them yields an indexed reference. Obviously one can find out the reference, but if it's not in the index it's not searchable.

So, e.g., Victor Milward's reference is RG13 piece 2937 folio 80 page 21, but that yields no results in the Ancestry reference search box under "Old Search".

Any thoughts? Are Ancestry simply going to abandon reference-based searching when they do away with Old Search?

Hi all

Just wondering if anyone is planning a trip to one of the various libraries around the country with a full set of GRO indexes? If so I'd be really grateful for a 2011 reference lookup and will PM details.

Thanks in advance


Hampshire & IOW Completed Lookup Requests / Whitchurch or Wickham?
« on: Thursday 06 June 13 20:38 BST (UK)  »
Hi all

I have a question regarding this entry from (new) Familysearch:

I have a note in my tree that a baptism with identical details took place in Wickham, rather than Whitchurch.  Regrettably it is unsourced, but may have come from old Familysearch.

If it's Wickham it's a good match for my ancestor, who cites Wickham as his birthplace in the censuses.

Is anybody able to clear up the confusion?

Census and Resource Discussion / Familysearch problems
« on: Sunday 30 December 12 12:03 GMT (UK)  »
For a few days now I simply cannot get this search page to work - dropdown boxes don't work and every attempt to search elicits a 404 error message.

Is it just me?

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