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Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Who lived in a house like this? No.2
« on: Sunday 03 October 21 13:23 BST (UK)  »
This one was also bought in Somerset. It reminds me of Shakespeare's House in Stratford but it's not that one. The back has nothing on it, it is pre 1902 as there is no dividing line for address on the back.
Over to you...Have fun and thanks for looking  ;) It's not very clear as it is a lithographic print and not a real photo.

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Who lived in a house like this?
« on: Saturday 25 September 21 13:12 BST (UK)  »
I would love to know where this property is. I bought this postcard in Minehead. The back has no writing on it. it is undated but I would guess at 1950s/60s
Enjoy the search, as I bought it to give the chatters something to do  ;D
Thanks for looking.

Yorkshire (East Riding & York) / History of a Hull property help Please
« on: Saturday 03 July 21 14:43 BST (UK)  »
I am researching the history of 12, Story Street in Hull and wondered if  someone would be kind enough to look for any newspaper cuttings of advertisements or services please.
A young couple have recently purchased the property intending to turn it into four apartments and have asked for help in building a background history, to create a booklet and story board for the entrance to the premises.
I have Trade Directories from 1871 -1939 showing the people who occupied the premises ranging from, a lodging house, and outfitters, a Dentists and a Furrier.
Thanks for looking.

Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Grace Jefferson - Hull
« on: Wednesday 26 May 21 15:08 BST (UK)  »
This my Aunt Grace, my Mother's Sister clowning about in Uncle Walt's suit posing with his accordion during the second WW2.
If anyone is bored and would like to give it a clean it would be much appreciated.
Thanks for looking.

Technical Help / Hermes Scam Warning!
« on: Monday 03 May 21 15:03 BST (UK)  »
I received a text message on my phone informing me that they had tried to deliver a package and will reschedule delivery for tomorrow, there was a link given to a web address that doesn't match their website and the phone number doesn't exist! We hadn't ordered anything but some people who may be waiting for a delivery may click on the link without thinking. Hermes usually put a note through the door with details of where the package has been left! I deleted the message without clicking on the link. Ironically, we had just got back from a walk. I only have essential numbers in my contacts list, I don't do any banking or ordering goods from my phone, so it's really annoying  >:(

As the board is quiet, I am looking for a clean up and a bit more clarity please, Aunt Jean wore glasses which are not really noticeable as I think they might have been rimless.  This is my Father's Sister and her Husband, not sure of the date but I think most likely to be 1930s. No colour thanks This is a copy and I don't have the original.
Thanks for looking.

The Lighter Side / Ancestry Free Easter Weekend!
« on: Saturday 03 April 21 13:37 BST (UK)  »
Not sure if this has already been posted, but here goes:


I would just like to say what a godsend Rootschat has been during this very difficult and testing time for us all. This is my go to place when time hangs heavy with the necessary restrictions in place. We are all experiencing Social Deprivation the likes of which has never been seen in our lifetime, and are all missing Family and friends.
So please put your hands together for the people behind the scenes who keep this show on the road for us all to enjoy. Long may it continue  :D

Thank You Trystan & Sarah  :-*

Take Care  ;)


The Lighter Side / Remember when...
« on: Sunday 21 February 21 16:56 GMT (UK)  »
....Sundays were classed as a day of couldn't buy food of any description on Sundays. Music wasn't allowed to be played in the pubs. You couldn't do the laundry or any cleaning. Everyone wore their best clothes and went visiting relatives, or to the cemetery with a bunch of flowers, or took a trip to the seaside.
"The Railway Children" was on T.V. at teatime. Everyone had a Sunday roast: Roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes and two veg. Shop didn't open with the exception of small corner shops who had set opening times for Sunday trading.
How times have many times did you hear the words: "It was different in our day" and now I'm beginning to sound like my Mum  :-\  ;D

What do others remember about the Sundays of the past and other changes over time?


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