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Canada Lookup Request / Barritt/Barrett Girls - sent by Middlemore Homes
« on: Wednesday 24 February 21 18:34 GMT (UK)  »
I am wondering if anyone can help me find out what happened to these 2 sisters. 

In 1893 two sisters Mary Ann (b. abt 1883) and Alice (1885) were sent to Canada by the Middleton Homes on the Siberian. Both were sent to Scotsburn, Pictou Co., Nova Scotia. Mary Ann was placed with Adam R. MURRAY and I think was still there in October 1900 if I have read the BHC information correctly. However I cannot find her in the 1901 census.
Her younger sister was sent to George Stewart and is still there in 1901 but not by 1911.

I would love to know what happened to the two girls and if they managed to make a life for themselves.

The Common Room / Revising Barrister’s Court 1843
« on: Saturday 17 October 20 16:12 BST (UK)  »
Hi, can anyone tell me about the decisions made by a Revising Barrister’s Court. I know that it concerns the voters list for the area but I do not know what the actual decisions mean.
Claims  -  either allowed or struck out.
Objections  - either struck out or retained.

Is it a claim to be added to the list? Why would somebody object to be on the list?

I would love to know what was involved for one relative who had his claim allowed.

The Common Room / Why Golden?
« on: Sunday 12 January 20 11:06 GMT (UK)  »
Researching my great-grandmother Kate Frances Warner 1860-1924 I found that of her 10 siblings, 5 were given the name Golden either as a first or middle name. Since their mother's maiden name is Knight I am trying to work out why this was done? I haven’t found any possible Golden grandparents although I am still looking in to this. Has anyone any other ideas?

Handwriting Deciphering & Recognition / Help reading this Irish baptismal record please.
« on: Saturday 23 February 19 10:59 GMT (UK)  »
This is the baptismal record of Michael Kelly baptised on 6th June 1841. Parents John Kelly and Joanna Carey. I think it then gives his godparents as Thomas Mitchell and Ellen Carey. I cannot make out the next part although it may say he is illegitimate since his parents marry on 17th June 1841!
Can anyone confirm this?

The Common Room / Married after superintentant's registry certificate.
« on: Tuesday 12 February 19 17:21 GMT (UK)  »
Looking at the parish register for the marriage of Emily Hill to John Dyson on  5 Mar 1876 at St Paul's Huddersfield it states that they were married "after superintentant's registry certificate".

I understand that this replaces having Banns called but I am still confused about why they would do this. Any one have any ideas about why a couple should take this route rather than the usual one?

Census and Resource Discussion / Possible Catholic Boarding Schools in 1851?
« on: Monday 28 January 19 23:51 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for John Anthony Mastaglio in the 1851 census. He was born about 1837 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and dies in 1895. I have found him in every other census and I have also discovered the rest of the family in the 1851 census.  So where is he?
Given his age of 14 I suspect he may be at school as his father was a successful trader and could afford to send him. The family were devout Catholics and so I wondered if there would be any Catholic Boarding schools at this time which I could trawl through name by name as the name Mastaglio is often transcribed incorrectly even on the few occasions that it was originally recorded correctly. :'(

Census and Resource Discussion / Double trouble in the census?
« on: Thursday 10 January 19 23:52 GMT (UK)  »
I am wondering people on RootsChat have had similar odd census discoveries to this I made with my Castle family.
In the 1911 census I have found two entries for 46 Vaughton Street Birmingham
Registration district                           Aston
Registration District Number              385
Sub-registration district                     Deritend
ED, institution, or vessel                    3
Piece                                                18150
Images                                             0149 to 0154
At first I assumed that the one the Castles inhabited should be no. 47 and that it was just an interesting coincidence that in both houses there was a 23 year old woman called Ellen with a very young son called George. One being Ellen Susannah Gouldingay, married to Frank, and the other being Ellen Castle, daughter of George Castle and a young child called George who I assumed was her son.

However, further research on Ellen Castle revealed that she was called Ellen Susannah and had married Frank Gouldingay in 1908 – in other words it looks like she is both the Ellens and her son is recorded twice as well!– so why has George her father described her as single and her son as George Castle rather than George Gouldingay?

Bit odd isn’t it? By the way Ellen and Frank go on to have another 7 children after this 😊

Europe / Searching for Vittorio Riella Mastaglio
« on: Wednesday 05 December 18 23:29 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking for the birth and parents of Vittorio Riella/Realla Mastaglio who was born in  Dosso del Liro Lombardy about 1810 according to most of his census entries - however his death registration in 1875 suggests he was born about 1806.
He emigrated to Newcastle Upon Tyne prior to 1835 when he marries a local catholic girl Mary Ann Fleming. Later, after her death, he remarries in 1859 and on this record he states that his father is John Anthony Mastaglio, a miller.  I am assuming that this should be Giovanni Antonio Mastaglio and that the occupation is correct although I am a little suspicious because his first wife's father was definitely a miller.
Has anyone any ideas about where I can go from here?

Warwickshire / Arthur and Emily Mary Douce - who are they and where do they go?
« on: Sunday 25 November 18 10:15 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, I am looking for John Henry Castle born 1856, his wife Ruth Castle born 1876 and their children Alice born 1894, John Henry born 1895 and Ellen (or Helen) born 1904.
 In the 1901 census they are living at 85 Mosley Road Birmingham and recorded as husband and wife but I cannot find a marriage for them until 1903. I think that John Henry was married to a Sarah Jane Horton  in 1876 but have not identified her death and it seems that Ruth was possibly married to a Stephen Nelson in 1893 so it could be that Alice is Stephen's child. Baby Ruth, mentioned in this census, died later the same year. Mother Ruth is proving very hard to find prior to this census too and I cannot identify her birthplace as given.
John describes himself as variously a tin trader, a china dealer and a general dealer. They seem to move around a great deal (as did all the Castle family going by the variety of birth places listed for the children in the census). They were living in Oxford in 1895 when their son John Henry junior was born and baptised.
I have a possible death of John Henry in 1922 but cannot find any further mention of Ruth after the baptism of Helen (or Ellen) Castle  at Holy Trinity Church Bordsley on the 30th Nov 1904. They are then living in Watery Lane, Birmingham.
I have found their son John Henry living as a lodger aged 14in Leopold St. Birmingham in the 1911 census and identified Ellen Castle in a 1926 marriage in Birkdale Lancashire (I know it is her as family history gave her married name and that her husband ran a cafe) and she reports her father as deceased. However I cannot find anyone else
There is a possibility that they were a canal family as I know that their niece married into the Goldingay family who were watermen and John Henry junior married the widow of another of the Goldingays.
Has anyone any suggestions as to where I could look next to find out what happened to them and what Ruth’s background may be?

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