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I have a marriage document of some type of my great, great, great grandfather in the state of Georgia, USA.  The document has a few words I can't decipher and the actual purpose of the document is unclear. It has marriage and money involved, some sort of dowry?? I've included the original and my translated version, to the best of my ability, with the confusing parts underlined in red.

Any help clarifying this document would be appreciated.

United States of America / Research methods while a state was still a territory
« on: Friday 25 January 19 21:27 GMT (UK)  »
I have information about my Gt Grandfather in Alabama in the 1850's as a young man, but there was another John Blake in the same area in 1817 while Alabama was still a territory.  My Gt Grandfather would have been four years old at that time, so I'm wondering if this may have been his father. 

Any suggestions on how to research while still a territory would be much appreciated.

US Lookup Requests / Help finding a very confusing Gt Grandfather
« on: Monday 21 January 19 18:45 GMT (UK)  »
My name is John Blake and I’m looking for any information about my Gt Grandfather of the same name.  Nothing is known about him before he arrived in the state of Alabama about 1840.  He indicated on all census forms that he was born in New Haven, CT., but nothing else.  No one in the family linage has an any info before 1840.  He was a “Master Carpenter” and was contracted to build the Montgomery Hill Baptist church, which continues today as an active church and is listed on the Alabama Historic Register.  It was completed and paid for on 11, Sept 1854 for $1450. He has been called by two names, John Luther Blake (my name) and sometimes with a middle name of Edward. The only info I have is listed below:

Name:      John Luther Blake or John Edward Blake
Birth:      14, October 1814 or 1819
Birthplace:   New Haven, CT
Death:      28, October 1860 or 2, January 1865
Death Place:    Wilcox County or Baldwin County Alabama
Occupation:   Supt of Mill   Listed earlier as Master Carpenter.
Spouse:      Elizabeth L. Stedham (Steadham) 1827-1907
Married:      3, November 1845
Children:      Edward Elmore, 1846-1914
         John Luther,    1848-1905
         Julia Florence,    1850-1921
         David Ormand,    1852-1910
         George Clinton,    1856-1932 (My grandfather)
         Theodore Krause, 1859-1862

My Gt Grandfather never used a middle initial in signing documents that we’ve found. I found in the US Territorial Papers that he possibly went to Alabama with his father, also John, in about 1817, then returned to New Haven. Later to return to Alabama when he got old enough. I’ve been trying to find any sources or records for his training as a master carpenter in CT. with no luck. 
Any info regarding him or sources that might helpful will be appreciated.
I apologize if this is posted in the wrong forum room.  If so, please advise
Thank you everyone for a very great website!

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