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Family History Beginners Board / Josiah Mabert (Mabott/Marbet) The Greenwich, sloop
« on: Wednesday 06 February 19 09:30 GMT (UK)  »

This has been a big conundrum and wondering if anyone can shed new light on this.

Josiah Mabert 1727 - ?1800 was commander of The Greenwich sloop. There are numerous records in the archive of his travels, and in the Burney Newspaper archives too. He is sent on a mission with the Order of the Green Cloth in 1750, tries to sell the sloop in 1753, then back sailing to the Netherlands in 1954 - 1956 ... then, according to the newspapers - he is lost at sea in 1756 .... there is no record of him ... Until, 1765 when he has another child, and listed as being a ship's purser. Then I have death records of him at Greenwich hospital Feb 1800, and burial record.
 but -
He also had a son called Josiah. 1755 - ?1800. He was a colleges man, so also working on the boats. He is also listed died Feb 1800 - but I can only find one Josiah Mabert in that year. So, they have merged into the same person - and no date of birth given. The death record remarks 'mate', so I presume it is referring to Josiah the elder as he was an officer....however, it is all very mysterious. I'm at a loss where to go. 

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