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Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Cain's art studio Dayton, Ohio
« on: Saturday 21 May 22 12:16 BST (UK)  »
Good morning,
I would like to find the active dates for a photographer called Cain's Art Studio in Dayton Ohio?
The address on the frame - NE corner of 5th and Main Sts. Dayton O.
I believe this photo was taken there in the late 19th century.

Thank you

would love to have the yellow spots removed from this family photo. William was born in Manchester 1841. Seen wearing his Indian Mutiny medal

Cambridgeshire Lookup Requests / Mary Ann Titterton from Ely
« on: Saturday 12 December 20 10:49 GMT (UK)  »
I need help trying to find any info on Mary Ann Titterton from BEFORE her marriage in 1871 to Joseph Padgett Clark. They married in Tottenham, but no hints as to her father on the bann/marriage.
Only info I have on her is from the 1891 census. Her birthplace is Ely, Cambridgeshire, born 1847, living in Newington, west Kennington with husband and 6 children,
Our family has a letter from 1887, when "they have 7 children in all", but I can not find the 7th one, though I believe from another hint in the letter, the 7th child is possibly married, the oldest, and female; possibly a child of Mary Ann's from a prior relationship? Illegitimate? Or Joseph's child from 1st marriage to Lois Lineker (she died 1868 age 27), though I can find no record of a birth.
Mary Ann survived her husband J.P., who died in 1899, Southwark, as she is on the probate record, but I can not locate her.
Need help to find any Mary Ann Titterton birth record in Ely?
Need help to find Mary Ann Clark widow after 1899.
Need help to find that 7th child.
I only have access to Ancestry records, not FindMyPast.

The Common Room / Frances Bramley whereabouts in 1881?
« on: Sunday 27 September 20 13:02 BST (UK)  »
I'm searching for Frances Bramley, nee Clark. She was born Shelton, Notts.

Last known census info - the 1871 census in Newark Nottinghamshire. Married to James Bramley. She is living at St Mark's Square, next door to the Wm. Lineker family. (Her 1st illegitimate child Joseph Padgett Clark married Lois Lineker, most likely Wm's sister, in 1866. Lois died in 1868 - possibly childbirth?)

Husband James dies in 1876, when Frances is 53 y.o.
She died in 1887 in Newark, Notts. It is this in between period that she disappears.
Can not find her on the 1881 census - Wm Lineker is still living at same address, but the Bramley's are gone
Also can't find her son, Joseph Padgett Clark on the 1881, 1891 censuses, though I do know about his 2nd marriage, death in Lambeth etc.
Any ideas? Sources to search? I have scoured Ancestry records for hours - nada.....

Other Countries / ex-American soldier died in the Philippines
« on: Monday 18 May 20 11:40 BST (UK)  »
Looking for a death in the Philippines.

Wallis Robert Clark

Retired US Army. Born 1875 England.
Died sometime after 1950, possibly 1952-1953.
Lived near the barracks at Camp Joshman, Guimaras Island.
Buried Guimaras Island.

Thanks, if anyone can help with records?

I have this photo in my collection of "unknowns"

I have done a quick internet search of the fire dept in Phillipsburg, New Jersey, USA, which did not shed any light. There is no writing on the back of the photo. There is the #2 "scratched" onto the photo, on his hat.

It could be this man is one of our families original immigrants to the US from England or Prussia? Family name could be Pointon, or Koenig.

I would appreciate having it enhanced and/or dated.... Thank you

Lincolnshire Lookup Requests / Clark baptisms in Carlton-le-Moorland 1812-1814
« on: Wednesday 01 April 20 13:36 BST (UK)  »
I wonder if there is any information to help me confirm the identity of the parents of Mary Clark, (baptized Nov 1812) and her younger brother Charles Clark (baptized April 1814).
My info from Freereg - parents Robert (labourer) and Elizabeth Clark. Is there any way to find where they came from?

It seems they only baptized these 2 children in Carlton-le-Moorland. None before or after.
My theory is Robert came from Shelton, Notts. Married Elizabeth Yates from Cuckney/Norton, Notts.
Married in 1812. They went to Carlton-le-Moorland to start their family (agricultural labourer). Then returned to his home of Shelton before the next child was baptized in Shelton, Robert.

Could someone tell me how to search the 1871 census for a patient at the smallpox hospital Hampstead, who was buried on 19 April 1871 at Tower Hamlets cemetery.
Thomas Clark, age 27. I would like to know any more information on this person that might be on the census which is not on the cemetery register.
Thank you

Nottinghamshire Lookup Requests / Robert Clark in Shelton 1841 census
« on: Wednesday 20 November 19 11:13 GMT (UK)  »
Can anyone please help me find either marriage or baptism records for Robert Clark, wife Elizabeth found in Shelton on the 1841 census, with children William, Hannah and Ann. All born in the same county. Ag Labourer.
I believe his age is 56 in 1841 = born 1785?
Elizabeth born 1791
William born 1821
Hannah born 1826
Ann born 1828
If this is my family, they have another son Charles born 1815.
Are the records available on FindMyPast? I only have access to Ancestry at present. Or only from parish registers?
Thank you all.

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