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Technical Help / Compatibility for 32bit Paint Shop Pro on Win7 64bit
« on: Saturday 02 March 13 16:16 GMT (UK)  »
Thanks Jim confusion,

I have just found my dvd which I had purchased many moons ago and followed your guide almost to the letter. I right-clicked the install.exe within the dvd instead of copying it to my hard disk and followed the on-screen instructions to successfully install PSP. It is so nice to have the programme back again.

The only funny thing was at the end when Windows asked if it had been successful (Microsoft chose XP compatibility on my 64bit Win7 machine) and then tried to save the settings to the dvd, hmmm. I ejected the dvd and nothing untoward happened.

However, on first use, the help files would not open but Microsoft immediately directed me to their relevant help pages where I had to
1) install WinHlp32.exe by following their guide. It is very good for when I tried another path when the PSP help didn't work after opening (it didn't find macro 1037 so no help topics were shown), MS said it was not suitable for me. So everything is done correctly, automatically.
2) follow MS help and run the programme "let Microsoft Fix it for me" to unblock the macros.
Without any re-boot the help programmes then ran perfectly well.

cheers, falcybe

I used PSP on Win98 and XP but forgot all about it with vista, will now try with Win7 64 bit, what a great image program.

If you have the .exe file (or any other) on a cd/dvd, you will need to copy it over to your desktop.
Right mouse click the .exe file, select properties at the bottom of the dialog, then select the compatibility tab.
 Check the box: Run this program in compatibility mode for, and select  a windows version,
as a minimum try Windows XP Service Pack 3; at the bottom click Apply, then OK.

You should now be able to install the program. You may need to use admin rights.

Best wishes,


Technical Help / pc burned and crashed
« on: Sunday 03 February 13 14:29 GMT (UK)  »
Last night my Ordyno (custom building with Asus parts) desk-top pc smelt of burning and then stopped working.

I bought it in Aug 2008 and never had any problems until now, apart from a noisy fan which becomes silent when the wall of the tower is tapped a couple of minutes after start-up and that from day 1.

It came with Intel E4700 dual processor, 320Go disk with Windows Vista business and a 2nd 160Gb disk with Linux and 2 x 2Go of RAM. There is also a dvd RW player.

Last night my daughter (who has the pc permanently now) was watching a dvd film when the burning and crash happened. She has watched many dvd's over the last two years without problem.

She and her friend have taken the side off and given the insides a good dusting and tried without success to find a re-set switch.

Tomorrow they are going to take the pc to a shop they know but I would be interested to hear any ideas here on Rootschat. At least with the machine being built by the shop where I bought it, each component can be replaced separately (if they still fit)

cheers, falcybe


I've searched and searched but I cannot find any reference to why folders no longer change colour. In the previous format it was nice to see where I had posted within a board at a glance.

Half-way down this page is what I'm talking about  :)

cheers, falcybe

Technical Help / mobile internet - completed thanks
« on: Monday 23 January 12 20:11 GMT (UK)  »
Hello all,

I live in Belgium and I am going to visit family Thursday, for how long I don't know, one to four weeks. What I want is a cheap "dongle" connection which I may perhaps pass to my mother afterwards as she is not yet connected to the web.

Amongst others, I have seen O2 which boasts being able to support VOIP usage (which other ISPs say not to use) and the price appears to be reasonable, even if the web-site is not too clear.

However, O2 is not the only one and I would like to hear from Rootschatters who have one or other mobile and know what you feel about the different services available,

Thanks, falcybe


This is an appeal to MyHeritage users. I have just received a gedcom produced by MyHeritage and Legacy doesn't like _UPD or _UID. The contents of the first is some sort of a date, I'm not sure what but the second field is completely foreign to me

Can anyone help?

cheers, falcybe

Technical Help / email hijacking help please
« on: Wednesday 16 November 11 19:23 GMT (UK)  »

Just 3 weeks after cleaning my daughter's laptop, she has another problem. Unfortunately I cannot get to her for a few days so I am wondering if anyone has any knowledge they could help me with before I go: ideally someone will recognize the problem and say what she has and how to deal with it.

my daughter's pc is an Acer on XP and she has Avast installed. Her e-mail provider is Ironically she had to change her Yahoo password this weekend because she had forgotten the old one. The mails started (and stoppped again! Why?) on Monday.

The Problem
Monday my daughter's Yahoo email sent out variations of the following message to many people in her address book but not always to the same people:

FWD: this has been your time to shine.
no regrets after doing this venture

The body:
Hola friend
nothing seemed to work now I dont feel bad about spending my money now theres no looking back you should consider trying it
http: // / JohnScott78 . html

the body in the second mail:

nothing seemed to work now I dont feel bad about spending my money now theres no looking back you should consider trying it
http: // / JohnMacdonald66 . html
c ya

I put the spaces in the http links just in case anyone reading this tried to click on them ::)

thanks in advance,


Technical Help / Monkey-2 worm/trojan/mass mailer
« on: Monday 24 October 11 14:04 BST (UK)  »

I have just finished cleaning my daughter's pc (Acer on XP) using her Avast and I am slightly puzzled.

She had two apparant problems:
1) VLC.exe|>nsis.hdr was infected by NSIS: adware [pup]
As far as I can make out this seems to be a false alert? Any comments gratefully received
2) C:\hiberfil.sys was infected by Monkey-2
As funny (not haha) things were happening I believe this one.

Anyway, I had avast delete both files and after closing down and turning off all power then rebooting, cleaning all temp files out and re-scanning fully the portable has a clean bill of health again.

My main question is: has anyone else been infected by Monkey or Simda worms or do you have an idea of their normal routes into a computer? Mail/flash disk/other?

thanks, falcybe

Technical Help / digital camera cards comparison
« on: Saturday 19 March 11 22:30 GMT (UK)  »

I know this is the 3rd topic this week on this subject but I am about to buy a new camera and for one possibility I can buy a Sandisk 6gb SD card for 6 from Tesco or I can buy a Sandisk SDHC 4gb card for 20. The shop says the latter has 30mbs write capacity. The camera I'm looking at, the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ45, can shoot 10 frames a sec at 3mpix. And I see there are also SDXC cards available.

I cannot find the speed for the SD card so does anyone know if it is worth spending 20 instead of 6 pounds for less capacity?

Thanks, falcybe

Technical Help / Task manager not working properly - Completed
« on: Wednesday 02 March 11 22:09 GMT (UK)  »
Hi, I'm running Windows 7 home and premium 64 bit on an Acer Aspire 5734Z which is only about 3 months old.

A couple of days ago I noticed that on pressing Alt Ctr Del to go to the task manager, only one page came into view, with no navigation buttons. I can delete running programmes and that is it, whereas there should be several more pages, with memory usage graphs, lists of running processes etc. Even to close the task manager I have to press esc on the keyboard.

Since the problem first appeared I have downloaded the latest windows update and the "notebook" has been turned off and on again a few times.

I don't really want to do a restore because I am on a fairly slow dongle (30kps on a good day for downloading!!)

Any suggestions from people who have had the same or a similar problem?

cheers, falcybe

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