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Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / Finding my father through Ancestry DNA
« on: Wednesday 08 July 20 12:01 BST (UK)  »
Hi all,
I have recently received the results of my Ancestry DNA test. I was hoping to find out who my father was through this test (I've checked birth certificates, adoption papers, his name is listed no where) I have also tried to be in touch with family members that would have known of him but they have either passed or haven't replied.

I have been able to distinguish my maternal DNA matches apart from the paternal DNA matches but on the paternal side there is only a few matches of a '4th-6th cousin' and I'm not even sure where to start to determine who our common ancestor is as each cousin has a different family tree. Has anyone had any success with doing it this way and has any advice?
Cheers, Tracey.

Family History Beginners Board / Please help me find my father!
« on: Sunday 17 March 19 23:53 GMT (UK)  »
Hi all,
I am on a mission to find my father. Except I really have no information about him to help me on my search. I have tried to be in touch with family members that would have known of him but they have either passed or haven't replied. I want your help as I don't know where to begin or whether a DNA test on Ancestry or anything like that would help. He also is not on my birth certificate, only my mother, and she gave me her last name. This is the information I have relating to him:

- I was born in 1964 in Surrey, England, and I was told that he was in his 40s or 50s when I was born.
- He worked on boats and my mother, Sandra Helena Sykes, who was 20, joined him
- He left again while I was born to go back out to sea and my mother got in contact with the Salvation Army to get in contact with him and bring him back when I was born
- He decided he couldn't stay and left again
- He may have been Jewish (I've been told different things)

I am aware he most likely has passed, but I'm interested in knowing who he was or at least having a picture, it's a big part of my identity that I've never known. I also am intrigued as to whether I have any half siblings. I'm not sure where to start looking or if it's possible that I may find anything from any archives or tests you are aware of.

As always, any help is greatfully received.

Cheers, Tracey.

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