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The Lighter Side / When DNA Matches can not see a match
« on: Sunday 28 March 21 22:18 BST (UK)  »
I have recently contacted someone who Ancestry says either hasn't done DNA or isn't a match.  Both of us have done a DNA test, and between us, he and I have ascertained that we actually have Common Ancestors.  However, he is still unable to see me (nor I him) as a DNA match!

What make this even more frustrating, is that he can now see my 2nd cousin and her daughter as DNA matches in the Thrulines feature.  I can also see them, but I can't see him.  ???

Might this have something to do with Ancestry's recent purge of matches with less than 8cms?  My cousin's tree is almost identical to mine, so I find this rather irritating.  I will write to my cousin and ask her to let me know what % of a match he is with her, and that might give me a clue.

Any thoughts, Ancestry users?


The Lighter Side / An Unexpected Gift
« on: Saturday 05 September 20 18:07 BST (UK)  »
Just wanted to share something that recently happened to me.  I was contacted on Ancestry by someone I don't know (nor am I related to) asking if I was related to a particular person, because they had a book which had belonged to this person and wanted it to go to a living relative.  Naturally, I was a bit suspicious at first, but checked my tree and I was the 5th cousin, 3x removed and as far as I could tell, there were no others living (at least none which could be identified).

I finally responded and eventually agreed to accept the book.  The person was thrilled and said he would 'pop it in the post' right away.  The book arrived about 12 days later (UK to Canada). 

The original owner received the book on his 29th birthday - 16 January 1875!  Considering its age, it is in pristine condition, leather bound, about 3" by 5" and 1" thick, with gilding on the edges of the pages.

Each page has three days on the left with quotes from plays and sonnets, and on the right he has had relatives and friends write their name (and year of birth) beside the relevant day.  He has most of his siblings and his wife's family as well.  I have started researching and adding what I now know are the exact dates of birth (and occasionally death).

I am so grateful to this man for contacting me and entrusting me with this little book.  He never asked for a penny (not even for the 5.30 cost of postage) and I made sure to send him back a picture of the book to let him know it had arrived safely.

I will keep it in a safe place together with my great grandfather's hymn book which my mother left me.

Hope everyone is well,



The Lighter Side / Opinions requested
« on: Wednesday 15 July 20 16:11 BST (UK)  »

I recently received a message asking if I was willing to chat about a shared ancestor.  The requester has the same surname as the ancestor, so I said yes that would be fine.  There was an open family tree with the surname, so I clicked to see what the person already had so as not to repeat information.  He had only 8 people, going back from the person he was asking about, and no birth/death dates for the actual person or their spouse.  I have considerably more than that in my tree.

The next day, he replied asking me to provide him with my information as "he couldn't see my tree" which is odd because it's not private.  But he had now changed his tree to Private.

Am I being taken for a mug here?  I feel like he is just wanting to pick my brains without having to do anything himself.  I thought he would have more info, as this ancestor emigrated to Australia and the person asking me lives in Melbourne!

I'm thinking that I may just give him some 'bare bones' info, and see what he comes back with in return.

Would appreciate hearing your thoughts / opinions on this type of request. 

Thanks all


The Lighter Side / Ancestry - Hiccups? and New Feature
« on: Wednesday 03 June 20 18:48 BST (UK)  »
Hiccups...  For the past few days, Ancestry has been doing something a bit odd and slightly annoying.  For instance:  I started out looking at Fred Smith's profile and once finished, I selected Mary Brown's profile.  I decided to look at the 1939 Census on Mary's profile.  When I clicked the arrow to exit the document, I was immediately back in Fred Smith's profile!  This is happening no matter who I start with.  Anytime I come out of viewing an actual document (of any kind), I am taken back to the person I started with.   Has anyone else experienced this?

New (Beta) Feature:  When I look at the hint screen for anyone, if there is a hint Ancestry thinks would be particularly useful, it puts a blue box indicating what the record is.  The little green leaf is in the corner of the box.  Kind of spoon feeding to the extreme?  I can just ignore it of course, and like any of their hints, just because it's there, doesn't mean it's right!  LOL

Ah well...not huge things in light of recent events!


The Common Room / Mystery in Waltham Abbey
« on: Sunday 12 April 20 22:22 BST (UK)  »
Happy Easter to all celebrating today!

I have a mystery that I would like to solve if possible.  A husband and wife both died on the same day, who were living at the same address in Waltham Abbey.  The deaths occurred on 7 December 1989, but were not registered until May 1990, which might indicate an inquest?  Probate was completed in 1991 for both (no add'l details except date of death and last address).

My caution here is that there are two living children, so while I would like to know what happened, there are other considerations - especially as these are distant relations.

Is this something this group would be OK with investigating?  If so, I will provide the details (but not, of course, the names of the children).

Please advise?



The Common Room / Issues with the new Ancestry Messaging System?
« on: Saturday 04 April 20 18:04 BST (UK)  »
/Whine/ First of all, why did they have to change it anyways?!  All my groups are now merged back together (yes, I downloaded the groups, but really, what good is that?) //Whine// 

OK - so my issue is that today (4 April 2020), I received notification of a new message from Ancestry.  I click on the new message, the message centre opens, but the new message is not there!  Nor has the message appeared in my email (at least, not yet).  Now the 'new' marker is gone from the message, so Ancestry thinks I've read it...

Anyone else having problems?  I did fill out the feedback form and sent it off.

I searched for the person's name, but she's new and not a DNA match either, so can't find her.



Who knew there were so many Summerscales in West Yorkshire.

I am looking at George Summerscales, born 1814, Southowram, W Yorkshire to William Summerscales and Martha Schofield/Scholfield.  I have followed him via the 1841 through 1881 Census documents.  He married (I think) in 1833 and first child John was born in 1835.  They had 6 children and then the first wife, Elizabeth, died in 1866.  George married Hannah Barroclough that same year, and he died in 1887.

My question is regarding the name (surname) of his first wife, Elizabeth.  I have found Banns for a marriage between George Summerscales (Occ. Dyer) and Elizabeth Holgate in October 1833 - which fits with the timeline.  However, George is recorded as "Widower".  As he would only be 19, this doesn't seem right - and I've found no other earlier marriage.  So I am wondering is this the wrong George? Or was he born earlier and I have the parents and DOB wrong?  Even so, my searches haven't found an earlier marriage.  I have a feeling I've mixed up two different families...

The 2nd marriage certificate shows him correctly as 'widower', occupation Dyer, and father William (labourer).  William Summerscales and Martha Schofield were married in 1812.

Any information would be very much appreciated.  If you need me to provide any additional details please let me know.

Thanks All


The Common Room / What is Nursing Register Rule 16B (a)?
« on: Thursday 30 January 20 21:56 GMT (UK)  »
I have done a quick search here in Rootschat and a Google search, but can't find anything on this. 

A relative is in the Nursing Register (General Nursing Council for England and Wales for 1965 - 1966) and instead of a hospital name, the phrase "Rule 16 B (a)" appears beside her name - and many others.  It's not vitally important, but I'd be interested to learn what this means? 



The Common Room / Ancestry reversing husband and wife (gender)
« on: Saturday 12 October 19 16:10 BST (UK)  »
I ran my Ancestry tree through a program called 'Ancestral Quest' (owned by Ancestry) and it shows 3 marriages where the husband and wife's genders are reversed.  That is, husband's name shows as wife, and vice versa.  The program itself will not repair this error, it just points it out.

When I go to my tree, the genders are correct in all 3 cases, but each of them identifies the non-relative as just 'Spouse of' instead of 'Husband/Wife of'.  I can't find a way to change them back, and a message to Ancestry was answered with a form email and a link to 'How to edit your tree'!

Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, how did you fix it? Or is it not fixable?  I tried removing and re-adding, but to no avail.


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