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Family History Beginners Board / Lost Auchter
« on: Tuesday 23 April 19 07:41 BST (UK)  »
     Hello to anyone who may read this. I have been searching far and near for answers to my family lineage... I want to help my father connect the dots and also for myself...

Our last name is Auchter.

    The most we know is the last place before America the Auchter family had lived was in Wiesbaden Germany. But we did not come from here.

Scotland was the original home. My father said all he knew and his father knew was whoever lived in scotland had left between 1604-1670 and crossed over into France for about a year and then went into Germany.

No Auchterís exist in scotland from what I have come up with. So me and my dad think the name was chopped down or who knows only to fit into Germany.

The family also claims to be related to Robert the Bruce and Mary Stuart queen of scots.
I have no idea how that is to be or perhaps a bedtime story but this is pretty much all the info I have and not many answers to go on...

Any help is appreciated.

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