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Can someone please help. I am trying to trace someone who is claimed to be Greek, who was born in Turkey, served in the Turkish Army, was a war prisoner and then went to Greece as a refugee. I have tried to research this and i need help. I have the DNA of one of their relatives and there is NOT any Greek DNA which contradicts what information i was given on this family being Greek. I also am aware of Turkish Family Trees , where family members came to Greece and changed their surnames. I cannot get above the late 1800's or link anyone up as the names provided are in Greek.

If you actually 'are Greek' then how is it possible to be come to Greece as a refugee in the early 1900's? Does anyone have any details of the history in this area and time?  Thank you

Other Countries / Ioannidis Family Search Help - Turkey and Greece
« on: Tuesday 20 October 20 03:35 BST (UK)  »
Dear roots chat,

I am trying to search my husbands father's family from greece. Any tip to any help is greatly appreciated).

Thank you so much!

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Dear Roots Chat,

I am wondering if anyone has any information on the above? Where i can look to see where the Turner's came from that established 'Turner Town'. I believe this is where our Turner Family originated but have yet to prove.

Any help/assistance is greatly appreciated!!! Thank you  ;D ;D

Dear All,

I need some help as i am stuck. Elizabeth Hough's father was Thomas Hough.

Can anyone tell me 'who' Elizabeth married or if she died? We know she had an illegitimate son Ralph Hough born 1711 in Mobberley. We dont know Elizabeth's mother, we know Elizabeth had siblings Mary, Martha and Timothy.

Any information is greatly greatly appreciated.  ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ???

Family History Beginners Board / Millicent Bateman Turner M'Keown - Belfast
« on: Thursday 30 May 19 11:30 BST (UK)  »
Sorry i am new here, i have put the above where i believe it will fit but need to prove (family of Turner and M'Keown).

Any help is greatly appreciated, i cannot find anything on the above, birth, death, children, parents full name etc etc  ??? ??? ???

I have googled, used my heritage, family search but i cannot find anything. I am stuck

 ;D ;D

Derry (Londonderry) / Londonderry - Jane Dunbar McGuiness (help to research)
« on: Tuesday 14 May 19 01:16 BST (UK)  »
Dear All RootsChat,  i have Jane as being born in 1839 Londonderry to parents David and mother Jane (nee Nesbitt). I cannot find siblings, or further relatives. I know that Jane Dunbar Holloway went to NZ and married Edwin Holloway in NZ. I do not know when Jane went to NZ. I am in Australia, so any tips to search/information is greatly appreciated ;D  ;D

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