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This is a huge cry for help as I have hit a brick wall everywhere else I have searched.
My mother was adopted in the UK in 1945. She knows no details of her adoption at all and my grandmother has been gone for 20 years so no way to get info from her.
My mother has dementia which she developed at a relatively young age and it has made my siblings and I wonder if it is genetic and if there are any other medical issues that could be down the road for any of us or even our children. We would love to be able to find where our mother came from but all we have are her adoptive parents names etc and and Mumís date of birth (although I guess that could even be wrong from things I have read).
We are in Australia which makes it even more difficult.
If there is anyone reading here who has any idea of what we can do, or better yet, knows of someone who might be able assist us in this search we would really appreciate it.
Thank you

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