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Hello everyone,

Not sure if I should put this here or the Hampshire board so please feel free to move It if thatís best.

My daughter, who worked on the IOW for a couple of years is back there on holiday and bought this great picture in a charity shop. She canít place it and weíre not sure of itís period although Iím guessing 1870s.

If anyone knows more weíd be glad to hear it,

Jo. Edited to add: itís a big picture so slide it to see the rest of it

Armed Forces / WW2 uniform identification please
« on: Sunday 11 October 20 19:40 BST (UK)  »
This is my great uncle ďJackĒ John Brennan. He was born in Dublin in 1901 but lived in London from at least the 1920s. We have this picture of him in uniform: there are no details on the photo other than his name.  His granddaughters are trying to find out what regiment he was in. In the 1939 Register he was living at home as a cook but he seems to have joined up by late 1940/1941.

Any thoughts or ideas would be much appreciated

Many thanks

Ancestral Family Tree DNA Testing / How to add NPE to a tree
« on: Friday 12 June 20 17:07 BST (UK)  »
Please move if in the wrong forum.
My husband has found out that, through dna, that his father is not his birth father. I have narrowed it down to likely be one of three brothers as the particular  family has done a lot of dna tests on Ancestry. Several of the matches are very close (600-800 cm). Iíve built a  ( private, given the circumstances) tree and would like to add my husband in but Iím not sure how. Is it possible to link him to the known grandfather without a definite father? Plus, would it make any sense to link his motherís side to this tree ( I currently have a separate tree for his parents which is public).

Thank you for any advice

The Common Room / Why were these deaths registered so late
« on: Wednesday 31 July 19 17:13 BST (UK)  »
I was perusing my great grandmotherís 1911 census entry and thought I would try and find the 6 ( of 17) children who did not survive. I didnít even find all the surviving children for some reason but I did find what appeared to be a set of twins both recorded on the same page (1893 D quarter Pancras Vol 01b p10): Jane and Anthony Sullivan. Looking for the deaths I found what seemed to be the same babies, however the deaths were recorded 1893, J quarter, Pancras 01B p3, I.e. earlier than the births.

Iíve now received the pdfs for Janeís birth and death which shows the birth and death occurring on 17/4/1893 due to prematurity and asthenia (weakness). The death was recorded on 20/4/1893 ( by an aunt, Ē in attendance ď) but the birth not until 1st November by the mother.  Iíd assume it was the same for the other baby.

How unusual would this be? I thought there was a 42 day limit to record births. It seems likely my great grandmother might have been unwell as the aunt registered the deaths but how would they miss the births?

Any thoughts?

Thanks in advance


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