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Hi to the group,

Wound myself into a corner trying to help a workmate...

His ancestor Terence Guthrie came from Ireland to Australia and looks like as a free man.

The ship Donald Mckay [in December 1861] reports him as Terence Guttery age 21 =[1840] RC and  left Tipperary

He worked, Married and died 1922 in Tasmania. All the Tasmanian information is available however the different spellings of Guthrie seems to be our undoing.

There are a small number of trees on Ancestry, and I see they have all been caught by the same person reckons born 1838, however I think this a guess.

Would some kind person sort this little mystery out for us Please, to confirm Terences parents and village would indeed be a prize

Thankyou in Advance Rick in Australia
Terence Guthrie/Gutry/Guthar/Guttery born in 1840 in Tipperary married Catherine Fahy/Fahey 1865 in Oatland Tasmania...they had 9 kids in 15 years

Hi to the group,

Information taken from the US 1910 Federal Census....ancestry 1910 United States Federal Census -

 I have a Joseph Selmer born 1862 Russian Polish ,home in 1910 Schenectady Ward 9 Schenectady New York USA, Cutter street , Male , immigration year 1881, head of Family, Married, Josephine Selmer, father and Mother's birthplace both Russia, native tongue English, naturalized , married 17 years [=1893] 1910 Joseph was 48 Josephine was 38 dau Sarah was 15 [1895] and dau Isabella was 11

I confused as there seem to be three different couples that immigrated with slightly different surnames for example Selmer Celmer, Colmer, Cegler[-ski/-a.

Would some kind person Please enlighten me ...where is Russian Polish that this couple immigrated to the USA from in 1881 and Sarah birth .....

Trying to find the parents of this couple and Sarah Birth

Tips and suggestion very welcome Thankyou Rick

Hi to the group,

on Ancestry England Marriages 1538-1973 there are two Richard Cragg that I cannot find a copy of the original marriage...need to prove Cragg married Blades....would someone be so kind as to take a look for a copy of either or both marriages Please......Thankyou Rick in Australia

Richd Coragg ..male....spouse Isabel BOND female Marriage 8 July 1776 Kendal, Westmoreland, England...event place ..Old Hutton, Kendal, Westmoreland England source details IT3-P17

Richard Cragg married 1761 Isobel Blades

   7/ Richard Cragg 1732-1771

                                          married 1761 Garstale

                                          Isabel  Blades 1736-1811 

                                           had Issue

                                            8/ Margaret Cragg 1764-1877

                                            8/ Thomas Cragg 1767-1809

                                            8/ John Cragg  died 1777

                                            8/ Richard Cragg b. 1778 old Hutton Westmoreland

                                                 married 1802

                                                 Dorothy Hardcastle 1785-1829R

Hi to the Group

Translation Please

Thomas Richards a notorious fr l.lanrhaiadr Muchnant Indicted for stealing watch,and pleaded not guilty, The prisoner got into the....

from Newspaper Shrewsbury Chronicle 14 August 1840  ...Shrewsbury Shropshire England

Snippet from find my past and Im not a subscription holder but searching for Thomas's birth

is llanrhaiadr Muchnant his birth place  and really Llanrhaiadr yn Mochnant Denbighshire Wales...and what does notorious "fr" mean???

Appreciate any help solving this little mystery Please and Thankyou

Rick in Australia

Hi to the group.
Looking for Thomas Richards born 1803?? death unknown Pantglas Llangadwaladr Denbighshire Wales
 married Elizabeth Jones 12 August 1834 Llansilin Denbighshire
his parents.
Edward Richards 1759-1813 Llanarmon Mynydd Mawr Denbighshire
Margaret Jones 1769-1838
his parents
Hugh Richard Edwards 1731 1777 ..........trying to find our lost Thomas as he seems to have just disappeared ...Our Gedmatch is T074120 if anyone from this line would like to compare.
Keen to hear from anyone who is a close match Please....Thankyou in advance
Rick in Australia

Hi to the group
This is tormenting me...Albertine Caroline Rosin b.1855 died 1912 Australia married apparently 1874 Theodor Robert Ernst Herrmann 1852-1927 died Australia
This information was borrowed from trees on ancestry.....says her

birth was 10 March 1855 Vangerske Koslin, Pommern

Marriage 5 June 1874 Dannen Koslin Pommern

marriage 5 June 1874 Damme Mecklenburg Seenplatte Mecklenburg Vorpommern

Residence March 1878 Grumbkow Pommern

There is no information with her parents Henry Rosin and Helene Coldon...I cannot find these places in Germany and therfore I cannot find a marriage or birth ...Appreciate any help or advice to get me through this rainy weekend
Cheers and Thankyou Rick in Australia

Family History Beginners Board / General question Convicts to Tasmania Please
« on: Saturday 28 October 23 02:37 BST (UK)  »
Hi to the group

A general question re Convicts to Tasmania Please...

On the convict sheet for my neighbour there is much information written by the authorities for example..Tried, date, what for, how long, hair colour, eye colour height etc...My question is..

Who told the authorities his wifes name his Fathers and Mothers name and siblings names......Im guessing that this information was from the horses mouth so to speak, and could easily be wrong for example, I have

on sheet ..Wife Elizabeth F= father Thomas M=mother Gwen 3 B=boys Wm,Joh [either John or Joseph] Rich 4 G=girls Kitty, Elizabeth Mary and Ann...for months searching for this combination, I found this...

Wife Elizabeth Father Thomas Mother Kitty [Catherine] boys John and Richard Girls "Gwen" Mary and Anne  ..Elizabeth can be the wife and grandmother...I hate assuming, however could I assume that my neighbours Thomas the convict offered this information with a little spin on it, knowing it would not be checked??

Thankyou Rick in Tasmania

Hi to the Group,

Trying to find William Bowman dad

taken from the 1901/ Down/ Pottinger/ Templemore Avenue/ Residence of a house Census....Ireland

residence of  a house 56 in Templemore Avenue [Pottinger,Down] Ireland

Head of Family William Bowman age 47 male Baptist = 1854 Co Down Northern Ireland a house painter

wife Jean C Bowman 32 Presbyterian born abt 1869 Belfast

son Thomas Bowman 24 Presbyterian b. 1877

son Samuel Bowman 15 Presbyterian b. 1886 Belfast

son Willie Bowman 0 Methodist

dau Anne 21 Methodist b. 1880

step daughter Lizzie Smyth 20 Methodist b. 1881

step daughter Mary Smyth 18 Methodist b. 1883

This information taken from the National Archives of Ireland....Im guessing kids baptised in different Churches as William probably moved around a bit painting houses

The linage the Family are chasing is Samuel Bowman 1886 who I believe went to the Boer War 1902 and immigrated to Canada 1905, have all that info

Just cannot find Jean C Bowman wedding to William Bowman or wedding to Smyth...her maiden name maybe Dunlop??....not sure and looking for Williams Dad

Thankyou Rick in Australia

Greeting to the group.

Wanting to confirm birth of Johann Adam LEO @1720 ?? and death 1771 Please

he married June 1742 Insterburg East Prussia to

 Agneta GRAFIN maybe [graf] 1685-1731 possibly Chernyaklovsk Kaliningrad Russia

Thankyou Rick in Australia

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