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Mayo / Higgins - Cloonfinnaun
« on: Thursday 29 October 20 14:48 GMT (UK)  »

I am researching my great grandmother.
I understand any information is limited as it is a popular name.

Mary Delia Higgins
Born - About 1886,
Cloonfinnaun, County Mayo

Father : Thomas Higgins (Farmer) *
((Marriage Certificate Evidence))

Residence :
1911 26 Manor House, Humphrey Lane, Urmston, Lancashire, England
Marital Status: Single;
Relation to Head: Servant

January 1912 Barton upon Irwell, Lancashire, England
Church of the English Martyrs, 5 Roseneath Rd, Urmston, Manchester M41 5AX

Married : George Townley (18831928)

Birth of Daughter :
Mary Ruth Townley (19132002)
6 Sep 1913 Stockport, Cheshire, England

Birth of Son : Eric Townley (19231989)
28 Jan 1923 Stockport, Cheshire, England

Death : 30 Nov 1928 Stockport, Cheshire, England

My mission is to find any other information on this town she was born and possible birth records, I don't know where to start. Mainly, now i have mentioned her on this forum maybe somebody has a connection or information in time I can learn from.

World War Two / Armed Forces help
« on: Tuesday 27 October 20 14:13 GMT (UK)  »
I am looking to find a little information on my Great Grandfather's WW2 service records with any documents or even a regiment number if possible. I personally haven't had any luck.
With Ancestry the only place I have searched.
We have him in photographs in uniform.
I presume he joined in 1939 when Germany declared war on Britain. Any guidance at all would be great.

James William Brinsley
Nickname 'Jim'
DOB - 1st April 1907 - 28 Nov 1971
Birth Address:
305 Newbridge Lane, Stockport, Cheshire, England
Family Address:
7 Star Street, Portwood, Stockport, Cheshire, England
Marriage: To; Gladys Tattersall -
April 1934 Stockport, Cheshire, England

When searching a name or word using the main search function the results don't seem to offer date order, instead they look like relevancy or so I think.
Why isn't there a date order for the results using this function?
Sometimes the results can have hundreds of pages.

Armed Forces / Enquiry - Ancestor in Peninsula War
« on: Monday 15 July 19 17:14 BST (UK)  »
Hi. I am trying to learn a little about my relative by visiting a museum dedicated to his battalion.
My 4X Great Grandfather.
Mr John Winfindale (1792-1874)

His regiment was the
2nd battalion 83rd regiment of foot.
He fought in the peninsula war.
I am aware he was hospitalised according to the Chelsea pensioners record dated 13/10/1814 aged 22. Having fought in busaco and salamanca.
His wife was called Elizabeth (surname unknown)
Who he met in Lisbon whilst stationed there.
She must of travelled here to the UK from Lisbon because they married and the family tree leads from there.

I would like to confirm if there is a museum dedicated to the 83rd in the UK.

Any guidance will be amazing.
Ryan Townley

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