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Family History Beginners Board / Struggling to find a marriage entry
« on: Monday 17 May 21 16:05 BST (UK)  »
My 2nd Great Aunt was Susannah Ellis, 1841(Retford, Nottinghamshire-1898 (Dewsbury, West Yorkshire),who I'm lead to believe was married to a George Wilson.

I have the appropriate names in censuses dating from 1851 to 1901, when Susannah is absent, matching up with the death I have for her in 1898.

However a distant relative is insistent that I have the wrong Susannah as she has her dying in 1866, unmarried. I have given her the information I have, including the entry of her death, but she now has me wondering if I do have the wrong Susannah, as I can find no record of her marriage.

Any help would be appreciated.


Cork / Death certificates online?
« on: Friday 09 April 21 15:27 BST (UK)  »
Am I able to view a full death certificate online, or do I have to pay the 20 euro to get one from GRO?

My ancestor's details are as below, showing the volume and page number, but can't find anything else. She was born Elizabeth Flynn, but clearly went all her life by Betty.

Name:   Betty Flynn
Estimated Birth Year:   abt 1783
Date of Registration:   Jan-Feb-Mar 1879
Death Age:   96
Registration District:   Mallow
Volume:   5
Page:   456
FHL Film Number:   101589

I'm still struggling with the fact that she died age 96 in Mallow workhouse. Seems a very advanced age for that time.

Also I'm guessing she would have been buried in the workhouse graveyard, but a search doesn't bring anything up.

Cork / Workhouse deaths in Ireland
« on: Thursday 08 April 21 16:23 BST (UK)  »
My 4th great grandmother Elizabeth (Betty) Flynn (Flinn) nee Alton, died on 16th February 1869 in the workhouse at Mallow, Cork.

She was born around 1783. She had a son John born around 1810 who married Mary Timblan (1800-1870).

I can't find any trace of her husband, or find her in a census, and I can't find any record of her burial. I appreciate records aren't available online for birth and baptism that early, also bearing in mind she died in the workhouse, would she have had a proper burial?

Any help or information would be appreciated as I'm having a nightmare with Irish records.  ::)


Family History Beginners Board / Looking for Philip Blessington...maybe?
« on: Tuesday 06 April 21 16:15 BST (UK)  »
My great-great grandad was Michael Blessington born around 1831 in Ireland, probably Leitrim. His mother was Margaret Evers, sometimes listed as Maria, born 1791 in Leitrim, died 1860 in Bradford, Yorkshire.

The only evidence I have to go on that her husband was Philip is in Irish parish records of Ardagh where Michaelem (Michael) was baptised in 1838, his father Philipii (Philip) Blessington, and mother Maria Evers. Also baptised at the same time were 3 other Evers children, but I don't think that is relevant, though obviously I could be wrong.

She was a visitor to Bradford on the 1851 census, as were her children, then all in their 20s, but I can find no other trace of Philip, or another husband.

I have a Patrick (1790-1850) showing on another family tree as married to Margaret Evers, could this be the person I'm looking for and not Philip?  I have no way of substantiating this other than someone else's tree where they can't cite any sources.

Any help appreciated as I am really stuck. Thank you.


Family History Beginners Board / Wills and probate
« on: Thursday 11 February 21 11:48 GMT (UK)  »
I have just come across some information regarding my late maternal great-uncle, via the England and Wales National Probate calendar. All the information in there is 100% correct, re name, date of death, address, but then it says "Probate Leeds 1Aug (1990) not exceeding 115,000" followed by a number.

I've searched under the find a will, but it doesn't come up with anything. Can anyone shed any light on how I find out about the will.

I'm finding it rather odd, as I always got the impression he had no money, and even more so that he would have written a will. He wasn't a well man, and didn't work for a long time, and apparently died without anything, though I know that has been the case many times and families weren't aware.

Thanks in advance.

Ireland / Differing ages in 1861,1871 and 1891 census
« on: Tuesday 13 August 19 10:00 BST (UK)  »
I'm having trouble getting birth/marriage places correct for my great great grandmother. I have a Catherine Flynn born in Mallow, in 1830, married to Michael Blessington in 1851. Now I know the marriage year and the children are correct, but her age varies in the census, so I'm not sure if I've got the right Catherine at birth, meaning I can't go further back. Also they were both in England by 1851 and there are marriage records for two Catherine's in similar areas, one Bradford, one Otley in that year.

A few other trees have the same parents for the Catherine born in 1830, but it doesn't match up with her ages in the census. e.g. Michael was born in 1831, and his age in the 1861 census was 31, whilst Catherine's was 28. Then in the 1871 census he was 38, and she was 33. Again in the 1891 census, Michael was 60, and Catherine 49.  Was this a usual thing that ages weren't recalled, or misremembered so late into the 1880's, or might I have the wrong Catherine at birth in 1830?

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