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Hello I am hoping if i could please get some assistance with some information on my 5th great grandmother all i know is that she was born in Pennsylvania united states in the circa 1765 and died in Ohio united states circa 1851. I know this is an old one but im hoping that their is someone out their that can help.

Hello I am looking for information on how these two deceased people connect are they brother, cousins or.... Basil Charles Douglas Walsh -who is my great grandfather who died in 1910\11 dates differ depending where your looking who was married to Vera Brown also deceased and John William Henry Walsh died 25th January 1919 in new Zealand and was married to a Louise Walsh also deceased. any help that I could get I would greatly appreciate it :) :)

Australia / Looking for Information on Walsh Family
« on: Sunday 08 December 19 04:23 GMT (UK)  »
Hello I was wondering if I could please get some help with Finding out some information like births, deaths, children, where they lived etc on these Walsh's Elvie Maude Walsh all I know is she married a Lawrence Benjamin Smith, Marlene Walsh, Maxwell Robert Walsh, Shirley Walsh. Any help I could get I would greatly appreciate it  :D

well delete it I have tried.

Family History Beginners Board / Frances Teresa Jamieson
« on: Thursday 05 December 19 08:43 GMT (UK)  »
hello I am trying to find any information I can for Frances Teresa Jamieson she is on my Grandfathers side of the family on my mothers side, All I know is that she was born in the Channel Island and her Father James Jamieson was stationed in the Channel Island as a soldier during the time that she was purported to be born. I do not have any dates for Frances Teresa Jamieson but the James Jamieson 1806-1864 Richmond Tasmania and his wife Hannah Victoria Jamieson death was 1818-1901 in Hobart Tasmania. Any help that I could get I would be very grateful and the early Jamieson came from England

Australia / Roy Dodd and Mary Elizabeth White
« on: Monday 25 November 19 05:37 GMT (UK)  »
hello I am trying to trace my grandfathers relatives. His mother was Mary Elizabeth White and her Parents where John Samuel White and Louisa omaley/maley (change in name) from my findings, and Louisa's parents were john omaley 1843-1919 and pleasant aggas 1845-1906. I am hoping that there is someone who may know about Roy Dodd I have been told he was know by other names such as John Morris Dodd, John Marcus Dodd and Roy Robert Walters. But from my findings from other sites and cousins I have made we found that Roy Dodd married a Mary Elizabeth White but so did a John Dodd. so one wonders was Roy and john brothers? or. so can someone help.

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