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Northumberland Lookup Requests / TWAS lookup Vickers Armstrongs
« on: Tuesday 19 February 19 21:06 GMT (UK)  »

Would anyone be able to search through Vickers Armstrongs records for an apprenticeship record please? Going back to around 1935. And any records of my grandfather who worked there from around 1924 to 1941. The apprenticeship record would be my uncle.

Norfolk Lookup Requests / Electoral roll 1918 Ethel Main
« on: Sunday 25 February 18 16:40 GMT (UK)  »
Where would I be able to access the electoral roll for 1918 for Thetford? I'm looking for my grandmother Ethel Main, or my grandfather Thomas Ford. I'm hoping either of them would be in that area. Any help much appreciated.

Unwanted Certificates & Artefacts / Edwardian photo album on ebay - only 26 mins left
« on: Sunday 22 November 09 20:32 GMT (UK)  »

I hope this link works.  I put searched for village, and this lovely album turned up.  The only name the owner has found is GOW.  Lots of photos of villages and places they have visited.  Worth a look


Free Photo Restoration & Date Old Photographs / Old school photo of Dad
« on: Friday 06 November 09 00:43 GMT (UK)  »

Would anybody be able to attempt a repair job on this one?  It's been well used by the look of it :)



Census Lookup and Resource Requests / Criminal register look-up please
« on: Sunday 01 November 09 16:22 GMT (UK)  »

Would somebody please check Michael Campbell, who was imprisoned on 18 July 1872 in Cumberland?

I wondered if there were any more details on the full view.


Northumberland Lookup Requests / St Michael's Church, Elswick
« on: Saturday 31 October 09 21:58 GMT (UK)  »
Does anybody live anywhere St Michael's who would be able to do a look-up for a baptism please?

It's a strange case, I've written over the years half a dozen times, and offered to pay for the certificates of my mam and uncle.
The priest who is there has actually phoned me twice about it, once we had a conversation for half an hour.  But each time I write, or speak to him by phone, the certificates don't materialise.

I don't know why, maybe there aren't any certificates, and my mam was led to believe they were baptised.  I know that her parents didn't marry because her dad was already married.  It's a long story.

But if somebody could even look at the book for me and confirm if the baptisms are there, that would be great


Census Lookup and Resource Requests / Criminal record look-up
« on: Sunday 25 October 09 15:47 GMT (UK)  »

Can someone look-up a couple of family 'convicts' please?  The surname is Groggins.  I already have the details for Mary Groggins, who was convicted in Cumberland.  But there are three Groggins' who were convicted in Lancashire, from the same family.  I don't know if they were living down there at the time, or the court case was held there, it isn't that far from Cumbria.  Many of the Groggins' did actually settle in Lancashire, so its possible they had relocated for a short time.

The Mary Groggins who was convicted in Cumberland, somebody found the details for me a while back, but couldn't decipher completely the details. 

Thank you


Northumberland / Electoral roll - 1924?
« on: Friday 12 June 09 08:27 BST (UK)  »

Does anybody know if there is an electoral roll for the year 1924, and the two years before for Northbourne Street?


World War One / Any Border Regiment experts?
« on: Saturday 16 May 09 01:54 BST (UK)  »

Does anybody have a list of DCM awards given to the 2nd battalion Border Regiment during WW1?

I have a Thomas Groggins regt no 9284, Sergeant Major, who was given the award (well it was in the London Gazette) on 23 June 1915.  I wondered if there was any chance I could find out why he got it?

I have copies of his medal cards already taken from Ancestry.


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