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Channel Islands Lookup Requests / Grouville - Jersey - Channel Island
« on: Thursday 28 March 13 23:24 GMT (UK)  »
Looking for links to the following family members.
Captain George PICOT b: ? Jersey, d: 1 Jun 1922 (per Suz)
married ?
Nina Mary WIMBLE
b: ?  Jersey, d:?

Norman Arthur b: 20-4-1882 England,  d: Australia
Ralph Joshua b: 13-11-1884 England.  d: Australia

John/Jean PICOT b: abt Feb 1799, d: 16 Nov 1869 Grouville
married: ?

Jane - Unknown b: abt 1796
John PICOT b" abt 1826 d: bef 1911

John's family
1st married: 1847 Jersey
Details Unknown b: 1825 Jersey, d: 1851 Jersey (aged 26)

John PICOT b: 14-3-1847 Jersey - - no other details known

2nd married:
Elizabeth Marie BERTRAM
b: abt 1824 Grouville. d: after 1911 Grouville

Charles b: 27 Dec 1853 Grouville, d: 7 Mar 1860 Grouville
William b: 29 Feb 1856 Grouville, d: 22 Apr 1856
William Arthur b: 1 Apr 1857 Grouville, d: 14 Jan 1934 Australia
Charles Simon B; 19 Jul 1860 Grouville
Elizabeth Suzanne B; 11 Dec 1862 St. Clement, Jersey,  d: 7 May 1934 Fort George, Guernsey,
Jane Victoria b: 2 Jan 1867 St. Clement, Jersey,

Trying to find the burial locations for the above family members.
Confirmation on birth, death and marriage details.

Migrations of William Arthur to Australia - believed to be to a Port in South Australia, where is rumoured he jumped ship there and initially made a life for himself before heading to Victoria.

We have found census entries for some family but unconfirmed.

A descendant family member is making the trip from Aust to Jersey mid year and staying a week to locate any potential family links, so getting as much background work before hand is vital.

We have contact the local church's and archive office but seem to be going around in circles getting straight answers.

Need to know where the cemeteries are, if none then where they would be buried eg: on church ground, on private land or in another Provence/township.

Any help and suggestions appreciated.  Thank you in advance.


Thank you to everyone that helped solve some of the riddles on this family - greatly appreciated - your a wonderful group.


Somerset Completed Lookup Requests / James & Elizabeth DENMEAD 1856/7
« on: Sunday 26 March 06 05:16 BST (UK)  »

I am trying to get confirmation on James and Elizabeth Denmead and their children travelling on the ship Escort in 1856/7. ???

We have calculated by birth dates they should have had 5 children and then Emma who was born aboard during the journey.

The ship Escort left the port of Southampton on 6th Oct 1856 and arrived in Melbourne Australia on 14th Jan 1857.

If anyone is able to assist  in confirming the details of this family we would be most gratefull.

Thank you in advance. :)

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